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Allods Online Sarnaut was once a thriving and peaceful planet. It had several continents, multiple climates, and a wide range of magnificent creatures. Many distinct civilizations rose and fell throughout the years, such as the human kingdom of the Zem, the Elven kingdom of Airin, and the human kingdom of the June.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1099
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Gala Networks / Astrum Nival

Allods Online reviews ( 7 )

lollod, Jul 31, 2013

The game is very fun to play. some of you say that it is hard to control your character, but that's just makes it harder. I really liked the game, and i suggest you to download it.

Wizzsama, Jul 30, 2013

I give this game hard 8. It is have a very good and very fun storyline wich use many of the russian, soviet and even new-russian folklore. I spend many hours to play the story. But the bad thing is that game become free-to-play. I drop it few ears ago because I too poor to play "free games". But now it have subscription server and I can play again. Except that is too many of "f2p-artefacts" there. But it still have the story, the Arena and the Spaceship combat.

Vertis, Jan 2, 2011

Allods Online is a really detailed game, with interesting maps and monsters that vary from beautiful to scary to realistic. Leveling is quite easy, but it's essential, since it's almost impossible to kill a player one level above yours. It's PvP is based on League vs. Empire, which can be really exciting, especially when there are many of each faction. Although it's graphics are not really good, like in MMOs such as Perfect World and Forsaken World, it's maps, monsters and skills are exceptionally pretty. It's crafting system is a little odd, because you can only learn up to 2 crafting skills, among 7, making it obligatory for you either to make many friends in the game or to buy other player's stuff. It's an interesting game to play for about 6 months, until you get bored.

Cell1e, Apr 5, 2013

Allods; The Good The first and early levels are fun with presents and very structured quests leading you to the correct places and areas. The crafting is mostly a lot of fun and practical enabling you to make the sorts of things you can then use in game or sell in the trade brokers. Probably best is gathering profs followed by Blacksmiths, shields always sell at brokers The other gamers are friendly. Lots of guilds inviting you to join your ranks if you so desire. The cash shop is fun and enjoyable to shop in IF you have the money, it definitely enhances gameplay. The fatigue system which acts as a type of extra xp. League areas are pretty and pleasant (except for darkwater and Tenebra) Devs seem to be on ball, any issues I had about bugs were sorted out quickly, nice job guys and another reason I was happy to spend real world money on this game. THE BAD As you slowly gain in levels it gets harder and harder to manage solo, there is a lot less structure and it is very possible to end up as a level 30 trying to complete quests that are two levels above you.This makes for a lot of deaths. The fatigue system can be a problem if you dont understand it, very important to stop playing when you have used up your allocation of fatigue for the day or you will find yourself at a couple of levels above the quests you are trying to complete. The fatigue system pretends to be extra xp but it really is essential xp to use for your leveling. This game is very difficult to play two levels higher than your own. If you end up in that awful position you will have to spend hours doing repeat quests until you level up to the right level for the quests you are on. I found myself at level 33 with level only 35 quests to do and no idea where to go next. It took me ages to get to that high level and I got very disheartened by the struggle that Allods had become. I would have loved to make it all the way to level 42 but leveling is a very very slow and difficult and I just had to give up. I would say too that the alchemy profession is way too expensive and difficult to level, it is a great one to learn but unless you buy a lot of scrolls from the cash shop to jump 25 levels I dont see how anyone can make it to a decent level to make the best pots. It uses a slot machine system that is nice in the early levels but is way to expensive at the higher, imagaine paying 20 gold for 20 solutions and then buy a load of overpriced herbs off the trade brokers to loose it all in five minutes of practising your alchemy, it is very possible for this to happen, I have spent massive amounts of gold (that I didnt get by grinding as I never made that much but by selling cash shop items to other players) The pots you do eventually make, sell for far less than you spend making them so alchemy is a definite waste of time and money (unless you love pain) Some other players and guilds can be too persistent and nagging, players often came up when I was in the middle of a fight and would join in at the same time as offering to team. To my mind you make a polite request to team before you barge in on someones questing. Too many kids playing probably. You absolutely must buy a mount, otherwise you are walking or running everywhere and elves in particular seem to move very slowly. This is a negative. Another negative is that the mounts I paid good money for, one for each character, cannot be transferred to any new character I make, that really sucked. Not a biggie but when I went to forums to make a complaint about the fact I had run out of quests to do I was told quite unsympathetically, do pvp, group was a kind of a put up or shut up situation. I was totally in the dark about the fatigue until another player told me how it worked. Not knowing about it I had kept doing quests even after my fatigue had run out, leveled at half the speed and found myself in a place where I had spent hours and hours with a character who had become nearly unplayable. This is a disgrace to my mind. One nice lady told me to be patient and keep persevering, nice lady; but games should be fun not a lot of stress, effort and perseverance. However, there are a lot of very nice and happy players there and if managed well this game can be really addictive. I would recommend others give it a try but be sure to research and understand the fatigue system very thoroughly. The developers seem like they are on the ball and very likely many of my issues could be dealt with in further patches. (changed score down to 5)

Sad-But-True, Dec 7, 2016

Another auto-route, money digging, hardcore pay-to-win MMORPG, with outdated graphics, plus ridiculous animations and typical collect / kill / talk-to quests. Community seems quite nice, that's a plus. As well, as multiple races and classes with different starting areas. If you don't mind graphics, hardcore grinding, money digging - this game is for you.

Flash_Over, Aug 5, 2011

To be perfectly honest. The graphics and game is actually very satisfying. But, sadly to say, the quests are slow and frustrating, requiring you to run great distances and spend countless hours fighting your way back through respawns. If you love the grind and spend large amounts of time running great distances with characters that have laughable animations. You will enjoy this game. Also the weapons and armor really dont have any interest until you reach the top level.

chocoloco, Jun 30, 2012

this game is horrible. full of noobs and fat girls . the online store is way overpriced and you could get a mansion and a 69 year old hooker then spend all that money on a stupid horse you can ride along in wonderland with shrek and his man **** donkey.