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Age of Wushu The MMORPG Age of Wushu recreates an ancient Chinese world of Kung Fu. If words like Wushu are new to you, fear not. In such martial arts movies as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonor Hero, heroes leap from rooftops and display death-defying feats of martial prowess. In Age of Wushu, you can perform all these unbelievably powerful skills and become a legendary Wushu master. [Snail USA]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1527
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Snail Games / Snail Games
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Age of Wushu reviews ( 7 )

Echomikedelta, Apr 17, 2013

This game is probably the best sandbox I have ever played. Steep learning curve, but worth it. The pvp is excellent, the criminal system is top notch. The combat is outstanding.

gr750, Aug 23, 2013

Decent pvp system Big Adventure, Tons of Fun Free PK In this we are left to run Character we will. Although there is Story Quest (there are 4 main story lines to choose from, it affects our Starting early Town) and 8 universities (Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, Beggar, Scholar, Tangmen, Wanderers Valley, Royal Guards) we can still play Character us at will. One of the interesting things in Game Play AOW is any university which basically select Skill can still learn from other universities. because in this game there are Event (6 times a week) that allows us to steal pieces of the Book of Libraries another university. If we could get a piece of the book, then we can learn Skill other universities belong.

pandamaster, Apr 10, 2013

This game gives me a chance to touch ancient Chinese background. Few westerners know what real Chinese Kung fu looks like before entering Age of Wushu. To be honestly, I don't know exactly what to do from the moment I log in. Gradually as I walked deep into the story line, I get addicted. Great game!

SummerField, Oct 23, 2013

First of all I would like to say that the concept of the game was very unique and attractive. I'm giving this game a score of 6 because of its mixed blending of cons and pros. The cash shop items is untouchable for its high price. If you are f2p I will say just stop playing. Hardcore playing won't give you good result. Though u can level up your skills fast but u can't level up meridians in few years which will make a huge difference between players.VIP players level up 5 times faster which is unacceptable. Company trying to make money by publishing incomplete games in different languages and regions. Beginners will must confuse at beginning and that's guaranteed.

awkwardkitty, Mar 28, 2014

I like the flavor of some modern kung fu action MMO, but it really doesn't seem very inviting, at least not when you start up. The tutorial is confusing and the game play slow and sluggish. It's a great idea, but poor, poor execution

wongstacopter, Nov 5, 2013

Where to begin, okay so when I first looked into this game i was a little bit skeptical only because it was not one of those 'AAA' mmorpgs titles but that didn't stop me from downloading AOW because I thought the concept of the game was really interesting and I was well and truly intrigued. When I got in game HOWEVER, I was slightly shocked and it got worst. Here is a list to keep things simple. - No voice acting at all! To be honest, that killed it for me. I wasn't expecting voice acting like in swtor but at least some random dialogue here and there would have made the game more engaging.) - Dodgy controls This was sort of a big one. The auto pathing was horrible, jumping on roof sometimes would be glitchy and I could walk through some stall vendors) - Complex and doesn't really explain much Okay I don't have any problems with learning new things in games but this is just weird. The game offers these cultivation thing and I had to read up on it off game to even get what it does. There are more but you get the picture.) - Good fighting animations but dodgy The animations are pretty cool but the fighting itself is laggy and made things boring real quick.) - Questing is a bore. I don't have problems with generic quest like they have in AOW because coming from a WoW player, I expect it and i grew to live with it but because of the combination of the dodgy combat and how far the quest is from the quest giver most the of the time I actually spend more time auto pathing back and forth than fighting.) - Buggy. Overall the concept of the game is great and unique but it seems as though Snail games didn't have the budget to execute it well which is what ultimately makes this game a fail. I also have problems logging for the first time which took me an hour to fix only because i had to validate my email and it never told you to....

Electro-Delic, Aug 17, 2013

Heard of this game before, but just tried it. Played nearly 2 days straight, and decided to uninstall it rather than waste more time. This game is similar to 9 Dragosn, which was released by Akklaim, pretty cool game. Big open virtual Chinese world, with factions, and developing skills, but skills there were more real, like a punch, or something. You learned them, and then to get new level you had to use it, you had to kick hundrets of times to lvl up, and get better kick, better move sequence. In Age of Wushu, you lvl skills by.. doing nothing. You can just stay somewhere, choose a skill to lvl, and it will slowly progress on its own. Stupid. You get some inner stuff, some attack move, defense, and some special stuff. All of them, to be developed by not even using them. This game is full of gold sellers, and PKs. No save zone. Wherever you are, you are in danger. Cant feel save anywhere. Of course, the higher lvl as always, everywhere, kill newbs. You cant get any better equipment, its hard. Hard to get anything, anywhere. You are going to be stuck with the most basic shop junk equipment. This game has no point, there is hardly any PvE, most quest cant be done, over, and over, and over again. They are like, take this, and give to him/her. Kill X monsters, take the loot. Thats all. The world might be big, but its not really. City here, and there. Nothing special. You can have a job, but all you can do is to play a minigame, constantly. They are all the same. Just get more complicated. One feature I liked, is the fact tha you get your own castle, and you can build buildings, expand it. This game is made for PvP people. Hardly ane PvE, gets boring after a while. The skills require time to be upgraded. On lvl 2, it actually take over 3 hours.. of waiting for them to upgrade. Imagine lvl 30, or higher, it will take weeks. This game is also for those who want to pay. If you dont pay, you are not granted a lot of usefull features, sure, not pay, not gain everything, but thats just wrong. You cant even use in game chat. Seriously.. Game is new, there is a players boom, as always. People come to see, and then they go. Thats how Age of Wushu will end.