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A Hat in Time A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer featuring a little girl with a lot of heart! Travel the universe with Hat Kid as you rival the evil Mustache Girl in order to save the world! Unlock new platforming abilities, more combat moves and spice up your attacks with badges attached to your hat!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2362
Genre Action, Platformer, 3D
Company / Developer
Gears for Breakfast / Gears for Breakfast

A Hat in Time reviews ( 7 )

ItsTimeToPlay, Oct 7, 2017

Mithaldu is an idiot... now that that is out of the way, I don't generally review steam games... but I felt I had to do my part in getting the word out. This game is a love letter to the GameCube era and all of the unique games that came with it. Paper Mario? It's got some of that! Super Mario Sunshine? It's got a lot of that! Windwaker? It looks good enough to be it's twin! If you're like me and you grew up on super Mario sunshine and other GameCube classics, this game is a STEAL for $30.

Minen, Oct 16, 2017

A well made game that had a lot of heart and soul put forth. The controls are fantastic, the music is amazing, it's platforming is spectacular, and it is like it says HECKING CUTE in not only character design but in the characters themselves. Some minor issues are that there are some bugs but that really does not mean much, the story is lackluster but it is a collect-a-thon does it really need a story, the camera is sometimes annoying but not really that bad only due to collision which is similar to other games. The only major gripe I have is that it is too short but there will be 2 free dlcs to fix this so yeah

vgmkyle, Oct 30, 2017

The one negative review from the critics should be taken down and it's quite sad how that person sees games. Hat in Time will probably go down as the most underappreciated game of 2017. The game is smooth, beautiful, and is full of variety and interesting mechanics. I hope a lot of people enjoy this game and we get another one.

vahn, Jan 4, 2018

I remember seeing this game in early alpha on youtube and I just loved how it looked: the cel-shading graphics are one of my favorites of all time - in every game - and I loved the charm it had and how fun it looked to play. Seriously this game already got me hooked on just videos and even Mario Odyssey didn't make me say it. In short, A Hat in Time it's a collect-a-ton platformer with the similar vibe of Mario 64 and other open world platforms, except with a lot more charm and a funnier character. The first moment I started playing I really fell in love with the hat kid: she's just energetic, fun, and you can see it by just how she looks and acts. In comparison, Mario looks like an old man in a jumpsuit - oh wait... The levels are well designed and each world has its levels, and they usually try new "settings" that I really enjoy doing them: the first area, Mafia Town, is very open but each level has their own quirk that tends to change the area a bit - for example, the upper area can be or not be available. The second area - dead bird studio - has two different "paths", with one being a parade in a city and the other in a train - complete with mystery murder! On top of that, the hats and pins give the Kid a lot of variety in her actions and movements and let me also say this: I played it with the keyboard and I NEVER -EVER- felt I was fighting with the controls. Controls are (near) PERFECTION: I never felt that dying or falling off was the game's fault, it was uniquely mine. If anything, the only issue I had was during wall jumps since the kid tends to jump away a lot of times instead of grabbing the edge but it was something that soon I got used to. I sincerely never felt this much fun in a platform ever since the days of Jak and Daxter (the first game), or Sly Racoon for the ps2 - or maybe Mario 64 but I'm not a fan of their games. It's varied, it's full of passion, it's comedic, it's creepy (the manor area is very spooky but in a cartoonish way), it's lovely, it's everything that old platforms had and new platforms miss! Even the bad guys are funny and not really cruel at all! With all that said and done, there's just one thing that turned me off from this game...it's very short! I haven't completed it 100% yet but I'm at 70% and I'm only 9 hours in! It's a lot of fun but I can't stop thinking that this game wasn't fully completed: there are only 5 worlds, very few relics (12, which turns into 4 relics), 11 badges (with 3 being essentially pointless, but fun to have) and only 6 hats, with your main hat essentially never used once! There's even a "weapon" slot but it's permanently fixed by your umbrella, which makes it pointless to even have. And while the only other collect deal is the coins for random rewards, there isn't much else to do once you reach 100% and I'm sure it won't take more than - I dare guess - 15 hours. But frankly, I don't care: sure I got it as a gift but this game WAS a must have for me and even for the asking price it demands (28 euros / 25 dollars), it's DAMN worth every penny and the fact that it's very well done on pc - again, I used a keyboard, NEVER had issues at all - it just shows how much love and care this game had. The short duration of the experience is my only gripe but beyond that, it is a must-have. Especially if you're done playing plumber and needs a diet from all that mushroom pizza and pasta... PS: I'm italian so the joke is literally on me!

