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Alekhine's Gun It is the height of the Cold War, a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. In this stealth shooter you play Agent Alekhine, a highly skilled Russian assassin driven by a moral compass that leads you headfirst into a covert operation unsanctioned by the country you serve. Working alongside American CIA agents, your mission is clear - though how you accomplish it is anything but - as the tension of a nuclear standoff grows with each passing minute. In a world where one wrong move could be the end of you, navigating a new direction comes at a price.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 42 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1326
Genre Historic, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Maximum Games , KISS Ltd. / Maximum Games
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Alekhine's Gun reviews ( 7 )

5435v3vdf3453, Mar 12, 2016

Very interesting game, all the advice! In the style of Hitman contracts, but more interesting At first glance boring, but you only play 5 minutes, after which the game becomes very interesting.

Alcorussian, Apr 12, 2016

This is amazing game. Эта игра - отличное продолжение "Смерть шпионам". Пиндосам сложно оценить и понять всю эпичность действа. Этот умопомрачительный стелс и вариативность геймплея. Сравнивать это с Хитманом - нельзя. Это другая игра, о другом.

Amigian, Mar 23, 2016

Before playing I read the users reviews here, so I can't say that I wasn't fairly warned. Like another user mentioned, the game seems to be trying to emulate Hitman Blood Money, but goes ahead and bungles all the things that made the aforesaid game pleasing and is a technical nightmare to boot...don't get me wrong there were aspects of the game that sometimes had flashes of inspiration like the lock picking and the art direction was good enough to carry off some decent atmosphere but all the mistakes like the broken AI where NPCs rely on cone sight distance and nearly only become suspicious from your costume and not what you are doing. More words would be a waste of time, this game crashes and burns spectacularly - twice my video card totally dropped out and I had to completely power offon the computer to get a picture back...sounds unpleasant doesn't it? In the log file for the game it says the renderer is a debug build...the game seems to be in alpha stage. Fair warning.

SenshudoTV, Mar 24, 2016

Alekhine's Gun set out to fill a yawning abyss left by Hitman's departure from it's original style and unfortunately failed to meet the enjoyment factor of any game in the series. It doesn't really stand up to much in the genre at all. Considering I wanted to enjoy this, the fact that I had to tap out midway into mission 2 speaks volumes.

Honzas4400, Mar 12, 2016

I honestly don't understand any positive review on this game. Now, I'm not trying to discourage anyone from either trying the game or recommend it to other, but please - make no mistake with this one and please, be very, very sure about trying it. I call this game "refund-dumb", because the first two hours of the game is quite... ok-ish. But you can't use Steam's refund option after the 2 hours, from which the game starts to fall on its head again, and again, and again. Alekhine's Gun was initially Death to Spies 3 that took a lot of evident inspiration from Hitman: Blood Money. Getting those two games/franchises together, you might have a million-dollar idea on your hands. But AG fails to execute ANYTHING properly. The story is boring, the characters are dull, level design is terrible [1], game design lacks basic stealth options [2a] or execute these options terribly [2b]. Audio is probably one of the worst I've seen (or rather heard) in a B-title game. Dubbing (along with character models) is Road to Hell: Retribution-quality and most of the time, it sounds it's not even recorder in a studio but in some office with a bunch of friend sitting over a beer. Graphics aren't that much bad for a B-title, but the filters used gives you headache. And the list goes on and on and on. I didn't even mention definitely one of the worst AI in games I can remember. They can't even climb the ladder. If you get close to anyone, he will just stand there staring at you forever until you move. Even if he or she was the one to bump into you. Lockpicking a door and someone sees you? They come to you, stop there, stare at you, you can just quit the minigame and they return to their patrol. Did I also mentioned that their reaction time is really long? Yeah. This game has its ideas. A little polish to this, little polish to that, Alekhine's Gun could have had anything a stealth game needs to be... playable. But this game simply is not. Many people do 2 basic errors when it comes to "reviewing" this game. Especially on Steam. A) They review it after playing barely and hour or too (see beginning of my review) B) They praise this game because it's completed. Not like new Hitman, which was made episodic. And while I don't agree with that business model and I know that Hitman has its flaws too (there are many bugs and it's very demanding on computer, along with always-online DRM), I would choose Hitman anytime over Alekhine's Gun, because Hitman is in its core a fun game that makes everything, what makes Alekhine's Gun badly, good. Please, stay away from this game if you value your 40€/$. [1] - The levels are short, linear, unoriginal and the game reuses assets and design from DtS games - one library in the level 3 is the exact same copy of one of the Death to Spies hotel libraries. [2a] - Hiding in closets for instance. [2b] - You can't move while changing equipment, interaction with environment is minimal, Instinct system is pointless, most of the disguises are pointless as well - you only need one to get more or less everywhere easily. By completing missions as stealthy as possible you get RP points, which you can use to buy new equipment, but... There is almost no stealth equipment available and you can get those hard-earned RP points from STEALTH to buy LOUD weapons. Where's logic in that?

BananaGamer12, Apr 25, 2016

HORRÍVEL,péssimo game cheio de bugs,apresenta várias proposta em falhou em varias delas,muito bosta >:(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

karezs, Mar 19, 2016

2016 just started and i think i have the biggest disappointment for the year. To be honest i just registered to tell how bad this game is. Death to Spies (along with Moment of Truth) was a great game where you were sent to a big field with some tasks to complete and you had to infiltrate the area in order to gain Access to the objectives. Of course those games had their faults as well but they were still great games and fun to play. With the time however i started to wander if there would be a sequel where we would be against soviets. I was so happy that it was announced to this spring. Dun dun duuuun.the game fails. Let me narrate my experience: Okay I'm so excited.Let's go on normal.Wait.The first games were pretty hard even on easy. Okay maybe there are new functions so i need the tips. Honestly i don't really care about the story. What? right inside a nazi base without a disguise? nevermind.lets throw the guard with my knife like i did in the first place.aim for the head not to harm the disguise.No,you idiot,dont wave it around throw it!Aw come on!Yourwhat? Instinct mode? Ah nevermind. Let's get a soldier and his clothes and kill that dude.First thing:check. The second? Kill the officer(whose every step is guarded like in reality,no problem with that) without any accident like method,meaning shooting him(alerting every soul in the castle) or sneaking up behind him while he pees and killing him with a knife/garotte/chloroform (alerting one guard to shoot at you which also alerts ppl) And what are these sound effects, Ctrl c ctrl v from the first games. Do not buy it, Waste of money.Belive me.1/10