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Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine, a witty western with a healthy dose of adventure, follows in the tradition of classic adventure gaming. Join Al, a middle-aged, feeble, Easterner, on his journey into the heart of the Wild-West in search of a suitable bride. Enjoy the quaint gold-rush town of Anozira; chat up highly flirtatious babes; cautiously evade warring Indian tribes; discover legends of lost gold; bask in the intense summer heat; encounter breathtaking landscapes; meet up with the occasional rabid prairie dog, and more. [Himalaya Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1328
Genre Adventure, Third-Person, Point-and-Click, Modern
Company / Developer
Himalaya Studios / Himalaya Studios
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Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine reviews ( 7 )

JollyR., Oct 3, 2006

Al Emmo is a very neat old school adventure. I had a lot of fun playing it. Was a great laugh in places. Very true to the old Sierra classics and worth supporting the genre and developers for! Top marks from me.

AndrewM, Jul 2, 2008

Brilliant adventure game. A lot of fun, great characters, very well written & scripted (with many a dig at contemporary culture) and, contrary to the host of "if-it-don't-look-like-real-life-then-it-just-ain't-good-enough" comments, it has a gorgeous look; beautifully painted graphics (yes, done the old way) wash over every scene. The voice acting too is great - compared to many modern games, these voices actually "fit" and were very well acted. (Ok, the main character's vocal was a bit annoying...but in time it did seem to suit him). All in all, if you love adventure games this is one to check will certainly give you a nice, satisfied "full" feeling by journey's end. And if any game can do that, it's done its job! Enjoy.

hfffoman, Jul 11, 2012

I think the reviewers are being unfair on this game. It does not feel like a full commercial adventure game published in 2006. It's price, and its production, indicate that it is closer to a casual adventure game. On that scale it is a very good game. it will keep you interested for much longer than most casual games as it is constantly challenging in original and interesting ways. Many times I was stuck for a while and when I found the solution I felt pleased with myself, rather than annoyed with the game for presenting such an illogical problem (let's face it adventure games are somewhat prone to that). Maybe I have an odd sense of humour but when someone tells me an adventure game has great humour I usually find it makes me want to laugh about as much as watching clowns throw custard pies at each other and fall over their shoe laces i.e. not at all. Yet this game with its anti-hero loser is genuinely funny, often in unexpected and creative ways. Finally, if you like ragtime, the music is the best ragtime I have ever heard. If anyone knows where I can find the score please let me know.

PeterF., Jun 22, 2007

A game which gave me some good laughs. Although the graphics are somewhat dated and the screens are 2D with prerendered characters, I still had a lot of fun. If the player takes Al Emmo for what it's intended to be (a tribute to retro adventures) and can handle the dated technology, then a well-written, funny game exists. I personally had no problem with the look/speak/grab interface. In fact, I prefer having those options to the dumbed down interfaces of many newer games. Then again, I often hear that the text parser is still a favorite of many Sierra fans. Not that this game contains a parser, but perhaps players should understand that the designers attempted to appease old time fans first and foremost, which is why the game contains so many relics that may be considered outdated by others. I am one such gamer who can appreciate old adventures, so this one really appealed to me.

RobE., Oct 5, 2006

I had to check the release date on this one, surely there was a mistake- holy 1996 batman! I'm sorry, it's cute, 2d is doable, just not like this, not at 640x480, not with the look/speak/grab interface, not in 2006.

JaredH., Aug 20, 2007

If the saying "you are what you play" is true, I'm embarrassed to say I played this. The character was so hard to relate to, his voice so grating on the nerve, it would be more satisfying to see him fail his goals then accomplish them Graphically, the game was colorful, but seemed novice and out of date. The story had it's moments--though it only picks up steam in the last chapter, but the humor definitely missed it's mark; and unfortunately, the game attempts to be humorous at every click of the mouse. Voice acting went from horrific (such as the main character & narrator), to well done. Ultimately, if your idea of fun is playing a naive and clueless, 30-something year old attempt to get a wife in a western setting, maybe this game will apeal to you. And if you don't mind squeeky and over-the-top voices, as well as sometimes-tasteless sexual jokes, you might even find the game enjoyable

AnthonyS., Oct 15, 2006

Rob E. summed it up nicely. After playing this game I honestly thought I had made a mistake on the release date. While I yearn for Hero's Quest, Monkey Island, etc. days of yore as much as the next guy, this game will give you none of the wit, charm, creativity or gameplay of those series. Yes, the vintage interface is there. But so is piss poor graphics by today's standards (come on, bring back the charm, the genre, but do it with the technology available for crying out loud!). To make matters worse, the voice acting is HORRIBLE (the main character sounds like nails on a chalkboard) and the characters' personalities are also highly annoying. It's clear they wanted to bring back Guybrush or Larry as a protagonist but failed horribly. Some reviews claim it will provide some great laughs and based on that alone I've played for a few hours. Zero laughs yet. Maybe if I force myself to make it thru a few more? My advice is to save your time by avoiding this and instead download Adventure Game Studio which is a freeware program that allows you to create your own "old school Quest series" games. A few hours later you'll probably have something on par with Al Emmo!