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7554 7554 is a first person shooter set against the historical backdrop of the climatic conclusion to the first Indochina War between the Vietnam People’s Army revolutionaries and the oppressing French army. The single player campaign puts gamers on the front line of a colonial independence movement locked in battle against a technologically more advanced modern Western occupier.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 43 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1278
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Company / Developer
Emobi Games / Emobi Games

7554 reviews ( 5 )

VDKien245, May 7, 2014

I love this game. Its difficulty is quite hard, nice graphic, good sound. Although it is the first FPS game of Vet Nam but the developers have tried their best.

VNBinh135, Feb 22, 2014

I grade 8 because this is the first Vietnamese FPS games so far. With decent graphics, sounds and game play. Although there are still some bug but still a good game from Emobi

ra2yuri, May 17, 2017

As the first Vietnam game, the develop team did a great work. The graphic is fine. The cutscene is good. Have lots of guns. Gameplay like COD. But, GUI is small and rough. Voice acting...not so good. AI is stupid, they will go to the next place directly after completed a event and leave you behind. Sometimes you don't even know it's time to go to the next point,you just keep killing enemies. Waypoint system is bad,AI will block you. Model movement is inflexible.

RegularVNCommie, Dec 7, 2016

This game really looks like a half-assed FPS game to be honest, but this is a Vietnamese game and I've gotta say it's quite impressive for Vietnamese standards.

Tomle1202, Jul 8, 2017

7554 brings nothing new to the table, just a below-mediocre shooter that aims high without any sense of how to achieve its goal. Playing this is just painful.