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AirBuccaneers Welcome to the ancient North, once the cradle of culture and peace, but is now corrupted by magic and inhabited by nasty bandits sowing destruction in airships. Choose to be a vicious Buccaneer or an infamous Viking and take a glider to the skies. Your goal is to drop enemy vessels and secure dominance of the ancient North. Fire cannons, help others, board enemy ships or be the captain whatever it takes to get your enemies out of the way. The success, as well as the bitter defeat, is solely dependent on how well you co-operate with your crew mates. Finding the right kind of battle strategy is not self-evident in the merciless winds and twisted magic of the North...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1295
Genre General, Action
Company / Developer
LudoCraft Ltd. / LudoCraft Ltd.
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AirBuccaneers reviews ( 7 )

Daddy_D, Feb 25, 2013

A really awesome and original game where you and your team fight the other team in an epic battle high up in the air. The leveling system is great. You can level in four different classes. Cannoneer, Defender, Guerrillas and of course the captain. You are not bound to a class but can choose what you want to be during the game. Maybe you're a defender trying to shoot out incoming cannonballs when a cannoneer suddenly dies, you need to take his place and shoot down the enemy ship. The battles can get really intense, and when you find yourself a good team the game gets really fun, and most players are nice and doesn't spam the chat with annoying and mean words. It's an indie game and is therefore not that expensive, so If you're looking for a new kind of game, I highly recommend this one.

Firestarter1998, Feb 24, 2013

Nice game! Love it.

Kereck, Feb 24, 2013

Amazing game! Very original and it take the cooperation between players to another level, making it totally necessary, but at the same time truly fun to do so. It is one of the MP games I have play in a very long time.

htown, Mar 24, 2013

Fun!......but nobody plays. Community is pretty much dead and since this is only online that means the game is unplayable, most of the time. Severs get full when Steam has a free to play weekend, so that is when I hop on.

FB242, Feb 13, 2013

Good game. Minor bugs, and a small player base pull from the fun, but all in all with a good crew it can be fun. 7/10 good game, not amazing, but not a bad game in the least.

xtrmsnpr, Dec 27, 2013

as an idea is nice,furthermore the gameplay isnt as good as it was promising.I would like something more fast pace.But it is fun enough to play,and if you got friends in your team,you are going to have an excellent time.

Logbia, Nov 5, 2013

Yes the game is solid, fun and easy to play.. But these days the online demand for multiplayer games has drained alot. Usually on a normal day, only a hand full of people are playing online or there are no players at all. I don't recommend getting it anymore since the game focusses mainly on online multiplayer wich is in fact dead.