Icingo, Oct 5, 2017

A Hat in Time is a delicately crafted, sixth-generation-inspired platformer. The level of detail found throughout the world is absolutely astounding. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Mario's early forays into 3D-platforming with chapter based encounters. There are a current total of five unique chapters, which are mostly large environments, just oozing with charm. A huge, fishy town controlled by the Mafia! A spooky, mysterious forest! Even a crazy, western train! Feeling nostalgic? Same. PROS + Precise controls and an intuitive move-set gives the protagonist an unparalleled sense of movement and acrobatic prowess. + Stunning visuals that perfectly blend sixth generation sensibilities with modern resolution/lighting/particle effects. + The soundtrack. Geez. This soundtrack. CONS - Some collision issues and general glitches. Nothing detrimental. Some of it has actually been rather funny. - The difficulty spikes when it comes to bosses. Not going to spoil anything, and perhaps this issue is just because I am not great as I think I am. But, the sudden rise was jarring. Overall, A Hat in Time is a game that keeps on giving. From speed-running, easter eggs, developer console, steam workshop, and the later to be added, 6th and 7th bonus chapters, multiplayer, in-game level editor, developer commentary. Buying the game right now at $29.99 is a no-brainer. Enjoy the hell out of it now, revisit again in the future with even MORE content. Or, continue to play it while the Workshop keeps receiving content from dedicated fans... You can't possibly go wrong. 9/10

frust97, Oct 20, 2017

A hat in time is the story of a young lady from space who stores magical time pieces (think of it as stars in mario 64) and uses them as fuel to go home, one day an accident happens and she loses all of them so she has to travel to 5 different worlds to get them back. The story is not amazing, is simple like getting a kiss and cake from a princess, but the gameplay is another story. The way hat kid (thats her name) moves is similar to mario in mario sunshine, she can jump, dive and wall jump but she can also double jump, cancel the momentum of the dive a front flip and has different power ups at her disposal, if i were to compare the controls of other platformers like banjo kazooie, mario sunshine, and crash i would say that a hat in time is the one with the most control and enjoyable to play, the movement hat kid has its INSANE in fact it gives you so much control you can move with such confidence in the worlds you explore with no little fear of messing up, not because its easy but because the movement she has is very vast and easy to handle. Now there is one detail with the controls and its the camera, you cant control it to see specific things and you can only focus the camera to look slightly up, this is bad and stupid and i dont know why they make it like this. The difficulty on the platform and levels is not out of this world but its pretty enjoyable and also remember the power ups? well you are gonna use them allot, this is one of the things i love from videogames that they give you something not for a specific use but for you to do whatever you want with them and they are very useful on every mission, its also not afraid to throw special missions that break the platforming formula and experiment a little which is executed perfectly. The boss battles in my opinion are one of the best things in this game breaking another platform rule of the 3 lives bosses, i honestly dont even know how many times you have to hit each boss to just die and also the level of difficulty increases with each stage and boss so as you get better at this game it also ask you more from you. the art is very charming and the characters are also charming and original, they all have very interesting personalities and makes the simple story interesting to listen, i personally enjoy the voice acting (expect from one blonde lady) but if you dont like you can just mute it. you can also see the level of details put in allot of the extra art, each time you enter a stage they have a different drawing to represent each mission (expect the time rift all of the are the same) which brings me to hat kid again, she is the most adorable thing in this entire game, the way she interacts, the noises she make and the animation she has just warms your hearth. now there are some problems, first the biggest one IS TOO SHORT! why does good game creators have low budgets? but hey it is what it is. second there are some glitches in the game that kind off bump down the experience but just a little the time rifts can be a bother to find when you dont have A GOOD CAMERA! specially on mafia town where you have to look around long corridors that are position diagonally and you can only look to the floor, or when you are trying to explore a certain level and you dont have the camera to look around is annoying too. the final problem for me is that on the special platforming is too easy for my taste, now this is tricky since i believe it has good design but the abilities hat kid has and the way you can control her makes this a walk in the park, i literally enter a level i had never enter and play it like i was a speed runner now that doesnt mean its bad but if you are gonna give us so much control then spice things up a little, also the minions arent particularly hard to beat... just press a bunch of times and you are set some of them need another trick that is jumping and hitting them in the head but it doesnt changes too much of that. in conclusion i recommend this game, you are definetly gonna have a good time playing it

Mithaldu, Oct 10, 2017

Since my review of this keeps getting removed, despite being based 100% in fact, here's my new review: It is a boring game and i don't like it. Psychonauts did it better. Also jontron shouldn't be publically in it. You'll have to google why.