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AereA AereA is an Action RPG in which music is both your best friend and your worst enemy. As a disciple of the Great Maestro Guido you have to unravel the mysteries of Aezir. Find out what happened to the world and return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and bring peace to the world.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1167
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Soedesco / Triangle Studios
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AereA reviews ( 1 )

SuperkenGaming, Jun 27, 2017

Aerea an annoying maze Aerea is a dungeon crawler that can be played solo or with up to 4 people locally, no online play here... And you won’t really need the help… This game is laughably easy… You start the game choosing one of 4 characters and you can switch characters by backing out to the main menu there’s a hand to hand character with a shield and sword... and then 3 ranged characters... The archer the best feeling of the 3 but ultimately the shield and sword character is easily the best way to go as you’ll be doing a lot of slashing to collect this games currency… This game starts out as a typical dungeon crawler with none of the loot.. There are 2 different level systems here… One for your instrument or weapon, and one for your character… Your character level means more health, magic, and special moves you unlock… As you level up your weapon you’re able to dump skill points into places like power or health… And with the music notes you pick up from enemies and breakable items you can buy consumables or upgrade your special moves... which is the better chosie as youre not going to need the soncumables at all… This game poses no challenge at all... its 8 hours of fetch questing with a slow character, in boring dungeons, and boring combat… the gameplay loop is go the this place on the map, activate a becon or collect an item or items off of certain enemies return to the hall until you unlock a mission to take down one of the games 9 bosses And these bosses are just as much of a joke as the rest of the game.. I appreciate their design and puns in this music based world… and once you defeat one you’re awarded one of the instruments you need to keep the world together... Your goal is to go out there and collect them all… But I defeated all of them with hardly any effort at all... Which is surprising considering there is no way to dodge attacks in this game... you would assume 1 or 2 would give me trouble... but they didn’t... Except for the very final boss that’s difficult out of nowhere... This boss can easily kill you in only 2 hits and the very final boss battle is where I learned that if you die during a boss fight you have to start the entire dungeon all over again... Which is a pain pretty much anywhere but the beginning few hours as the game slowly turns in a maze game… throwing switches to unlock doors across the map and then run to it, throw another switch to open another door until you can finally get to the right spot on the map for the item you need or portal to the boss of that area… this of course made this annoying over powered boss even more annoying having to go through a sewer maze again and again… awful checkpoint system and boring world aside the game also has a few annoying bugs especially when you’re back in the hub area One level I got stuck behind a door and had to restart.. but numerous times back in the hub, my character would be attacking all by himself making it impossible to interact with the map or turn in my quests… it was a mild nuisance thankfully fixed by backing out to the main menu.. But a few times I had to close the game out completely and hop back in… Area is just not a good game... There’s no challenge here… There’s no fun here... Pretty mediocre I give area a 5/10