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1979 Revolution: Black Friday 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is choice driven, narrative game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. Play as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist, and make life and death decisions as you survive the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970’s.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1580
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
iNK Stories / N-Fusion Interactive Entertainment Corp., iNK Stories
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1979 Revolution: Black Friday reviews ( 7 )

ehsanelite, May 14, 2016

As an iranian i can confirm that the story is pretty much true, we throw one scumbag out, but got hundreds of them in return, pretty good game, it made me sad

PaulusHook, May 17, 2016

It was about time for a game of this caliber to be released. I remember seeing something about it on Fast Company back in 2013. It caught my attention because it was a married couple creating it and I thought that was pretty cool. Anyways - back to the game: I very much enjoyed playing it. I'm looking forward to a sequel (if the team decides to make one, of course). It was great getting to know the different characters (really liked the main character's parents - not featured much but reminded me of my parents) and I was pleasantly surprised at some of the most important decisions - I have to admit, I had to take a break here and there because I was actually trying to analyze/predict the outcomes. I've played many of the telltale-esque games out there and I have to say, this game's story and attention to details in a historical thriller really surpassed my expectations - usually you see the historical accuracy being compromised but 1979 did the period justice. I don't review content that often but iNK is an indie studio and I know they can use the support from pleased customers. So I'm happy to do that here. I hope if you're reading this, it helps you make up your mind in getting the game and supporting a new genre which I think it's going to be a superb addition to the gaming industry. Cheers!

KriKri, Apr 13, 2016

I stumbled upon this game and am shocked by how much I loved it. I felt like I was living inside a Homeland Episode. Not only did I feel like I was thrown into a totally new world (Iran in the late 70s) but I was making choices -- where I had to make quick decisions on things that really mattered. The fact that the whole story is set in real events just makes the whole experience that much more awesome!!! Am recommending it to all my friends. Thanks 1979!

L123, Apr 29, 2016

I'm a converted fan of 1979! I was really hesitant about playing the game beforehand. I had preconceived notions about the development team trying to push an agenda, but literally within the first few scenes all of those ideas were gone 1979 isn't trying to BE anything, it's just telling a story. The interpretation of the game is completely up to the player. You get a chance to experience being on the streets, hearing people debate about what THEY think is the best way, and you get attached to the characters!!!!! The storytelling was amazing, the actors performances were incredible. Def give 1979 a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised!

DelleAlpi, Apr 9, 2016

As someone who study history professionally, I sometimes do not like some mainstream historical games that are eurocentric and politicized. Out of curiosity, I purchased this game the moment it came out because the topic always fancinates me. Before playing it, I thought this game is more or less going to be another game preaching you how bad Khomeini was and how he "stole" the revolution. However and fortuantely, I was completely wrong. The developer claims the plot is based on a real story. The protagonist, Reza, is from a wealthy family. He studied abroad in Germany. When he came back to Iran, he almost came across the ongoing revolution by accident. Iran was not it once was anymore. After seeing what he saw, he decided to participate in it. Whereas, his involvement troubled him with countless dillemmas, compelling him to pick sides. On one hand there is his brother, on the other are his friends and cousin. You choices affect how the game progresses. This game excites the hell out of me. Walking on the street, you feel as if you are living through the revolution yourself. Seeing people protesting and suffering, you are compelled to feel sympathetic towards them. The political figures in this game are entirely real. When I was the graffiti of Khomeini on the street, I was like "Oh my God!" and my heart was beating so fast. Yes, historical figures matter. But history is, in fact, made possible by the little people. This game does not pick a political side nor try to preach you liberal democracy. Instead, it tells you the paradox and contradiction existed in the revolution, making the choices hard to make. Ideal is idealistic because it is not reality. The moment when you threw the stone, it changed you forever. Is violence necessary? Is family more important than ideal? Is life more important than freedom? Would you sacrifice the 1/3 for the other 2/3? You are the one to answer these questions that we are still unable to answer today. I feel I can relate to this game so much. I also come from a wealthy family. My parents also lived through a different revolution. I am also idealistic yet realistic. My ideal betrays my spectum but I feel it is right. My reality does not allow me to follow my ideal if I were to keep my status. I believe in democracy yet I see authoritarianism as a highly efficient system. I love my family yet I want to pursue my ideal. I think we all are the same. We are all contradictory. What a game!

NukaCocaCola, May 22, 2016

I'm not from Iran and I don't know anything about Iran, their groups or their revolution. But from this game I certainly learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. The graphics were bad but I almost never care about graphics. Just how the game makes you feel and the quality of the game.

luksonije, Apr 23, 2016

The game looks like Taletale game. So, we seen it before. It is definitely not for me. The story is about Iran and Islam, and that is not my favorite subject. Christ is my Lord and that is it...