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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars In Air Conflicts: Secret Wars players can relive the most famous battles of the First and Second World War right up close. The game provides plenty of variety, as players can fly 16 meticulously detailed and accurate aircraft in nearly 50 exciting missions in the seven campaigns. The mission tasks are diverse and range from air space clearance operations to the bombardment of targets on the ground, attacks on enemy convoys and reconnaissance, escort and patrol flights. After each successful mission players can upgrade their skills to enable them to control their aircraft more expertly, make their aircraft more robust and select better co-pilots. There are two control modes for the combat aircraft: the controls are simplified in arcade mode and simulation mode offers a realistic control system that is true to the original. Besides the solo campaigns, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars can also offer several multiplayer modes for up to eight players that can be played on a local network and over the Internet.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1498
Genre Simulation, Flight, WWII, Combat
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Games Farm
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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars reviews ( 7 )

DGDrocks7, Jan 1, 2018

To those who give this a poor review, I have a hint: set the difficulty to "Ace" and set the controls to "Simulation". 90% of the time when watching videos of this game, I see people playing on lower difficulties in Arcade mode. When you do that, the plane turns in a perfect 90 degree turn, and your machine guns lock on to the enemy. No wonder this game got a bad impression. But if you set it to "Ace" and "Simulation", then this game will truly shine. It's on the same level as Ace Combat, Blazing Angels, Wings of Prey and War Thunder, so if you like those games, you will like this. Of course, Simulation does not mean something like DCS or IL-2, it means you just have to pitch and roll to manuever. Yes, you have unlimited ammo and fuel, no matter what. And the story is surprisely decent and somewhat original. You play as Dorothy "Dee Dee" Dubrec, a mercenary pilot. Initially she doesn't care about the war but slowly she finds meaning in fighting as opposed to fighting for just money. (Hey, it's called "Secret Wars" for a reason!). She will also learn about her father in the previous war, so you will also have WWI flashback missions too. It's a shame that the voice acting is poor and there are a number of plot-holes, otherwise it would have a great story, on par with the Ace Combat games. It's $5 now (and it was a budget game in the first place), so if you like flying games, BUY THIS GAME. If you wait for a sale, then that's just theft :D

triplettt, Oct 14, 2012

This game actually surprised me, i didn't expect much going in it but i ended up finding a very well made flight simulation game. although i found the story to be a bit dull the game play itself was worth it up to a point.

JonnyC, Jan 10, 2012

Very good arcade flight sim at a budget price. Naff static cut scenes but good narrative. Surprisingly good graphics with great lighting and explosion affects. Lots of different locations. If this games developer had a bigger budget they could make something special . As it is this game is very good. 7.5/10

AlexChauvin, Feb 21, 2014

I was surprised at how fun the multiplier could be especially when playing with friends, but without them it does start to become rather repetitive. The same goes for the campaign as you often repeat similar missions over and over again. Overall this game is great to keep you and your friends busy for a week or so but in the long term it simply does work.

orctown-troll, Aug 15, 2014

Mediocre game. If you get it for a couple of dollars there isn't much to complain about but time best spent with something higher quality. Mediocre game. If you get it for a couple of dollars there isn't much to complain about but time best spent with something higher quality. Mediocre game. If you get it for a couple of dollars there isn't much to complain about but time best spent with something higher quality. Mediocre game. If you get it for a couple of dollars there isn't much to complain about but time best spent with something higher quality.

MichaelKim, Nov 10, 2013

Recently got this game in a bundle. First impression, it is a cheap game because it has poor UI. Then, I can't find a place in the options to change keyboard controls, because keys cannot be changed in this game! I don't understand why the game developers don't spend a little time implementing such an easy thing. Do they think everyone loves to play the game with the keys they see fit? OK this really is a cheap game. Why does it even cost ten dollars? Alright I'll use my mouse and go arcade instead of simulator. The story is interesting I have to say, but now I'm totally stuck on a mission where it SEEMS (because the game doesn't tell me how to complete the mission) I needs to be downed. But I can't for hell get the enemies to shoot at me because they just keep making love with my teammates. Tried crashing myself, no. Tried flying into trees to lower my health before running into an enemy and get killed, no. Finally I decided to skip the mission. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED? The game skipped the last mission I completed instead of the one I'm stuck on. Great. Didn't hesitate before un-installing the game I'll leave that 2.5GB for something else.

light1998, Jun 2, 2014

A game which is nearly impossible..Dont recomand to play it beacuse is a wasite of time...I tryed and tryed somewere arounds 30 minutes but no rezult..SUCKS