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Aion Aion is a massively multiplayer online RPG where players ascend to divinity and fight in an epic celestial war. Wielding divine powers and the capability for true flight, players must bring salvation to their people and restore balance to a vast, beautiful world shattered by cataclysm. [NCsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4654
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer

Aion reviews ( 7 )

JoeB, Sep 29, 2009

Some people may feel that this MMO mimicks WoW or other MMO's but I feel it epitomizes the MMO experience. The fluid, complex combat along with the powerful storyline stands side by side with the breath taking graphics. The element of flight in this game is remarkable. The PvPvE aspect is unique but successfull. Overall, I think it is the best MMO so far released and I am glad to see it highly populated from the start.

JungS., Sep 27, 2009

This is an absolutely gorgeous game for a MMOrpg and one of the most addictive games you could ever get your hands on. No grinding what so ever. If you consider doing quests, grinding, MMO is not your game. Unless you played WoW and was influenced by how easy it is to level up.

TheChase, Jan 9, 2010

If you give the game less then 5 only because its a grind you really need to play more games. Anyways Ive played aion since beta Pros: Graphics, Sound, Large Scale organized pvp, crafting produces useful items, plenty of quests to keep you busy. pvp designated and pve designated zones. Monthly rewards for subscribing to the game. Cons: Solo PvP is unbalanced you will be useless without a group if you play certain classes. Drop rates for items are really shitty. a 20 minute boss fight with no loot is pretty annoying. pvp highly dependent on consumables, making it costly to be at your best. Instances are very very long because there are a lot of repeatable quests you do during them that u have to run out and back in for which takes about 5 minutes, when u have a group and 6 people do it there is a lot of slow down. Thats all i can think of but another thing to mention is until u get near level 50 pvp does not scale well. Even though the cons look longer i still find this one of the most enjoyable mmo's i have found in a long time, and considering this game is still pretty fresh the horizon is looking bright and im sticking around.

ReggiW, Dec 1, 2009

Aion is a MMORPG i would recomend aquiring, gorgeous visuals, delightfull music. One of the best character creation there is around, interesting options for weapons (like the ability to take the stats from a good weapon and place them on a better looking one), flying ability is not new but its interesting, good character class choices (Best healer class i ever played on a MMORPG). Finnaly a MMORPG in where we dont mana drain after using 4 spells and we can simply sit for heal/regen mana without the need of having hundreds of potions using up inventory space, and so not depending on those too much when adventuring away from a shop. As for those that stubbornly compare Aion to WoW, they are diferent games, Aion is Aion, WoW is WoW. Grinding? All MMORPGs have it. Same quests over and over? Most MMORPGs have them. Aion has bad PvP? WoW has THE worse PvP i have ever experimented upon! Simply... no. Moneysellers, a lot. Dont WoW have those too? Gets somehow boring overtime? All MMORPGs or even normal single player or multiplayer games get through that feeling (Yes, i got bored of grinding for leatherworking in WoW). Bottomline, Aion is an overall good game. Yes, it has some flaws, as any other MMORPG around, but its fun anyway, as WoW is (except for PvP). If you play Aion as Aion, you will surelly like it, if you start thinking too much about flaws, and end up comparing it to every other MMORPG there is, you will utterly end up anoyed and bored. Want complications? Play EvE online (a very good space MMO game).

sam712, Sep 22, 2011

Too much grinding. Visually, Aion is probably the best MMORPG out there, but the gameplay is nowhere near on par with its graphics. This game is designed to be a timesink.

AnonymousMC, Oct 7, 2009

I've only reached level 20 (of 50) with a couple of characters, but Aion is promising to be another grindfest. A complete failure regarding innovation: travel, kill X mobs, use exactly identical attack sequence, repeat. The much touted flying dynamic is horribly limited and underwhelming. The graphics are well done, and there aren't too many in-game bugs for a brand new MMO (nor should there be).

AlexC, Sep 25, 2009

Glad I didn't stick with this and stayed with Champions Online. Played Aion in the beta and it was just a boring grind fest, "westernised". Problem being, it still is post release. If you are into fantasy play this. If you are cool like me, and want to be a superhero and not a generic WoW clone, play Chapions Online. Stay away from this grind fest at all costs. They certainly wont be getting a sub out of me!