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A Game of Thrones: Genesis A Game of Thrones: Genesis is a new PC strategy game that is adapted from George R.R. Martin's series of best-seller novels "A Song of Ice and Fire."
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1903
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Historic, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Cyanide
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A Game of Thrones: Genesis reviews ( 7 )

Tubie, Oct 7, 2011

I can see it hard to justify the $40 price tag. In all honesty this game would be much better received at $20. Pricing issues aside, the game tries new things in a genre full of duplicates and tired old paradigms. You can't just gather resources and spam clicks to victory, it is a refreshing take on the genre, more like a bold experiment. Add all this innovation to the lore behind "A song of ice and fire" and you got yourself a great experience if you are the right person. It is not perfect and at $40 I would only recommend this to fans of BOTH RTS and ASOIAF.

keramp, Oct 3, 2011

To start out, i have read the manual and gone through the tutorial. Not easy, but i found a lots of stuff to understand.It's not a Total war or stracraft ...Very strategique but Graphics are poorVery addictive in multiplayers mode :)I love this game

corecmdr, Sep 29, 2011

Wow lotsa bad reviews, regardless heres my take on this game. its not shogun total war but has a MOO feel to it (masters of orion) instead of war being the only option the game has a heavy diplomatic system. War generally only happens after scheming and plotting have been done, finding out you have been betrayed and theres a town right by you can be a serious shock. I played this game with my roommate last night and it seems to have some good multiplayer replay value. HOWEVER its not for you RTS junkies that need to kill kill kill nor is it for suped up action junkies. Its not all about war and more about diplomacy. People who enjoy board games (as I do) will be impressed by the prestige points system and how quickly a game can go (jesus christ how does he have the most amount of aliances)worth the 40 bucks for me

mrFriendlydog, Oct 2, 2011

an interesting "newish" approach to the RTS genre - which does not work that well. insultingly outdated graphics and nearly unusable navigation and interaction elements: soldiers are so tiny that your main game challenge will be figuring out where who or what is running around. the all too narrow zoom level on the cramped and tiny maps isnt helping either.as a game concept prototype and test candidate for, say, a game theory university: solid, if yet wanting. as a "a song of ice and fire" franchise game: insulting.has no game of thrones flair whatsoever. no castle has any other name then "feudal home" which leaves you guessing what things and locations are supposed to be - even if you are a die hard fan of the books. all in all: this game is sadly a total fail. especially when charged 40 euros on steam,. which is 54 USD.

JakeDalay, Jan 10, 2012

Well, what can I say. I give it a 2 out of 10, because while it does make some reference to the novels, which I have enjoyed, the gameplay and graphics are so terrible, they make the whole game appear to be little more than a feeble attempt to rip off the growing fan-base of the series with an expensive impulse buy. Do not buy this game, no matter how good the sale, it is a waste of money, and whats more, time. That being said, if you like games with simple graphics that are absolutely not fun or enjoyable save for a few references to a book series, then by all means, waste your life playing A Game of Thrones: Genesis, and leave the fun games to the rest of us.

Killertehnoob, Jul 19, 2012

Dont buy this game.. just dont. Its a waste of money. gj cyanide.. The game doesnt really look like Westeros.. if you want a real strategy game based on song of ice and fire, play Westeros: Total War mod of M2:TW-Kingdoms. The alpha version is out and they are bringing something new to the previews every weekend!

tripjay, Oct 1, 2011

SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! I downloaded this via Steam hoping to find an exciting RTS based on the wonderful Song of Ice and Fire story. What I received was a snooze-fest of a game. My roommate also played the game and we are in full agreement it sucks on a massive scale. First off I've seen better graphics on my smart phone. The character movements are extremely slow. The first few missions make me feel like I am Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day. Send envoys, send spies, send assassins and repeat... ZZZZzzzzzz. My roommate suggested I wait for a professional review and game play footage before purchasing, damn I wish I would have listened to him. I thought how bad could it be? I wasn't expecting cutting edge graphics and I was fine with that as long as it had a cool storyline and decent game play. I strongly suggest that you do not purchase this game. The graphics are very poor, the characters are absolutely tiny even when fully zoomed in. There is little sound effects or music during game play. I can't believe I just blew $40 on this game. The graphics somewhat remind me of Age of Empires II which came out almost 10 years ago. The only upside to this game is that you may catch up on sleep. If the sheer boredom of the game does not send you into unconsciousness the ridiculous load times will. My roommate is a huge fan of the series of books that this game is supposedly based on and he is as disgusted with it as much as I am. That being said don't expect good graphics, good story, or good game play. Do expect less money in your pocket and a frown on your face.