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Alan Wake Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller, a unique new take in the world of gaming. The game is set in an idyllic all-American small town and its surroundings in the state of Washington. Alan Wake, the game's protagonist, is a bestselling horror writer, who writes a novel about his darkest nightmares. In the game, those nightmares come true. As with Remedy's previous games, story and atmosphere are fundamental elements. The game features a massive, open world for the players to explore. The game design is mission based with the player as the driving force behing the action, and as with their previous games, Remedy again focuses completely on delivering the best possible single player experience. The use of light is a significant gameplay element. Remedy has developed proprietary new technology to support the gameplay of the title and to push the high definition visuals to the next level. [Remedy]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 13063
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Remedy Entertainment / Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake reviews ( 7 )

Lockie, Feb 17, 2012

I have only one question: why console exclusives are so much better than multiplatform games? The best videogame story i've ever seen in my life. Moreover, 2 years after release, but the game still looks simply awesome. Thank you, Remedy, for porting this masterpiece to PC. Great story, great graphics, atmosphere, sound, gameplay. I'm very impressed.

igor-qwe, Feb 15, 2013

There was a time when I had been waiting for Heavy Rain not even having a PS3. Yeah, it was difficult to read all positives reviews not having a possibility to play on my own. But at that very moment another terrific game came out, which story helped me to forget about other stories in games for a while. Being a fan of Stephen King and liking Twin Peaks it is easy to fall in love in the story of Alan Wake. Not only you get fun of reading another page of manuscript, listening to another radio show or watching episode on TV, but also you are taken by gameplay that is one of the most comfortable on XBOX360. That is one of the games that makes you think that you will replay it again long before the ending. I managed to complete all the achievements and played through the games three times. Thumbs up, Remedy! Unforgettable moment house container, where Alan is, is rolled by and thrown from the cliff.

Baenlynn, Dec 22, 2012

Alan Wake is proof positive of the point that a story, properly told transcends all media and genres. A game that could be EASILY adapted for film or TV, Alan Wake is a game that is, in actuality, an interactive novel, and one that is just BEGGING for Star Trek's holodeck. Even in the intro sequence I found myself enjoying the game on a level that I have not enjoyed any other game before. Does that mean it's my favourite game? No. But even still it is a wonderful experience nonetheless. Even the fairly standard horror pacing and formula can't detract from this game, and so intricately tied to and interwoven with its plot the game really manages to tell a story while you battle shadow monsters with a Christmas light wearing sidekick (I am NOT making this up). While I am not a fan of the horror genre, and have never really read any Stephen King (to whom the tilts it's hat many times), the game was nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable. The only down-side to this interactive novel is that like a novel it is not immediately replayable. When you get to the last chapter, you don't feel any pressing need to start over again from the beginning, because what you have really enjoyed is not the thrill of the chase, being hunted by an insidious Lovecraftian shadow-demon, but the content of that story. But I think that is one negative we can all bear if games of this ilk were to become more common in the future. And really that actually makes the gameplay longer lasting easier to savour. Please Remedy, and ALL developers, give us more interactive novels, and less psychotically emotionless space marines killing freaking zombie demons from outer space.

raidet, Feb 26, 2012

Performance is an issue for low-end rigs. I have a laptop, so I need to be able to dial the resolution down to accommodate. I expected the usual silence from the developer concerning the PC port, but in this case was pleasantly surprised. For those that don't know, download the latest patch from the developer and in Windows add the following parameters to the end of the "target" box on the "properties" page for the shortcut you use to launch the game (without quotes): "-w800 -h480". Even at a res that low, like Crysis 2, it still looks plenty pretty enough and will run smoothly even on your granny's computer. Also, they included the oft-neglected FOV option, which is good but not as important in this particular case because the view is 3rd person. Oh yeah the game... ;) The game is SIlent Hill with better combat. Very atmospheric, usual puzzle/survival based format, but with satisfying cap-bustery. Very pretty too. The story quirks are also very impressive, for instance the "Twilight Zone" style mini-stories you see playing on various TVs throughout the world are quite engrossing. An enjoyable game highly recommended. And big thanks to the PC dev team for actually making an effort!

vitalyx, Feb 19, 2012

I'm making another review of Alan Wake, since I was able to tweak the settings and get half-decent performance at 1360x768 resolution.The game uses an original way to tell a story. The way the story is told is great - episodic format, TV and radio show sequences, manuscript fragments you find. All very original. The story itself is not bad too.There are bad things, like facial animations and lipsyncing, even in prerendered cut scenes and low level of detail in models and textures. There are good things like lighting effects on sparks when you shoot the "taken", their smoky shadows, disturbance effects just before the "taken" appear and volumetric light effects - all look amazing.Ultimately, though, the gameplay gradually becomes more and more boring. It's original in a way, because you have to use the flashlight on the "taken" before you are able to shoot them. But it's not that engaging to keep doing this over and over again for the length of the game. For me, the story wasn't interesting enough to endure the frustrating gameplay. For example Dreamfall had gameplay issues too, but it had a very compelling story that kept me playing even through the tedious parts till the very end of the game. With Alan Wake I gave up in the middle of the forth chapter.So, to wrap it up, the game is not that bad to stop playing after 30 minutes, but at the same time not that great to finish it and say "that was a wonderful experience".P.S.It looks like Metacritic is full of fanboys and any rating in the yellow or red automatically receives mostly downvotes. We are all sharing personal opinions here. Sorry, I didn't like your favorite game as much as you did.

Osmium, Jul 30, 2013

Somehow, I never managed to find something special in this game. To me, Alan Wake is basically just another third person action shooter. It is one above average though, but still I found the gameplay itself to become very boring and repetitive after only around two hours into the game. I was also rather annoyed than fascinated by what I felt to be a pseudo in depth psychological horror storyline. Graphics, sound, and atmosphere are all very good, but the gameplay itself just couldn't keep me entertained. I finished the game within less than 10 hours and won't give it another go.

ananinami, Dec 14, 2015

what a waste of money. you run with a lighter and shot ghosts. overrated game nothing for me but good for lil kids and the american nightmare is the same