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Air Conflicts: Vietnam Air Conflicts: Vietnam offers the popular combination of flight simulation and arcade gameplay. In the course of the game, the player controls over 20 accurately simulated fighter jets and helicopters from the Vietnam War era. In certain missions, the player has to leave the pilots seat temporarily to operate the guns and defend against attacks. If several fighter jets take part in a mission, the player can equip and upgrade them individually, as well as control the entire squadron. Air Conflicts: Vietnam offers a variety of missions and a compelling story set against the background of one of the best-known and most controversial wars in modern history.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 45 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1361
Genre Action, Simulation, Flight, Combat
Company / Developer
Kalypso / bitComposer Games, bitComposer
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Air Conflicts: Vietnam reviews ( 3 )

Freesiberia, Oct 4, 2013

Well, at first I gave this game 5 of 10. My first impressions were bad and some statements still stay: AI does not even exist, for example. All other planes and helos don't even try to do anything. Planes simply circle around a combat zone size of a city block, helicopters hover over the same spot and stay there until the end of the mission unless you take control. Physics is almost non-existent too. I understand that's an arcade game, but at least they could have implemented speed increase when the plane is descending. Some missions are buggy and sometimes you will try to run the same mission again and again until you restart the game and it will get itself together. And these things made me mad. Yet the game succeeded to capture my attention for a whole day. Despite all the bugs fighting was enjoyable and the atmosphere of the Vietnamese War feels quite well in the game, thanks to the choice of music. So, if you are interested in this particular period of history, you can find the game fun even with its poor realization.

DGDrocks7, Jul 8, 2017

I feel bad giving this game such a low score. I mean it had potential. Props to the devs for releasing patches for it, but IT'S STILL BROKEN. I played Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, and it was AWESOME. So what the heck happened here? Both plane and helicopter controls are stiff and sensitive. Oh, and in Instant Action mode, you destroy the enemy aircraft by shooting the ground (LOL). Seriously, play something else like Ace Combat (for planes) or Apache Air Assault (for choppers).

MosesMania, Dec 5, 2013

A game that somewhat looked promising turned out to be a nightmare of a game. This game is as bad as the reviews state. This game offers some sort of aerial combat with a dumptruck full of bugs that severely hurt this game chances of even being remotely successful.