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Age of Mythology: The Titans Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion adds a fourth mythology, the Atlanteans, to the existing Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythologies. A new single-player campaign will add yet another chapter to the franchise's expansive folklore along with the addition of new scenarios. Atlantean players will be able to call upon the might of the Titan gods (such as Atlas and Cronus) multiple times throughout the game, and may also upgrade human units to heroes. The expansion pack will introduce 12 new god powers, 15 new human units and 10 formidable myth units to the game. [Microsoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1961
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-12
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Ensemble Studios
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Age of Mythology: The Titans reviews ( 6 )

Exi, Dec 11, 2011

I bought this game about 7 years ago, and I still play it. This game offers everything you would ever want in a strategy game, and the expansion makes it even better. Even because of the bad graphics, you can get a huge amount of fun out of it! This game is defiantly on my top 3 list!

ursynhu, Mar 10, 2016

Este jogo é incrível! Eu recebi e ainda não posso parar de jogar. Os gráficos são tão detalhadas para um game e é desafiador, mas divertido e terá que jogar por horas! A história é complexa e profundamente pensado. O melhor jogo que eu já joguei de forma

DragonKnightofFinalFantasy, Dec 22, 2003

Cool.It's as simple as that,it is fun yet more the same.Speaking of which the only 3 new things are new god powers new story mode(very short though) & new religon,Atlantis fun 4 a few games then some only want to play with codes.Buy it,it's good but has little replay value & may the gods be with you. P.S:Here's some cheats.Enjoy!^_^O Canada:Summon Laser Bear Pandoras Box:get random god powers Divine Intervention:Revive god powers Isis Hear my Plea:Summom all heroes (except Kastor) Wrath of the Gods:Have unlimited Storm,Meteor,Earthquake,& Tornado NOTE:ALL CODES MUST BE CAPTITALS.

FajarSany, Oct 22, 2015

Initially I guess this game isn't fun, but after playing it, addictive. It's 3D graphic is so beautiful, see how the detail of each building, army, trees, soil, and other, so pleasant in the eyes. Gameplay is also good, just for the unit setting when the mode of offensive, defensive, and stand ground less practical, unlike in the Age of Empires 2. Overall, this game is nice.

Helmore, Apr 5, 2012

A good expansion to a great game. Makes the game even more fun, though the expansion left more to be desired. It could have been better. It gets an 8 from me.

HankB., Oct 2, 2003

While it adds a new side the game continues its sloooow tradition. Most of the time the game feels like work. Titans are cool and so is mythology - but this is a snoozer