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Alan Wake's American Nightmare The main story mode in Alan Wake's American Nightmare is part of the 'Night Springs' TV show fiction and offers an exaggerated pulp action adventure where the horrors of reality have the all too easy habit of coming true. Alan Wake finds himself stuck in an altered reality filled with dangerous shadows; he must leap into action and pursue his evil doppelganger, Mr. Scratch, across the Arizona mesa towards the town of Night Springs. Scratch, a supernatural serial killer, has his evil plans set on Wake's wife, Alice. Wake must learn to control reality itself and unravel the secret to Mr. Scratch's demise while using the power of light to put an end to the darkness.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3443
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General, Linear
Company / Developer
Remedy Entertainment / Remedy Entertainment
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Alan Wake's American Nightmare reviews ( 7 )

GPReS, Jul 22, 2012

When I started to play AWAN I was ready to see the continuation of Alaln's journey not through real forests and real ppl, but through the place which won't let you go so easy, the place filled with darkness and evil, the place for which Alan's suffering as a loving husband who lost his wife, friend and normal life is the best food. I was ready to see his struggle, and I saw it. He's a writer, so his best weapon is his mind and typewriting machine. I think that the action that we've seen in AWAN is only his first attempt to run away from darkness, I'd even say - we've seen a draft of his new novel "Return". Advice - find all the pages to clearly understand all the things that happened in the story. AWAN is not a regular arcade game, it's the game which can easily distract from main things with all the shooting, but the seeking one will find all the answers and new food for thought here. So be patient, be attentive. Nothing happens out of blue in the game, and the game is simply splendid.

tarekmallo, Jun 9, 2012

It certainly lacks the jolts and thrills of the original and the combat although highly satisfying gets a bit repetitive, however story-wise American Nightmare contains lots of references to the previous installment and altogether does a great job in serving its fans.

mirimar, May 22, 2012

It does'nt have the bite of the first one; the scary feel. It just turns into a fetch and step with a mediocre storyline. Not as immersing; but o.k. I guess.

Rem, Jul 7, 2015

American Nightmare's biggest triumphs and sins lie solely on how it utilizes its gameplay to serve the story. On one hand, combat is vastly improved over the original game, opting for a more action oriented experience rather than a survival romp through the darkness. It becomes immensely fun wielding a flashlight on one hand and blasting away Taken with an assault rifle on the other. This in addition with a scored and ranked arcade mode encourages the already fun combat without the need to spill blood (or darkness in this case). But pertaining to this game's sins, the story continues the mysterious and quirky Twin Peaks vibe that the original nailed. However the differences are night and day, the antagonist this time around, your evil twin, fails to really spark an incentive to do much around the semi open world of Night Springs. Also what really checks off as a smack to the face is SPOILER ALERT: the use of time loops to repeat the same game THREE TIMES. I'm not even kidding. They had the opportunity to really utilize the already creative gameplay of American Nightmare by using its semi open world for extra doo dads, but instead opts to send you to do the same task three times, albeit with different enemies. The selling point of this game would be its fun factor and vibe, and even then the fun only got me three hours out of this downloadable content, and I had to repeat the game three times mind you.

jonnx, Jun 15, 2013

I started to play this right after the original Alan wake. And what a disappointment. From survival horror to action adventure. Really short gameplay, you are just running up and down picking items or "pushing buttons", with practically unlimited ammo on three repeating maps. I did not unlocked all guns, but even first few guns (which you will unlock at beginning) are much more powerful than anything that you can get in Alan Wake. not good. not good at all.

Sparkileptic, Aug 2, 2013

Having struggled with the action sequences of the original, I was strapping myself for more of the same, but the prospect of a continuation of what seemed to be a finite story captured my interest. I am an optimistic fool. This is a rehash of the engine, with a few tweaks added to facilitate the experience, such as a map with mission waypoints, a faster charging flashlight and a handful of new weapons for you to enjoy. The story is disposable and is actually an insult to its predecessor in every way. This add-on, call it what you will, is Remedy's lazy way to monetize on the engine by offering you a survival mode that has you pitted against waves of enemies, a weak plotline and some of the most cringe-worthy live action scenes performed by Ilkka Villi who acted as Alan Wake. The only thing this game does better than the first is the enhanced combat which now comes with 90% less cheap deaths at the hands of off screen enemies. If you are a die-hard fan of the original game, nothing I say will convince you not to play this. However, if you are merely as intrigued as I was, do yourself a favor and skip this, even on sale.

TheKingJpiter, Jun 13, 2014

This **** of **** is hard this is why this game it's so hard that i hate it i want a refund from steam because of this abomination of a game ant its zombies are hard as ass in the beginning **** this game and you kids never play this game it's so hard in the beginning for noobs never play this game play Minecraft instead