Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords Crack/Patch

Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords Eternal Lords is the major, second expansion for the acclaimed strategy game Age of Wonders III. With the introduction of the Tigran and Frostling races and the new Necromancer class, players must adapt to a world on the brink of cataclysmic change. New features such as the Race Governance system, which allows players to tailor features of each race in their empire to meet their strategic needs, add new layers of depth to empire development and diplomacy.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1554
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Triumph Studios / Triumph Studios

Age of Wonders III - Eternal Lords reviews ( 7 )

David_Tay, Apr 17, 2015

best AoW3 DLC ever with tons of new content. just finished playing as Frostling Undead for campaign 1. Very new type of playstyle and mechanics that adds so much more flavour to the game. Units such as beloved Frost Queens, Yetis, Ice Scalpers.. and new ones such as Banshees! (omg I so so love this new unit).. New spells and empire upgrades too! Such as corrupting mana nodes to become Undead nodes.. changing entire city to an Undead city.. trying out mission 2 of the DLC now.. playing as a Tigran Druid class. Gonna be epic with all those new tigran units capable of leaping and even transforming! There's also new artifacts.. damn many of them.. just got a mythical jewel that made me 40% physical immune for my main undead hero.. add that with lifesteal is damn OP!! yes artifacts farming is important in this game.. the higher the rarity the better.. remember that when you're playing campaign as artifacts can be brought over to the next mission.. other artifacts are a "seduce veil" - legendary artifact that can convert enemies.. an ice glove - capable of throwing ice balls! awesome isn't it? ... and cosmic happenings! just got one where it says "Blood Moon - +3 melee attack for all units for 4 turns" (with the entire landscape sort of drenched in red aura here and there.. just epic! performance wise the game has improved much more as well.. prev i couldn't play on "high" settings without some sort of lagginess (blame the SSAO). This time even on that my desktop is able to support nicely. gonna update this post more as I meet with more new content whilst playing. You won't be dissapointed buying this DLC that's for sure!

Earnsmk, Apr 21, 2015

Expands very nicely on the base game, which was already very fun and innovative. The new class and races are very fun to play, and it adds a staggering amount of new content (units, map locations, spells, a dwelling, and a new victory condition). I very highly recommend this expansion pack to anyone who enjoyed Age of Wonders 3, or to anyone who likes 4X or TBS games. This one is too good to pass up.

Gamling, Apr 15, 2015

The new Eternal lords expansion takes the game to be the best strategy game experience I ever have had. The expansion brings 2 new interesting races, 3 new specializations, the dark necromancer class, random events and lots of new places and other stuff. But for me is the new race relation system with the new race governance system (talent bonuses) and politics improvements the most important improvements. This expansion brings so much more content that it is well worth the price.

TheSpeaker, Apr 16, 2015

Eternal Lords really completes the Age of Wonders experience. It's been said here already, but if you enjoyed the base game, you'll love this expansion. The Triumph team have been dedicated to improving an already excellent title, and the amount of content they've thrown into the Eternal Lords DLC is astounding, especially in the day and age where developers charge so much and deliver so little. I can see myself playing this game for years and years to come!

Feldis, Apr 16, 2015

Eternal lords is a huge expansion and brings a lot of meat to the table. Two new races, one class, one more dwelling, tons of new structures, interesting land formations, map improvement, fantastic new music etc etc.. In short, To many things to mention! It is rare to see this kind of meaty expansion these days and it more then worth the price that you are buying it for. With this grand expansion it makes AOW3 one of the best strategy experiences i ever had! It is a must buy for every one who enjoys 4x strategy games, highly recommended!

Tetzer, Apr 16, 2015

Perfect, adds so much more to the game through the necromancer class, which really captures the feeling of slowly but surely creating a undead army to wage war on your neighboring enemies. Also, the two new races, Tigrans and Frostlings, add a great deal of synergy within themselves, and even more-so with the other base classes. THats not even the half of what has been added to this expansion(You know, the things that used to be chock full of content that actually added a vast amount to the games, instead of 15 dollars for one new character like most games >.>). If you loved the base game, as well as Golden Realms, then this is a no brainer. For those on the fence, or looking for something different, I believe Eternal Lords may be the breath of decaying(in a good way) air you've been looking for. See ya in-game!

faceless-1, Apr 23, 2015

This is one of the best Expansions ever made. Great price for Huge content. If you liked Age of Wonders 3, this Exp will make you love it. Necromancer class is the most fun class from the bunch and new campaign is pretty good too.