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Afterfall: InSanity Year 2035 Almost 20 years ago the citizens of The Republic were forced to hide from the turmoil of the Third World War. The lucky ones secured their places in shelters the fruit of proper forethought and planning. Now, when the fear of death is but a bitter memory, their safe hideout turns into a cursed prison. It should come as no surprise that some find this claustrophobia unbearable and the tiresome dream suddenly becomes a nightmare... In Afterfall: InSanity our character, Albert, is a member of a team of medics, whose job is to monitor mental stability of shelter inhabitants. He specializes in the confinement syndrome, even though he is not entirely free from its symptoms himself. When all the hell unleashes, Albert will have to find answers to a crucial question: Who is behind all this and why?", and try to filter his friends from the enemies. Not only will he face dangers lurking in the dark, but also overcome his own fears and weaknesses. InSanity is a hardcore survival psycho horror that will cause fear and boost adrenaline in the minds and veins of all genre aficionados. In the claustrophobia of confined underground space, from which there is no escape, shadows veil mysteries much darker than simply the madness of shelter inhabitants. Albert will have to deal with numerous riddles, monsters, and difficult decisions to make. He has a difficult task at hand as he has to rely on his reflexes, but also prove that he can think logically and show extraordinary deduction skills Play, overcome your fears, save the inhabitants of the shelter, and find a safe haven...

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2263
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Nicolas Intoxicate , Nicholas Games / Nicolas Intoxicate

Afterfall: InSanity reviews ( 7 )

ruby1234, Nov 26, 2011

I think that the atmosphere in this game does it all. The sound effects are simply amazing and the enemies never stop to surprise me when I am playing.

beerlord, Aug 2, 2013

Giving this a 10, because this is the kind of game I want to see made. Is the fighting good? no, that really needed be worked on and less repetitive. The graphics are decent and there were actually a few creepy points in the game which is hard to find these days. Mainly I want more games that have an interesting and creepy story line that is not cut and dry, most of what I don't like about this game could have been solved with a few more developers and a better budget. Turn the difficulty down and play through in a couple of sessions and you will get a good story experience for cheep.

galaff, Nov 28, 2011

this game is pretty impressive (graphic looks good, music builds nice atmosphere, character and monster sounds are on average level) besides the cut scenes which are kinda funny.

Atsuri, May 25, 2015

I see a lot of very negative reviews, mostly undeserved. People, this is/was a budget product and should be considered as such. Comparing it to major projects (or even franchises) like Fallout or Dead Space) is like comparing shiny, gamma-irradiated apples to greenish oranges. I myself got it at a clearance sale for 1 euro and honestly, it's more than money's worth. The sound is frequently off, voice out of sync in respect to character animations and the combat system quite laughable. However, I did appreciate the graphics, suspense, very good touch on mental mambo-jumbos and slightly scary atmosphere. I did not expect shiny apples for 1 euro, though I still got myself an eatable orange :).

insanewicked, Nov 28, 2011

I found this game to be pretty disappointing; as I only played about 30 minutes of it and then gave up. The story was uninteresting and bland, the voicing pretty embarrassing and the combat lousy. I really wanted to like this game, but don't go into it expecting anything. BTW I love the Dead Space franchise so don't expect the same game or you WILL be disappointed.

Tizzle, Dec 9, 2011

Ok.Ok.Ok. I gave this game a new chance. But`s even more terrible than before. It just doesn`t work. You can see the developers tried an therefore i don`t give it a total zero. Please hire someone who knows things about dramatization (theater or film) Someone who knows how to tell a storyline. Sound and voice are just...........o bad. I`ve tried to like this game (I did) But the only way to like it is to go back to a commodore64 for the next decade and then play this game.

IanOst, Nov 11, 2013

This game is unplayable because of dull story-line, horrible animations, and low quality textures. Maneuvering is near impossible, and the game in total is truly unrealistic. I do not recommend this game to anyone.