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AI War: Fleet Command Space-based RTS, single player or up to 8 player co-op. Powerful emergent AI that retreats, probes defenses, and surprises even veterans with intelligent tactics. 30,000+ ships at a time on 10-120 simultaneous planetary battlefields. Different Every Time: 16 billion procedural maps, each with specific units. - A focus on deep strategy with nearly no micromanagement. [Arcen Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1958
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Arcen Games, LLC / Arcen Games, LLC
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AI War: Fleet Command reviews ( 7 )

Draxis, Mar 30, 2010

By a long way, the best RTS I have played in years. The learning curve is pretty steep - The tutorial does not cover a lot of important information, but there are comprehensive guides on the wiki that explains whats going on, and the other players on the forums are very friendly to newbies. There is no better 'co-op vs the AI' style game out there, especially with the ability to save and resume games, and add or remove players mid-game. Puts high-budget games to shame.

Leomann, Dec 26, 2009

This is a rare gem of a game, pure and simple. It demonstrates all the allure of an Indie game by staying true to what it wants to achieve rather than opting for maximum flashiness, and the result is exactly what it's supposed to be: an awesomely hardcore strategy game. Its non-bleeding edge graphics allow you to fight in truly epic battles against what is possibly one of the most advanced A.I's seen to date, and its mechanics are meticulously crafted, unhindered by unessential garbage that usually takes up system resources. For those that are seeking a true strategic and intellectual challenge on a wide range of systems, this game is nothing less than a miracle.

deMangler, Jan 18, 2010

This has to by the only game I have ever given a 10/10. It completely lacks that 'something is missing here...again...' feeling that I get whenever I play any other strategy game. Somehow, in it's low-budget way it delivers on it's promise and exeeds not only my (somewhat lowered) expectations but manages to remind me what I was always looking for in this genre.... THIS! I want the developers babies, only they would probably just engage in practicing unexpected strategic flanking excersises behind my back and then look all innocent when I turn around. Anyway, as I said, 10/10.

Echo, Oct 5, 2009

Very solid blend of Creep Crawl, 4X, and Tower Defense, with a ton of ships, co-op play, and over 16 billion procedural maps. Also, probably the best AI I've ever seen in a game. If you are at all an RTS fan, buy this game!

Exogenesis, Sep 30, 2011

Although one of the more confusing games on the market, once you wrap your head around it, you will find it to be one of the deepest RTS games that you are likely to play.

Mercurio, Oct 23, 2009

Kinda easy to learn if you really want to understand it, hard to master as the AI seems to always be one step ahead of you and it all has a feeling to it that no other game yet can provide. The only downpoint is the extremely outdated graphics, even though they add some strange nostalgic feeling to the game. Still its worth a try, considering the price and additional free content each month, the extreme replayability and inventive co-op management. Beats most of the warcraft 3 or AOE clones with ease...

Dejakritz, Jan 2, 2015

I was excited to try this game, but could not get 20 minutes in due to the fact the text on the interface and in all interactive windows is far too hard to read on 1950x1080 resolution. The game developers response to these complaints is always the same: we have no plans to fix this so change your resolution. I don't know about you but I'm in the over 90% of players that use an LCD monitor. Changing to a non-native resolution makes it blurry and in my case it also stretched the graphics out of aspect. Only consider this game if you are playing on a very old monitor or a laptop.