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2Dark 2Dark is a stealth adventure game developed by FrГ©dГ©rick Raynal, the pioneer of survival horror games and creator of Alone in the DarkВ®. Make your way through the lairs of psychopaths, unravel intrigue where madness mingles with horror, and, above all, save the kids!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1437
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Gloomywood / Gloomywood

2Dark reviews ( 4 )

Urko2005, Mar 18, 2017

Awesome game, the best of its genre for ages. Great engine with gameplay and mechanics. The whole game has a great flavour to it. The devs have really excelled with this game.

Letiste-Gaming, Mar 19, 2017

A pesar de que 2Dark tenga de survival horror poco o nada y que sus mecánicas jugables sean mas propias de un juego de hace 20 años, es un título bastante original y cuando todo funciona como debe resulta una experiencia bastante notable. Sin duda alguna sus grandes méritos son su excelente ambientación y diseño de niveles, unido a un peculiar apartado visual y una banda sonora de una calidad excelente, que nos meten de lleno en esta macabra experiencia. Bastante atrevida por cierto, ya que toca un tema tan sensible como los niños de formas muy salvajes. No es un título para todo el mundo, y solo unas cuantas personas sabrán disfrutarlo completamente, pero las que lo hagan se encontraran con un título que ha querido salirse del patrón establecido en este género y ha querido tocar nuevas ideas. No lo ha conseguido del todo, pero es algo digno de elogio.

whave, Apr 9, 2017

There's simply no gap exists this game would need to fill. Pure filth. Tell me, have you ever waken up one morning, feeling this is such a nice day, but carving for a game about pedophilia and child torture in some form? Well, now you have it! But if you think this is an atmospheric, smart game that will make you THINK about these horrible things, you're mistaken. Nope, pure shock value in the cheapest way possible. And yeah, you might be an alcoholic ex-cop, but why would every single person, even nurses be a lethal melee menace to you. Somehow pedophiles have super strength now, taking X bullets before dying? Again, to sum it up: no atmosphere at all, no philosophical journey, just some very obvious shock value achieved by descriptive child torture. Rubbish.

FramePerfect, Apr 13, 2017

Pirated the game as soon as it got cracked, still felt like I wasted my money. It's your typical indie horror game that can't actually achieve any sort of atmosphere but hey at least youtubers will play it and scream like banshee's for that sweet ad money. The devs are **** too. They took kickstarter backers money and used it to had Denuvo to the game. I really hope they like wasting all that money though with CPY cracking the newest version of it so fast.