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Absolute Drift Absolute Drift is a racing game about becoming a master at the art of drifting.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1431
Genre Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Funselektor Labs Inc. / Funselektor Labs Inc.
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Absolute Drift reviews ( 2 )

MadJaples, Apr 9, 2016

A minimalist game that appears to have taken much of it's content's colour scheme from Mirror's Edge - which does NOT work well. The controls are unforgiving for keyboard users, I am not sure about controller users because I don't use one. The concept is good, but the colour scheme is really not the best for this kind of game, where being able to actually tell where you are driving is one of a few defining traits of a good driving game. The tasks can be repetitive, and initially, for the first world at least, you'll spend a long time trying to master one skill - namely drifting, before being told to perform doughnuts....whilst I concur that doughnuts are generally performed by drifting, as someone who does drive, I can categorically tell you that the doughnuts they expect you to perform with the problematic physics they use is very unreasonable. Quick cheat to this is to just spin near where they want you to doughnut- problem solved. This is an unpolished game in terms of physics, and logistics as far as where the car is and where it's going is concerned when it comes to performing set tasks, the controls are basic, yet utilising them is a chore - you have grind games for clicking a mouse, this is a grind game for hitting the accelerator many times over in short bursts. This game has a lot of potential, considering it is not following the norm of other driving games out there - but it has failed to meet it as yet - with a colour scheme that needs fine tuning (the shadow work is not brought out and defined enough to be able to tell where wall and ground meet in a lot of places), some seriously dicey phsyics, and some repetitive tasks that require you to endure the previous two issues, this can be more of a chore than a joy to play. Needs more work. Other than that, not bad - but not great.

Broyax, Aug 28, 2017

Il est beau mon indé, il est beau... enfin pas trop moche mais on a fait avec ce qu'on a pu, c'est-à-dire pas grand'chose (on est 3 pelés et 1 tondu dans une cave avec une gameboy pour 3) : on a seulement 3 couleurs disponibles dans le jeu : du blanc, du rouge et du noir ! Mais ça va, c'est propre et classieux et reposant pour les yeux cette dominante blanche... et on a mis de la bonne zik tu vois, genre drum & bass édition fumeurs de moquette et cachets fluos. C'est vrai qu'elle soûle vite cette muzik de camé mais pas aussi vite que la non-jouabilité du prétendu jeu. Alors pour drifter avec ces merdes à 4 roues, va falloir se lever tôt mon coco ! dire que j'en ai vu qui se plaignent que ça se contrôle pas bien au clavier... sans déconner ?! bah rassure-toi ou désespère mon gars parce qu'à la manette, c'est également et complètement nul à chier. Allo, on voulait un jeu ? non mais allo quoi... là, c'est un vague économiseur d'écran à 12 euros ! faudrait voir à pas trop nous prendre pour des cons quand même avec vos indés faisandés !