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Advent Rising In Advent Rising, a common legend pervades the galaxy - that of a powerful, ancient race that will one day unite the universe. Millions of cultures from vastly distant worlds revere and hallow these mythological beings known as humans. One race, the Seekers, know humans actually exist and are threatened by their potential power. Under the guise of benevolent explorers, the Seekers travel throughout the galaxy in a desperate attempt to eradicate any human society they unearth. Players assume the role of Gideon Wyeth, a remnant of the last human outpost, on the brink of discovering the incredible powers that lay dormant within him. It is these powers the Seekers are so desperate to suppress. [Majesco]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2063
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Majesco Games , Majesco / GlyphX Games

Advent Rising reviews ( 4 )

thebloodline, Feb 19, 2011

The best story line ever, probably better than FF7! the game was made for the 360 so theres no suprise no one picked up a copy, since they where just getting there hands on the 360 they wanted to play with the best graphics at that time, even though the graphics on this game is the best i saw for the original xbox, the company rushed it and made it flop. I just wish I could play the last two games and find out what happens. the game play and the story line along with the graphics (kickass)

stanleyf, Jun 19, 2008

Possibly the best game I've ever played. Sure some people wine about the controls, but i've played games with far worse controls then this. And it wasn't even half bad once you got the hang of it. Story wise, its probably on par with ff7/8 if not better and its definately an epic story and incredibly well written. GREAT voice overs! I rarely see good voice overs anymore but the acting and voice were superb. Combat was also reallllllly fun, c'mon how many other games out there let you blow the crap out of anyone near you, let you throw balls of energy blowing up stuff, tons of other unique abilities that games still today lack. Even the graphics aren't that bad, its not gears of war but the game does a great job of making you feel immersed in the story and world. And to top it off, there lots of twists and turns that most games today simply can't pull off. This game is truly unique if you haven't played it I highly suggest you do so regardless of those incredibly stupid reviewers from those magazines. Those guys really need to stop expecting every single game to be completely new and unique.

GrapeInfernal, May 3, 2013

I played this game first...7 years after release, something like that. So i was surprised how haven't i played it before. Excellent gameplay, great soundtrack (especially menu song), pretty nice environments, overall epicness. ..and it took my breath, really

RyanT, Jul 1, 2009

The only good thin about the game is the storyline. The gameplay is choppy and riddled with bugs. The developers apparently could not make the decision if it should be an action/adventure game or a FPS. In my opinion most of the bugs that I dealt with should have been found during testing; although Majesco has no way to contact them about said bugs. I spent $10 on the game and I feel like I have wasted my money.