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1954: Alcatraz 1954: Alcatraz takes place in San Francisco during the 50s and tells the story of Joe, who's serving a sentence of 40 years for armed assault. Of course, he's eager to escape 'The Rock'; but he needs the help of his wife, Christine, to have even the slightest chance. She, however, has her own heap of problems: The couple's partner in crime, Mickey, threatens to kill her, if she doesn't bring him the heist's hidden loot. But where is the cash? Only Joe knows, while all crooks of North Beach take their chance at the great opportunity. Who will win the race for the dough? No convict ever escaped the prison island of Alcatraz; and is it really that much better in the vice-ridden city, where drug deals, blackmailing, suicide and murder are daily business?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1452
Genre General, Puzzle, Miscellaneous, Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment
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1954: Alcatraz reviews ( 3 )

akarnokd, Sep 19, 2014

This is a fine Daedalic point&click game. The story and non-linearity was interesting. The puzzles were logical to my mind, but had to revert to a guide a few times: one has to use the items in the inventory on persons as there are no talk option available for the same purpose as in some other games. There were some minor audio problems: the game or engine doesn't seem to like multi-core and had frequent audio stutter and pops until I changed the CPU affinity to a single core. In addition, some audio-skipping did not work. I bought the game on sale and played through twice; if you like more casual games and want to honor the developer for their good work with the Deponia series, its a worth buy.

BSim500, Mar 10, 2015

I've no idea what all these "professional" reviews are about, crying because the GFX aren't like $50m Crysis 3. The GFX are fine, no different to other modern adventure games, far better than many "pixel art" Indie platformer's that are getting up to 80%, and better in general than Grim Fandango Remastered that scored 85%. The art style obviously isn't intended to be about photo-realism (neither is the point & click adventure genre in general). The escape from the world's most notorious prison fortress based plot is done quite well, the atmosphere and jazzy soundtrack are great and the switching between dual characters approach works well. Voice acting is good for the main 2 characters and average for the rest but by no means poor (I've heard a LOT worse even in big budget AAA games). Puzzles are OK-ish, maybe a little on the easy side but mostly logical. Demanding every single adventure game's puzzles be targeted towards MENSA members, have a plot that turns the player into an emotional train-wreck or be "totally unique" is just as silly as giving every single FPS game 30% score if it includes shooting or "surviving" something. 1954 Alcatraz may not be the best adventure game out there (or even the best by Daedalic), but it certainly deserves more than the joke 35-40% scores some "professionals" are giving (especially when many of the same ones are giving 'infallibly perfect 100%' scores to half-broken AAA games that are still barely playable even after 3 months of patches...

PrincessRose, Oct 2, 2015

I usually find point and click games rather boring. But couldn't resist when there was a sale. Even if I think I wont like a game I will give it a try. This game is ok, since it's not really my thing, but it's not a bad game. It has a good user interface and is a basic game without anything difficult or confusing. I like that you can save any time you want, to me that is important in a game as I want to be able to save and stop playing to do other things when I want to. And it has a quite a good story and characters as well as graphics. Even though I don't like point and click games much, this game is done well. But can't rate it higher than 6 as it's not my kind of game.