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Act of Aggression In what is shaping up to be their most ambitious project since Act of War, Eugen Systems will deliver a real-time strategy experience set in the 2020's in a darkly realistic future where 3 major factions fight for their interests. In a world where international crisis and financial order is set in a seemingly unending loop, the shadowy organization known as "The Cartel" attempt to complete a secret agenda with high-tech technology, stolen prototypes and stealthy operatives. Against this looming threat stands the Chimere, a UNO funded, classified military organization specialized in fast strikes, which attempts to maintain global peace and order. Finally, somewhere between the two stands the US Army, worn out by two decades of being kept on a war footing with too few replacements, but still fielding a great deal of battle-hardened veterans.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2283
Genre Military, Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Eugen Systems
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Act of Aggression reviews ( 7 )

waallace, Jan 2, 2016

du même éditeur que act of war et dans la ligné de command and conquer , un excellent RTS style ancien , 3 faction , gestion des ressources pétrole , aluminium,terre rares , de nombreuses troupe spécialisé ,des tas de véhicule ,terre, air , et les super armes ! un mode multi très bien fait , tout est la !!

Kruto, Sep 3, 2015

The long-awaited strategy: currently on the market of video games it does not have competition! In the best tradition of my favorite Act of War. The perfect combination of graphics / gameplay. Perhaps for me it's one of the best games of the last decade. In short 10 out of 10!

GeneralGonzo, Sep 2, 2015

Top notch RTS with classic base building and resource collecting. Big maps offer fun for different tactics and ambushes, 3 quite different factions add to the diversity of the game. With around 30 vehicles and 15 building types plus alot upgrade options for every faction, the game offers many tactics. From infantry, tanks, helicopters to bombers and nukes everything once made Generals so great you will find here too. A nice SP campaign plus alot of options in the MP with ranking ladders add enough stuff to let you have fun with this great RTS for months! Where GreyGoo sucked, Act of Aggression takes the loot!

heizendrat, Feb 19, 2016

Une vraie cure de jouvence pour le RTS, cure de jouvence et en même temps un retour en arrière, car les mécaniques de jeu sont très old school. Le jeu est vraiment très beau pour un rts et hyper pêchu, à prendre les yeux fermé

jzm0, Sep 7, 2015

I brought this on early access, hoping it would be a kind of revitalisation of the Command and Conquer era. Unfortunately after about 3 to 4 skirmish games trying to figure out what was what, I just got frustrated with the UI and crazy upgrade system. Graphically its good, game play wise it could be good. But really there are a couple of issues which ruin this game. The UI is horrible. - Resource stats and power stats are confusing at best - Upgrades are tucked away in menus and submenus with little to no explanation of their purpose. - You have to click the main base then click through multiple menus to build things! - There seems to be a million buttons / options but no explanations! Resource management. - Ok so three resources, you need to build three types of refinery. Then you need to build warehouses which, the collectors need to drop the resources off at. Often you will get a log jam occurring here and your economy grinds to a halt. - Warehouses fill up super quickly, meaning you don’t collect any more resources they just disappear. This requires you to keep build more and more of these buildings. - if the refinery runs dry, all collectors will stop and do nothing. - You seem to be required to spend an in-ordinate amount of time managing problems with resource collection and managing the economy rather than focusing on anything else. Vehicles - lots of Vehicles a plus maybe? But no explanation of what they do or what they are best suited for. so its kind of like, just spam a bit of everything and hope for the best. - Lots of vehicle upgrades, again confusing. - Some upgrades need purchasing then applying to units individually - When you have a group of vehicles, Its difficult to distinguish vehicles from one another. (they look similar) This is NOT Command and Conquer, its kind of trying to be a hybrid of Command and Conquer and World in Conflict. There seems to be steep learning curve and very dry combat, there’s no fun or crazy units. The beauty of Command and Conquer was it was easy to pick-up quickly and have a real blast. This is confusing and frustrating with too many options and sub options. If you have time to invest in trying to figure this game out. Then maybe it is great, If you just want to jump in and have a blast, stick with CnC or Starcraft.

XitArS, Sep 12, 2015

What a Disappointment! I really love the wargame-series games and I loved C&C Generals. So I was really thrilled when I Heard that Eugen would create a spiritual successor to Generals, but this was nowhere near what I expected. Graphics is nice but feels disconnected from the action (Wargame gameplay feels more involved). Music and sound is almost worthless. Effects and voices are really low-grade. This could however be easily overlooked, but the thing is, the game isn't involving. You're heavily constrained with Resources and the resource-system is the worst I've ever seen in any RTS game. Build a refinery, 5 minutes later, you'll have to sell the refinery to build a new one a few meters away from the previous site because the resource-pools happen to be spread all over the Place... This is a stupid and tedious system. They've also opted for the COH-type of progression where you'll have to unlock move powerful units and Buildings by upgrading to higher defcon levels. This might work great in COH, but I can't say the same for this game. And don't even get me started on the Aircrafts... They use the exact same mechanism as in the Wargames-series. Which is, you'll have to call in air support. While this worked great in the wargame-series games. It's just stupid in a small-scale RTS. And the fact that your airplanes will fly as fast as any guy can run, it's just a sad sight. Sadly, I can't recommend this game to anyone. If you want a cool large scale action RTS, play any of the Wargame-series games or World In Conflic. But if you want a "real" RTS, then the old C&C Generals (with the hundreds of different mods) is a much better gaming experience than this game. If you just want something new, then I suggest you wait until this is at 75% sale on Steam. As a standalone game in a World where C&C didn't exist nor the Wargame-series. Then I would have given this game a 6 or 7. But since the mentioned game series DO exist and the developer here played the "Spiritual successor to Generals"-card it deserves no more than a 4.

Virvelvind, Sep 21, 2015

I hardly ever take time in my life to write anything on a forum, but I actually feel I really need to say something about Act Of Aggression. Eugene, I have to say after playing this game for over 70 hours (mostly multiplayer and around 80% winrate, purely for information so you know im not a casual gamer sitting here whining about units being unbalanced because I don't know how to play), It's a really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ game, I'm madly dissapointed. The game is so unbalanced and the units are so unresponsive. The mechanics of an RTS that makes it good is that theres always a good unit vs another unit, while in this game you have units like the terminator, that only costs aluminium, that can be upgraded to fight and asskick EVERYTHING and in the game. Its so easy to just mass out as much random units as you can, and it almost always works, its just so mind numbing compared to other games when you actually have to think about what units that counters the enemies units. Also, what the **** did you think when you made the fennek? Yeah, lets make a unit that is really cheap, can outrun everything, make it really overpowered against buildings and give it stealth... holy s*** seriously? Even if you have stealth detection, if you're not inside your base with a huge army with stealth detect at all times, your base will go down so fast against fennek and also the metal storm, that you can just forget about the game if you are more than 50 meters from your HQ at any given time. And yes, the enemy will always find a way around you, and if you are supposed to have enough units and stealth detect to actually counter him, you wont be able to do anything other than turle the whole game. This is especially true in bigger MP games when you play 2on2 or more players together on bigger maps. The fast patches after launch also indicates something positive, but also negative about you releasing the game too early, and not being a finished product. I just wanted this game to be the next good oldshool'ish RTS, but It's not, It's actually a really bad game, objectively I would say, because it really really is.