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Aliens Go Home Run A combination of Breakout, Shoot Em Up, and Baseball, Aliens Go Home Run puts you in the shoes of a young baseball player versus a horde of invading aliens. Play ball!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1231
Genre Action, Arcade
Company / Developer
Anim Ace / Anim Ace
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Aliens Go Home Run reviews ( 1 )

Jovuto, Apr 1, 2017

I have mixed feelings about this game for a couple of reasons, one is that the balance and difficulty curve in this game is often pretty bad and, after taking a break from video games for a couple of weeks, the game has seemingly deleted my save data (I was at the final boss too). I do however definitely recommend this game and here's why. First of all, the game practically oozes charm. If you're into games that are built upon a wacky or crazy idea, or even into games with a good sense of humor, then this is definitely the game for you. Who knew that bloodthirsty aliens could be fought off with baseball ey? The charm even seeps into the gameplay too. At the base of the game we have Breakout but with a completely different rule set. It actually makes Breakout engaging and fun to play, and honestly the worlds/levels that are good are REALLY GOOD. I had a blast playing the levels I actually enjoyed. And holy hell the music in this game is so damn good. I really wish there were more tracks. This is probably more of a backhanded compliment but the music is SO good that I feel like it's wasted somewhat. Most of the bosses share the same theme and I think it would've been cool to have separate boss themes. But that's just me. The art style and character designs are super cool too. But the game is definitely far from perfect. Firstly the difficulty curve in this game makes no sense whatsoever. World 1, 3 and sometimes 5 are a piece of cake. Worlds 2 and 4 though? Yeesh... My main issue with world 2 is that they introduce one of the most annoying and difficult enemies in the game... straight after world 1. I'm talking about the green slime aliens. You run into them, you get locked in place and have to button mash to break free. Oh and they also take three hits to kill and they have invincibility frames. I'm really not a fan of enemies that freeze or lock you into place and the fact that they're introduced so early and are so hard to kill just made me feel frustrated rather than challenged. Oh and there's a boss that's basically a giant green slime alien on world 4. Why oh why did they think making the most annoying enemy in the game into a boss was a good idea. The green slime boss is by far the worst part of this game. There are a few other small issues with the game but they're mostly nitpicky... dodging sometimes goes in the wrong direction (probably my fault), I only seemed to get items when I didn't need them (probably just a coincidence), the game deleted my save data (probably an isolated issue) etc. Overall, it's a neat indie game with quite a few flaws. That said, you should definitely pick this game up. It's only £2.79 and even though it has some flaws you'll at least have fun with world 1, a little bit of world 2 and the custom levels... that in itself is at least 2 hours of enjoyment (at least for me). And hey, if you aren't a crybaby like me and don't mind an insanely hard game, this REALLY is the game for you. But maybe not quite for me. 6/10