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Alpha Prime The player is dropped into the maze of rooms, halls, corridors, mining facilities and shafts of an apparently abandoned deep-space asteroid mining base, facing rebellious machinery of assorted robots and automatic systems, which he has to defeat and demolish, using his weapons and wits. Strong story, fast paced shooting action. However, if you cannot shoot, then there is your RECON, hacking device enabling you to remotely control various devices you meet (robots, manipulators, surveillance cameras, security systems, weapons etc.) on your way through the dark halls and corridors of Alpha Prime. If that's not enough, you can drug your mind and sharpen your senses (bullet time) by injecting a small dose of hubbardium. And all the time you will be surrounded by physical world in a very literal sense, because almost everything that moves, moves thanks to advanced real-time physics algorithms. Features 10 levels full of action; 5 non-playable characters to help you; 14 different enemies including Special Forces soldiers, robots and crazy miners; 8 futuristic weapons including pistol, shotgun, machine gun, grenades etc.; Devices to hack - including a variety of robots and manipulators, surveillance cameras, security systems, doors, etc. [IDEA Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1699
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Company / Developer
Meridian4 , IDEA Games / Black Element

Alpha Prime reviews ( 7 )

Sacred_flame101, Oct 17, 2009

my god this was such a great game i enjoyed it a hell of a lot the story was quite good there was a nice array of weaponry and it is just a great game. people who rated it low probably just suck at fps games this is one of the best i have played. do yourself a favor and play this game

JamesW., Dec 11, 2007

Very strong story with believable characters. The space ship/planet mining facility setting is tired but the great graphics and the characters make it playable - one more time. The voice acting is good and I liked the hero portrayed as being a greying and long-in-the-tooth cynic. At a price of only $20 (on Steam) the game is a real value. I will keep my eye out for another offering from Black Element.

RadekJ., Jun 24, 2007

I was really charmed by this game. A simple but solid shooter, only thing it lacks is more terrain variation and in game candy. The only time you actually get to leave the monotonous "sci-fi-doom3 type of" enviroments is when your supposed to drive this silly little jeep on the planets surface. Bad. However the good part and the really special thing about this game is the storyline. Sure, some bad acting and all that. But still the storyline is a really ambitious attempt at making soomthing more interesting than your average save the earth pc game story. All in all a solid 7, I'm looking forward to the sequel.

KyleB, Dec 23, 2009

This game is really underrated. It reminds me of System Shock 2 and Unreal 2. It is great for a small company to release. I bought it for $2.70 off steam and it is truly worth at least 10. The physics, graphics and hud are great. AI can be dumb sometimes. Voice acting is par, cut scenes should be shorter. The gameplay is standard but it is still fun to play.

Yerczeys, Sep 16, 2015

About as bland as a game gets. The gameplay is smooth, even if nothing notable, the levels are boring, the enemies are dull, the weapons are... there. Seriously, nothing in this game stands out as either amazing or terrible. The voice acting is pretty bad I guess, but that's about it. Oh! One big complaint. Apparently the enemies weren't programmed to miss, so on any difficulty they hit you with every shot, all the time. You've been warned...

halosis, Dec 23, 2013

To start off this game is fairly awful. No not like it's old school NO this is NOT how old school games should be remembered the bad voice acting and overly long cut scenes as well as the poorly executed game play with the wonky controls and weapons that seems to have little to no effect on enemy's. However i can comfortably say that the game poses difficulty.... in an unfair manor as the enemies shoot right through walls. the story isn't terrible but it was fairly standard. The graphics for its time are fairly decent so i cant give this an overly bad rating a below average of 4 is exactly how this game preformed. it is below average and i honestly wouldn't recommend playing this game it is okay BUT its a very rough ride all the way through. All the AI are just pathetic But what i think saves this game from a worse rating is its excellent use of bullet-time which is well done to say the least. now the level design its well done for it's time but nothing to be amazed about there are places where you will get stuck or be clueless in the exact direction you should go. But it isn't worth buying all in all perhaps if it was cheaper but even then it isn't worthy as a game that deserves the praise it received.

ZozoR., Oct 8, 2009

Do not buy this piece of crap!!! It is a CRIME against gaming and should be avoided under all circumstances!!! It is the most frustrating and horripilating FPS that I ever played in my entire life.Even if you EVER have the possibility to downloading FREE stay away from this PIECE OF SH*T!!!