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Adventure Park Create your own theme park just the way you want it. Let your imagination run wild! Attract visitors to your park with all kinds of different and unusual attractions. Your revenue and the reactions of your visitors help you to expand your park and make it even more attractive.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 51 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1540
Genre Simulation, Strategy, General, Management, Business / Tycoon
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Bit Composer , bitComposer / B-Alive
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Adventure Park reviews ( 7 )

jecoconono, Nov 20, 2013

Most people hate this game cause of the simularity of roler coaster tycoon 3, but people wont seem to understand that it dosen't matter if a game is simular to another, and if they disagree, they are disagreing with all of the call of duty's, all of the cube based game, all of the pixel games, all of the platformer etc. Althrough i though that the game was pretty nice after all, it has some potential and good graphics. The game is generaly mindless fun. People wont seem to understand that the game has potential so that is why i rate this game a 10/10! Sure it might be a copy like of rolercoaster tycoon 3, but still show potential!

EmineNc3, Nov 9, 2013

Adventure Park presents itself as a cartoonish yet surprisingly polished theme park game. The tutorial is easy to follow most of the time, yet lacking any voice over to assist you with what comes next. Once into the game I tried a Free Mode. The Park was only small, maybe 4-5 rides squashed together and a few amenities for the visitors. Anyone who played Roller Coaster Tycoon will see a very similar approach to many of the buildings and objects. However, Adventure Park, presents you with awesome looking rides, great animations and superb scenery that's already present, but you can add to if you wish. The one thing lacking in this game is sound for the visitors. I turned the music off and heard very little from the park itself, which disappointing me. As i used to always enjoy the sounds and screams of my visitors even back to the Theme Park Worlds from the PlayStation One. All in all, the game is easy to learn, provides a similar approach to the Theme Park genre like so many others, but doesn't quite nail it with the sounds. Implement Theme Park sounds into this game and you will be on your way to a great game.

Andrew_Paterson, Nov 12, 2013

Adventure Park is certainly not the most polished of games possibly not even an entirely complete game but it is fun for a couple of hours. You'll find nothing here you haven't seen before, and that's almost not a problem as the cartoonish graphics are bright and colourful and suit the tone of the game. Cranking up the detail all the way isn't going to blow anyone's mind but it is pretty and shouldn't be cause for too much complaint. The sounds leaves a lot to be desired: I don't think I remember any sound effects, no ride noises, no laughing/screaming passengers and the music becomes repetitive. It feels more like it belongs in an arcade shooter than a theme park game. And then there's the game-play... There's really not a lot too it. This is why you'll probably not play for more than an hour or two. Place rides, engineers, gardeners and vending machines and tweak prices until you start making a profit. There's nothing inspired or exciting about it. You can't build an awesome roller coaster and gloat over the torment of your customers because the roller coasters seem to travel at a single set speed and don't cause much in the way of reaction. Adventure Park is a game about park management rather than park enjoyment.

Novak4441, Nov 16, 2013

Adventure park got me a bit hyped because i loved similar games like roller coaster tycoon.While it wasn't the same developer it got me hyped.But the game wasn't really good for a lot of reasons. So first the game is running on about 30 fps on high settings,sometimes it goes even lower! The game doesn't even look that good. And there isn't a lot of content either. about 5 or something coasters which are customizable but barely. Not really impressed by that,adventure park.

anmatan, Nov 12, 2013

Well, I won't write much. I think I should mention this game is a complete copy of Roller Coaster tycoon 3 adored by me and where I spent a lot of happy hours building my own roller coasters and parks. That's a big pity game creators cannot make anything original...

LadyChaomii, Nov 10, 2013

The only thing Adventure Park really adds to the table is animal rides, and I'm really grabbing at straws with this; the game doesn't really have much to offer at all. The miniscule selection of rides leaves me starved for content; the game's campaign challenges you to create 5 "Theme Parks" but the selection of rides is so limited that it's nearly impossible to actually stick to a theme. Both the Ferris-Wheel and the Big Dropper Thing, as well as this spinney thing (I think it's a merry-go-round), are all pirate themed (I think later on in the game you get space themed versions but that's about it). If you want any of those things, you have to have a pirate themed park, or otherwise just throw them into your South American Aztec park just to complete the mission, because you need more revenue, it's not like the NPCs will even notice. The game probably would have benefited from being more generic in that respect. A generic circus-tent Mary-Go-Round will fit anywhere but what on earth is a giant octopus doing in the middle of a desert? Or maybe not because that would make the unimpressive selection of rides even more dull. Sure it doesn't effect the core gameplay but it sure as hay kills the fun of making a THEME park. Speaking of gameplay, the difficulty is schizophrenic. Satisfying the NPCs' needs is easy enough. Little icons pop up above their head when they feel the park is missing something, and you just plonk down a decoration or tree to make them happy. But giving each ride the right price is an utter pain. Sure it tells you what the NPCs think of the price point but only when they walk up to the stall and voluntarily see if they want to enter the ride. This can make things nearly impossible if nobody actually seems interested in the ride for one reason or another. This happened to me in the Safari ride in the Pirate Island, where the little tooltip said it was just the right price but upon further inspection the ride was receiving zero passengers a month. It made adjusting the price properly very tedious because rather than tell me the ride was too expensive, they'd just avoid it entirely, never triggering an "It's too expensive" notification. And the act of making the NPCs happy I mentioned earlier? The second Park requires you to get a park rating of 95% by doing all that. But no matter what I do, the park rating outright refused to get any higher than 90%, the guest-book was full to bursting with happy remarks and many of them had a completely green happiness bar or what ever you want to call it but at one point my Park Rating actually dropped to 85% while the same thing was happening. I'm not even sure what was going on there, but at that point I didn't even care. The whole time I spent playing this game I wanted to boot up Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, something I should have done in the first place. When all your game is good at is making somebody want to play something else, that's a REALLY BAD sign.

Sim101, Nov 9, 2013

Well, where to start... The most important thing is: Coaster Building. Building a coaster in this game is just plain awful. You can't even call it coaster building because it doesn't behave like a coaster. It's literally a animation of a cart riding on the track without any influences of gravity. It doesn't even rides on the track because if it notice a hill, it goes into the lift-mode. The Rides: Only 21 rides, seriously? 21? And you only start with 5 rides, you need to unlock the others. The force you to use the same theme over and over and over and over. The rides it self look very nice, but that's the only thing about them. The people don't get into the rides, they just teleport into there seat's like in the old days. Path's: Laying path's down is downright awful, you can place them diagonally and right, just like in Rollercoaster Tycoon 1/2/3. C'mon people it's 2013, almost 2014. You can't place any queue's, people just stand waiting in each other to go onto the ride. The AI: The Ai is terrible and clueless. They just walk into each other. I did enjoyed the game, for 10 min... I feel ripped off and i'm very disappointed that i bought the game at full price. And the guy who say's it's the successor of RCT2. You probably work for the company who made the game. Because it's the biggest bull i ever heard.