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Age of Wonders: Planetfall Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the new strategy game from Triumph Studios, creators of the critically acclaimed Age of Wonders series, bringing all the exciting tactical turn-based combat and in-depth empire building of its predecessors to space in an all-new, sci-fi setting.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 89
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Triumph Studios
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Age of Wonders: Planetfall reviews ( 7 )

CaptainChaos, Oct9, 2019

This game goes to "11" Ok, I now have way over 100 hours in this game and I can do a better review, than the one I did 60 gaming hours ago. It doesn't just go to "11." It may be one of my favorite Top 10 ten games of all time. Pros: Gorgeous Graphics, Extremely Varied Tactical Gameplay, Hilarious and Rich Lore. Strategic Layer looks simple but turns out after 230 hours of gameplay I finally conclude it is anything but. Anyone who says this doesn't play in a complex manner or plays like everything else, or does what everyone else has done, just hasn't played it very long. I'm playing the campaign, and every time, EVERY TIME, it's different. Around the 50 hour mark I too thought, hey, maybe there isn't more to this after all - but no, I realize now, I just didn't understand how subtle and complex the mechanics are. The Faction, Secret Tech and modding mix is nearly infinite it seems. I have had games where I played straight up napalming starship troopers, and others where I began to do so well, b/c my Amazons befriended intelligent plants and between the two I had crazy regenerative powers that were off the charts. Not only that, but you often have to adjust your unit mix and tactics against whom you are fighting. Plus of course spells (i.e. Operations) affect everything, and terrain can play a part. I couldn't figure out why this game got such lukewarm reviews from many. I admit the Critic and Player metascores are very similar and they are good but not great. My 30 years of gaming experience tells me this is USUALLY a valid marker of how good the game is. However, I also realize part of the issue from people here is that they played Civ or Gal Civ or something and think it's supposed to be a clone. It isn't. AOW is a time honored franchise going back 20-30 years. They do it their own way. For those AOW players who wanted EXACTLY the same thing as AOWIII but SciFi, you are going to be disappointed if you are too rigid. However, this game *IS* very familiar in mechanics to any AOWIII player, BUT, there are many differences. Once you get used to them, I find it just fine. It is a diff game. I will say the game just came out, there have been many bugs, most of which are fixed very quickly by the Devs who read all the posts on steam as far as I can tell. They are very responsive to questions, and feedback, and move to correct bugs immediately. Also, there will be several rounds of balancing, and eventually more DLC content I'm sure. If you prefer to wait a year for the value pack I can't blame you, but you're missing out now, and also the ability to contribute. The Devs read all the suggestions and crazy ideas and yes even constructive criticisms. I honestly cannot recommend this game enough, but hey maybe it's just me. Some of these choices are just that personal. I doubt you really will get a true flavor of the potential and beauty of this game before the 50 hour mark though :) Happy Gaming!

GodzillaBlitz, Aug 13, 2019

Thumbs up! Sleek, well-tested 4x strategy game with an added layer of deep tactical combat. Lots of variety, tactics, and content. The AI will give you a run for your money.

Motherball, Aug6, 2019

Deep systems, great sound and graphics, interesting factions and units, lots of customization options, and engaging combat. If you enjoy the setting, Age of Wonders series, or 4X in general, it’d be hard not to recommend this game.

raadoo, Aug 17, 2019

just finished the campaign (played first part with one race, then part 1 and 2 with another one). i have mixed feelings. firstly i was surprised it was already over, i thought it was just the beginning of the story, and it turned out it was already the end. very disappointed (or disillusioned) with that. i guess there will be dlcs... but the fact that you can finish the main campaign playing through, i'm not even sure now, 4 missions is laughable. though the game is certainly engaging, it feels like a fast food meal, i.e. everything is pretty generic and shallow, all the systems, research tree etc. combat, with many interlinked systems, is probably the best part. in terms of the "empire building" part, there is really little substance to it, you have sectors, you research upgrades to sector types, terrain types or terrain features and build them. there's also a few buildings. that's it. every city will eventually build everything, because there's little to build. hard to say anything about the ai, i was playing on beginner and was able to finish the game with little interaction with the ai. even when i started the winning countdown for the technology win, the ai didn't seem to react (at all in the first case, in the second case it has send two armies of 2-3 stacks that i was able to repeal quite easily, even though i was alone and had several commanders against me). not sure if this was due to the beginner level, but i was able to win even though i wasn't the best "civ" in anything according to the ingame rankings, and explored only like 1/4 of the map. there are many combat mods and you can tailor your units to your needs, but since most of them are situational (as different units/races have different strenghts/vulnerabilities), i ended up with using basic +accuracy +defense most of the time anyway. as for the gfx, it's ok. so is music, nothing spectacular (though i feel like i've heard one track/melody already in mass effect, i wonder if that was intentional...). at the beginning it's really hard to "read the map", it's possible to get used to, but it's still hard to discern features. in the final campaigns i was also constantly spammed each turn with msgs from hostile commanders that they despise me, not sure what was the point of that as this was clear from turn 2 - i guess this will be fixed. overall, it's a decent mcmeal, will probably get better with dlcs, but if you're looking for a deep strategy game, look somewhere else, this one is pretty "casual". all that said, i liked it and would probably be still playing the campaign if the campaign wasn't a joke consisting of 2 missions.

altaydron, Aug 10, 2019

Устаревшая графика, убогие анимации, отсутствие физики, маленькое древо исследования, скучные, однообразные надоедающие бои. Очередная поделка людей которые сами не играют в игры. Из-за малого количества стратегий,вечерами по часику можно поиграть. Цена вообще другой разговор, такая халтурная поделка не может стоить более 500 рублей

SRKNZ, Aug8, 2019

I have spent many years playing Civilization and this looked similar so I thought I'd take a look. Suffice to say this is nothing like Civilization. I could not figure out what I was supposed to do and even when I could it was not clear why I was doing it. The interface was far too busy with too much going on. I definite sense of sensory overload and worse still no real tutorial just a talking head spouting far too much information to actually be meaningful. I also got the sense that you had little control over how decisions are made and a lot of it is controlled by the AI. I'll persist a little longer but so far not very satisfying. Indeed quite frustrating. I suspect this may be refund territory.

SpiryXBT, Sep7, 2019

The game is not what supposed to be. Is turn-based strategy as when you start your own Scenario you only have 150 Turns to make a victory. The options are few, only 4 RACES. ONLY 4 and 4 NPC's. The technology tree is extremely thin. By 70 turns you already finished 70% of tech tree without many improvements of even fun. I've played 23 hours trying to find some FUN in it. It adds NOTHING new to the game. You could play a lot more fun 4X games then this one. Considering also the PRICE TAG that is HUGE vs. the LOW QUALITY OF THE GAME. Is not worth it. It's real value would be 19.95$ at max. This was an abuse by producers because they used the name: "Age of Wonders". My advice? DO NOT BUY IT. The developers are doing lame updates , no NEW units , no NEW races and extremely boring game and action in it.