Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Crack + Keygen

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is the sequel to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game "Age of Empires." Age of Empires II spans a thousand years, from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages in which players lead one of 13 civilizations into greatness. The game keeps the epic scope of Age of Empires' game play while evolving the combat and economic features. [Microsoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 94 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8314
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, Command
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Ensemble Studios
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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings reviews ( 7 )

ZuffuluZT., May 1, 2008

Best RTS game of all time. Period. ;) Seriously this game has everything you ever wanted in an RTS game. The graphics may not be up to date anymore but since it's 2D it doesn't grow old as fast as 3D titles do. (look at 3D games of that time and you know what I mean ...) The gameplay is just awesome, because it has such a great balance between economy and warfare, which allows you to build huge cities and train enormous armies to besiege them. Besides that there is just an endless amount of stuff to do in this game, because there are so many different factions, units, strategies, campaigns, scenarios and probably the most easy to use map editor of all time. It is already 9 years old and I am still playing it every now and then, because it just has so much more to offer than all the other RTS games that were released since then, especially AOE3, which was really disappointing to me. There has never been such an addicting RTS game out there, so if you still don't own it, buy it! It is more than worth it. And if you already have it, go and play it again! It is really so much more enjoying than all the modern RTS games with fancy graphics but no substance.

ben_waldner, Dec 23, 2013

The best strategy computer game all over. And played since ages after beeing published! But multiplayer connection lacked a lots of time, but maybe you can't compare 1997 with 2014. I am very happy that this game exists and played it maybe more than 300 or 400 hours. Thanks!

GeriGeriGaming, Jul 31, 2017

It's just a good game in general. I have nothing else to say. I especially liked the campaign the best.And i have actually learned something from a game this time. :)

GameReviews, Aug 13, 2012

An amazing strategic game, that will grow on you. It's just perfect, because it doesn't have a single problem, and It's fun, really fun. Both, single player and multiplayer are amazing. And I had fun in Map Editor, making your own mission is awesome. 100 out of 100.

Fikthenig, Sep 22, 2017

I can agree with the rest of the reviewers that it is not only a great game but arguably one of the best games of all time. I found some parts to be extremely ingenious and other parts to be worked on. I loved the voice actors but the tutorial had LOTS of room for improvement. Graphics are ok for the 1990s but is not the main focus of the game. Gameplay can be challenging but this rivals many other civilization games like Civilization or Tropico. The difference is its simple yet effective way of battling with other cities and decisions made in battle could cost you the war. Overall, I expect great things from Microsoft and its future updates on age of empires

Prozilla, Jul 4, 2013

first computer game I ever played, at the time my parents computer could barely handle it. picked it up at Wall-Mart for 10 bucks a while back just for some good memories. STILL love this game, the bad graphics and music/sound affects was exactly what I was looking for. think in 10 years I could play it and still be thrilled. not a bad pick up for the money if you want a classic RTS, easy to play and you will be able to dump hours and hours into gameplay. WARNING!! if you have trouble playing with windows 7 look it up on Google or whatever because its a real easy fix. happy gaming

ageofvampires, Mar 1, 2014

Booooooring game... If you are drunk, then getting out of your booze is simple.. Just play it..MUSTT PLAY!! A review by a drunk guy: This is a masterpiece. Not only are the singleplayer missions fun and historically correct, it has lots to offer to new RTS players, as well as old RTS players, and is the most well-balanced game I have ever played. It is also a lot of fun, especially when you play multiplayer. Review after Playing the game, This has to be the worst RTS ever. There is no element of strategy whatsoever. There are 10 different factions and they are all exactly the same! At least in Starcraft there are differences between the races and makes need for some strategy. The units move ridiculously slow(a king with a pot-belly outran my mounted knights!), the tech trees are needlessly large, Has given a new definition to RTS = Ruin Thy Stratergy