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ADR1FT Adrift is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that recounts the story of an astronaut in danger. Floating quietly within the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memories and a critically damaged EVA suit, the lone survivor struggles to understand the cause of the catastrophic event that killed everyone on board. The player must fight to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for precious resources and overcome the challenges of the unforgiving environment to repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle and safely return home. [505 Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1427
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Survival
Company / Developer
505 Games / Three One Zero
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ADR1FT reviews ( 4 )

Krzych, Aug 13, 2017

For what it is and what is meant to be - amazing. One of the most immersive games I have played, everything feels so real. Very high quality realistic graphics combined with demanding movement system that is keeping you engaged all the time recreates the situation of being left alone in space perfectly and is so believable that many things, like for example death, are making much bigger impression than they normally do in games and movies. Story may not be the best and you are thrown in the middle of action from the beginning of a game and it may be a bit confusing, but game gets better and better along with progress. Very believable and impressive game. Score of 9 may be a bit high, but 8 feels a bit low for a game that managed things mentioned above, very few games can do that. 8 is my score for games that had great potential and generally were very hood but had too many flaws to be great. This game didn't really have any major flaws and it delivered what it was meant to in an impressive fashion.

PanicJohnson, Apr 4, 2016

In terms of atmosphere and visual presentation Adr1ft is a winner. The game really hits all the right notes to ensure total immersion. The search for oxygen is tense and had me holding my breath. However, this becomes less of an issue after about a third of the game and in the end is a rather tedious affair, although admittedly it still creates tense moments when it is not quite clear where to go next and the search for the next way point ends in a spacewalk in the wrong direction. Although Adr1ft features a HUD with a compass and arrows that point towards the next objective, I got lost several times, mainly because I floated past a small escape hatch or broken window that the game wanted me to squeeze through throwing the HUD arrow into a wild frenzy pointing in all kinds of directions. A few times my search for the next way point turned into a bit of frustration. But then again, one could argue that such is life on a wrecked space station. The game is reasonably short - it took me about 5 hours to finish it - but it's not too short and did what it could with the rather limited, walking simulator-y game mechanics. The sound design is excellent for most parts. Yet I had two major issues. Firstly, for five hours I heard my character breath and wince when she bumped into some debris. But apart from names of her deceased crew mates she never utters a word. This strange silence seems a bit unnatural, especially after communications with mission control is re-established at some point. But, alas, she remains silent. Secondly, and at the same time my biggest problem with the game, was the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong... Debussy perfectly sets the mood for a slow paced space game in the beginning. However, the majority of originally composed electronic music is highly repetitious, in some instances obnoxiously so. I had to turn down music volume several times during my play through because the score by Adam Orth drove me batty... and I love electronic music! But these things aside, the game's visuals, atmosphere and overall fantastic immersion made it absolutely worth my while. If I ever get my hands on a VR headset, this might actually be the very first game I will try out.

Roke_, Feb 15, 2017

I must state first that i did not play this game in VR which i do highly recommend as the game was immersive without so i imagine i would be even more with VR but the gameplay is so boring and gets so repetitive so fast also the tasks just seem meaningless as i wasn't really interested in the story but it did have a cool beginning as it throws in the deep end and does have a cool backstory to some of the characters but was disappointing overall.

Absynce, Aug 13, 2016

waited FOREVER for the motion VR vive controller support to ccome out to play this game. and I can't say I have been as dissapointed in ANY game for VR yet as this one. you spend the ENTIRE time fighting the clumsy controls with slow response to chase down oxygen bottles, its horrible. Your entire experience of what should be an immersive VR game is spent fighting the UI and motion sickness as you roll around and bounce off things. VERY simple things like looking in a direction (which other games do by looking WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING with the headset) you have to control by lightly touching the touchpad. I dont think the people on this indy dev team who were supposed to impliment the Vive support ever even tried playing the game with it....I would fire them on the spot if they dropped this trash on my desk. after only 40 mins of playtime Steam refuses to refund