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Ace of Spades Ace of Spades is a unique and retro-looking, intelligent shooter which deftly blends all the imagination and creative freedom of voxel-based gaming with the mayhem and excitement of competitive, team-based multiplayer first person shooters. The game offers players complete strategic and creative freedom over a constantly evolving battlefield which, when combined with an extensive and ever growing weapon set, four diverse classes, a host of destructible maps and endless multiplayer experiences for 8 to 32 players, promises to breathe new life into the first person shooter genre.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 51 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5117
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Jagex Games Studio / Jagex Games Studio
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Ace of Spades reviews ( 7 )

MonaCraft, Mar 1, 2013

I am shocked at how many negative reviews there are. You should be looking at the game as it is alone, not comparing it to the old game and giving it a 0 because you like the old game better this game is still passing through some updating also Jagex is trying to incorporate the old game wit modes like classic ctf I think before blurting out anything you need to look at how far this game can go and how far this game is going to go Lastly I think all of this users should play this game with a few friends on steam voice chat and realise the elements of this game and how fun it can be with your friends I think you guys are really missing out give Jagex 3 5 months and I think this game is going to get much better

Defosage, Feb 17, 2013

Ace of Spades IS NOT A BAD GAME. It dosen't deserve a 46 score on metacritic, ive seen worse games that have got better score! *Cough Cough* Aliens: Colonial Marines. It should get a better review than other things!

spotspots, Jan 9, 2013

I read SO many negative comments about this that I was quite nervous buying it, even though my friend kept telling me to get it. I gave it a try and I was totally surprised! Damn! It's awesome! Fun! Much better experience than I expected from these reviews. I've been playing for hours. There are bugs and balancing issues, but it only takes a minute to find a different server if something goes wrong. I think the game was released too early, but it is already good and has big potential to be huge, IF the bugs are fixed and Jagex listens to the community. I played the original Ace of Spades too, and this is a different game. Not worse, just different. I like both and I will play both. On metacritic and reddit there is now an organized campaign by angry fanboys of the original game, who don't want this new one to succeed. It's disgusting. A lot of them are acting like spoiled brats who didn't get exactly what they wanted, so now they're crying and screaming and determined to take AoS down. Look at all those people giving it zero points. They should be ashamed of themselves. I don't even get WHY they are trying to destroy this game. They can still play the original. JAGEX even keep a link to the original game on their Ace of Spades website, so anyone can download it and play it for free. What more do these kids want? It makes me feel sick of the whole immature buildandshoot community

ThePatronGamer, Nov 5, 2013

At first I was very impressed with this game. It was Minecraft Call of Duty. I would say the first few weeks were fun times in this game, but once Jagex continued to update the game until it was flawed and over/under balanced, I found it repulsive

CharlieHerbert, Mar 11, 2013

I am a HUGE FAN of the old game from years ago was plenty better than the new one, first because you can actually BUILD without over-powered retarded fat kids taking a huge effing on you, Second ,because people are given THE WORST CLASSES so people fell like they are "MLg ProaT CouNterStAikeE GOIYs I OWWn U nEwbs OMG KilsSTreaK 3 "seriously the miner class just blows everything to with TNT and automatic drills whereas in the last game all you had was a SHOVEL AND A GUN Thats all you effing need! Even the graphic were better! PLUS they have gotten rid of the old game so no one can play it! Waste of money and time! Disappointed me beyond belief.

TheRubixGamer, Jan 26, 2013

When I played the free version it worked and it was fun but the new class system ruins the whole game! The whole building idea is pointless due to the jet pack class just fly's over the whole map and the rocket class just blows it up faster than you can build. Do not buy this see if you can play the free version.

THECapricorn, Jul 26, 2013

This game has potential but since the last Updates it became worse. I want the game back that i played 143 h. The graphic and especially the colors look ugly now. The system of the servers is bad (depends on the point of view). Some classes now have not their old gear and/or have a lower shooting-rate. Pls make the game this what it was once. Excuse my english.