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Albion Online Set in a medieval, cross-platform word, Albion Online will allow players to conquer, colonize and defend territories all in a classless character customization system tailored for dynamic full loot PvP battles where every encounter is different.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1698
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Historic
Company / Developer
Sandbox Interactive / Sandbox Interactive
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Albion Online reviews ( 7 )

tabooo, Aug 10, 2017

Best game ever, one of the kind, loads of fun, first time in a long time I've taken free week off work just to feel like it was back at vanila wow, pure nerd sessions

PogoTime, Jul 28, 2017

Even as a semi-casual i enjoy the game. Some rewievers arguments seem to be very shortsightede. Like that there is no real Full Loot in every Zone. Would they make it that way you would kill all new players experience, so they made zones blue (safe), yellow and red (and black). Yellow and Red will lead to a reputation loss, but with no big impact. Killing 4 Peaople in Red i had 2000 -Repuation, but you will get 1000 Reputation back every day automatically. you are just marked as "dangerous"......sounds fair to me. If i want PvP without Reputation loss, i can go for Ganking (flagged) Squads in red or yellow, or directly go to black where everything is possible without consequences. This is no Solo game, even small guilds will struggle to progress further than T4, so you have to collaborate. So this is something you like or not...but you should know this before buying the game. I didn't like the mobile part of the game and you should not buy the game if you want to play mobile only. Mobile is more of an gimmick for people brwosing the Auction House or doing their Farming stuff on their island. But obviously not for PvP or PvE. They dont even promote this game as mobile game anymore AFAIK. To Complain about overpopulation on launch day is just childish. I think the Servers run "OK" now for that fact that there are sometimes nearly tousand players in one Map. Yesterday i Had a Warcamp Fight with ~250" more or less Lag-free.

irmscher, Sep 6, 2017

The game is simply boring, after 3 weeks of playing I hardly find a reason to log in and play. The combat is kinda fun but the PvP is not for solo players (unless you choose ganking), the rest of the game is just soo grindy even with Premium, without premium it's just a blatant grindfest. With that said, in the Pay to Play game there is a subscription and they are selling gold! Can you imagine the extent of greed? You buy the game, then you have to pay a premium subscription fee unless you want a daily chore instead of a game, on top of it they are selling gold in the game shop. This is ridiculous! On top of it the game is lagging like hell for more than 3 weeks already, there been like more than 3 attempts to fix it already but not much changed to be honest. EU players get 5x ping the US players have. I can go on and on with the flaws, starting from primitive game design, world design in particular (it's just a bunch of bonded together instances). 5/10.

Melqart, Apr 13, 2018

A phone game that is only playable on PC after 4 years of development hell. Shallow, boring, and P2W. It takes them 3+ months to implement anything, and instead of fixing critical problems they destroy and rework things that never needed changing.

donaramu, Sep 23, 2017

This game had a chance at being great. They scammed thousands. This game lost 75% of it's player base in 1 month.. I could go on for hours typing, but people already covered everything you need to know. Trust us and don't buy Albion!

Durbyn, Aug 10, 2017

Scam you into a contract once you buy anything within the game. Without giving any clear knowledge about it. Game is currently not playable most of the time. No real good content in the game. About 5 different things you can do and that's about it. Upgrade the same stuff you have did already and repeat. PvP is horrible for solo and cluster zerg in groups. Lack of any skill to play this game.

Topduck, Aug 9, 2017

Do not waste your money on this broken product, as you will not get a refund even though the game does not even work. Constant server issues, their android platform is a joke and blatant false advertising. Just a cash grab by the developers, stay well away from this failure.