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ABZU From the art director of Journey, ABZГ› is an underwater adventure that evokes the dream of diving. Immerse yourself in a vibrant hidden world bursting with color and life as you descend into the heart of the ocean. But beware as you swim deeper as dangers lurk in the depths.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2815
Genre Action Adventure, Adventure, General, 3D, Third-Person
Company / Developer
505 Games , 505 Games / Giant Squid
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ABZU reviews ( 7 )

JinReview, Jun 2, 2017

Who knew that exploring the bottom of the sea could feel so magical. Abzû is an adventure game where the main action is to swim around exploring the beautiful scenery while figuring out how to progress in the game. The gameplay takes a backseat to let everything else shine but the game offers other mechanics to keep the things interesting. Abzû is not only an adventure game but an adventure itself were the player is completely immersed in its short length. The game might have the duration of a regular movie but it is a fulfilling experience due to his beautiful atmosphere and ambiance. The story of Abzû is not delivered but rather understood just like poetry were different people will have different interpretations. This is archived by the lack of exposition and dialogues and all the information is passed to the player through experiencing. The amazing soundtrack makes a terrific work in conveying the right emotions and mood so the player can understand the meaning of everything that is happening. There is also a nice amount of mystery as you crave to know what happened to this world, something that you slowly unveil. The beautiful world of Abzû is what catches our eye first. Each act has it’s own color scheme and different types of fauna which makes the new zones feel non-repetitive and fun to explore as there is some side collectibles to find and achievements to earn and this adds a little bit more of gameplay and replay value to this amazing experience. • Final thoughts Abzû is a masterpiece that everyone should play. Its price tag might seem a little high for the amount of game that it offers but the unique experience found in Abzû is so rich and joyfull that will be more than worth. This is a game that once you start playing you will want to play more and more until you reach its end. The magical colorful world is so beautiful to explore and the story that it conveys through emotions and visuals will leave you in awe but the sound design is the cherry on the top, so good that even silence plays a role in this game.

SubCryo, Sep 21, 2016

The fact that this game does not receive more top scores makes me feel ashamed to be a gamer. Absolutely stunning visuals make up for the lack of game play elements by a tenfold. This is what an exploration game should be, you are driven to explore further not by some shallow point system or progression, but rather because you actually want to explore and observe the world due to its beauty and story. If you truly want an exploration adventure game for actual exploring and not just to grind rocks, plants and bones endlessly (cough* cough* no mans sky), then this game is for you.

Penguxn, Aug 2, 2016

This game reminds me a lot like Journey. It's one of those one day games you can just immerse yourself into and the gameplay is just so casual and amazing. It's most defiantly a game worth playing. If you want a game that pulls you into the experience this is most defiantly the game for you.

LaKillingFrenzy, Aug 18, 2016

This game is a short, peaceful experience in the heart of ocean. There are no bloodshed, no fight, no enemy, just some time to think about nature & learn to respect it. Yes I copied this. I did because it's very true and I couldn't have said it better myself.

Vzhik, Feb 6, 2017

Красивое, приятное расслабленное созерцание. Что еще надо чтоб отдохнуть и поднять настроение? Может чуть графику получше.

gloriouspotato, Jan 1, 2017

ABZU relies heavily on visual spectacle and the grandness of its orchestral soundtrack to entertain, yet I found the experience to be relatively unengaging. The gameplay revolves around repeating the same objectives over and over while I was left aimlessly trying to string together some semblance of a story or message from vague murals of what I presumed to be the people of a bygone age. What I was initially expecting to be a 'spiritual' experience of sorts turned out to be a rather underwhelming experience.

TitaniumDragon, Mar 6, 2018

ABZU is an underwater walking simulator. You play as a nameless diver and swim through a linear underwater environment towards the end of the game. Rather than walk, you swim your way through the game. However, there is very little actual gameplay to be had here; there are, in principle, hazards, but in practice, they can’t actually hurt you, just stun you momentarily; they provide no barrier to your progress. There are a few “puzzles” which consist of “follow the power lines/chains from the gate to an object, then press the use key on the object to open the door”. Sometimes, when the game is going *really* crazy, there will be TWO such objects. What this game really lacks is… much of anything, really. The game doesn’t have any real story to speak of – there is no speech or text inside the game. What little “plot” there is happens entirely within the last three chapters, and isn’t terribly interesting. Mostly, the game exists so you swim around and look at the stylized fish and whales and other things swimming around you. That’s… really the core of the game, as far as I can tell, trying to look pretty, but it isn’t really anything special in that regard. The controls are functional but not very good – you can flip your character entirely around while swimming, but you can’t flip your camera entirely around, which makes for some awkwardness. There’s some collectibles, but they’re nothing really interesting, and certainly aren’t challenging, just being “spot the object” throughout the whole game (and if you miss one, good luck figuring out which one – I missed at least one of each on my playthrough of the game, but I certainly can’t be bothered to play through the whole game again to find them). There’s some achievements, but they’re all pretty trivial apart from the collectibles ones. And… that’s it, really. I left this experience quite bored, despite the fact that the game is under three hours in length, simply because there isn’t anything really to *do* in it but swim around and look at fish while going through a linear experience.