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8-Bit Armies 8-Bit Armies is Petroglyph's first game in the 8-Bit RTS series. It commemorates the first Command & Conquer games with its accessible gameplay mechanics while providing a fun and timeless art style that introduces new players to the genre. A unique console controller scheme makes it easier than ever to build bases and command large armies without complex button memorization. FEATURES: * Jump right in with easy to understand modern military units and structures. * Play cooperatively or versus the AI choosing from multiple difficulty options. * Use classic RTS Base-Building mechanics to construct the ultimate HQ from which to attack your foes. * Explore a variety of locales, destroying everything that gets in your way with devastating superweapons. * Two campaigns with a total of 40 single-player combat missions for many hours of gameplay. * Join your friends to play 12 co-op missions against a variety of AI opponents. * Gather up to 8 online players to team up in one of the dozen multiplayer/skirmish maps.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1269
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Command
Company / Developer
Petroglyph / Petroglyph

8-Bit Armies reviews ( 4 )

Joneksi, Apr 26, 2016

Great game! Good clone of C&C with different outlook & graphics + extra content! If u like C&C then u like this game! Almost best stradegy games i have ever played. + more updates coming soon.

Peeto, May 5, 2016

Better than Gray of Goo, which is from same developers and I can not play longer than 1 hour and never got back. With 8-bit armies, I have already 8 hours of fun. Recommended. If you prefer more classic RTSs, this game is for you. 1 point down for too much easy graphics, but you will be pleasured to play this game if you like KKND, Dune, C&C etc... try to get this game as cheap as possible from some action and it is worth.

lach1223, May 3, 2016

A good little RTS for those looking for a more casual and laid back experience. The game is a little stripped down at the moment, but the developers have stated they plan to release many updates to add more features such as more factions, campaigns and maps. Lets hope these start arriving soon!

Bpf, May 8, 2016

Available for a few weeks, lacking still many things to reach C&C finish quality, 8BA is already a good RTS game. If you come from C&C you'll understand it immediately and have fun at the same time, the learning curve is zero. The devs are reacting very quickly to (reasonable) user requests. Fast, fun, C&C cartoon like units instead of sinister realism, correct AI for skirmish, a first campaign that is interesting enough to complete, a reasonable price, there is not much to say against it beside it needs to be completed in the next weeks/months with more factions (up to 6 planned by dev team), a map editor (announced), more maps, and some other details. I hope to come back in a few months to give it a 10, it is a serious candidate to become an excellent game.