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Alter Ego (2010) In the town of Plymouth the body of recently buried Sir William disappears under strange circumstances. This peculiar news would not stir such tremendous public interest if it was not Sir William himself. He was investigated several times during his life and although the police never managed to press charges against him, scary legends about his bloody crimes live on among the town people. There were only a few left who were willing to serve him and were brave enough to stand the look at his lifeless face. And most of them run away in horror after his death and series of murders that followed it. Police are helpless and not able to move forward with the case. The town is thrown into a state of panic and fear.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1442
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
bitComposer Games , bitComposer / Viva Media, Viva Media, LLC
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Alter Ego (2010) reviews ( 5 )

Superkeks, Mar 12, 2013

Well, I've played this adventure without any informations from testing sites and I have to say, it's worth to play, even if there are some contras. After playing I looked for some tests and they are very different, from below average to nearly very good. Here are some minor observations from me: The game plays in Plymouth, England, in the late 1890s (I think). The background images and graphics are wonderfully designed and rendered; I like this type of graphics in adventures! Another plus concerns the changing of the person you play: on the one hand the thief who wants to go to America with his friend, on the other the police man for whom duty and honor stands on the highest place. You*ll play both persons and that's again positive, some persons you meet with the first one, you'll meet again with the second; so both storys are well connected. Now to the negative things: the animations are not very plane, but the cutscenes are high-quality. There are no funny commentaries, when you combine two false things like in other adventures. Some inventory objects do not appear in the real screen, that's not so nice. But the worst thing is the unparallel acting of voice and animations. The persons are moving their lips when there is silence or even when the other person is talking; this sucks. And then we have the story: it is a good one, needs a lot of time to evolve, but then it's really thrilling. Even if the atmosphere is not as dense as in the former works of the programmers, it's well written. As is the end: you can say it's positive because of the unexpected things happening there (there were hints for a sequel, but that wasn't made, in my eyes), you can say it is negative because it's very abrupt. In my opinion the end has a positive effect on the game! The other thing is, that the interactions at the end are nearly zero: half an hour of watching and listening, sometimes clicking but okay, the story is good! I played 9 hours or so which is okay. Maybe I forgot one important point: the puzzles. There are only inventory ones, where you combine objects from there with the screen or with other ones. Two times you have to listen to manage it. But no other types, some kind of frustrating. Well, that's it from my side, tell me what you have thinked of this game.

NixSar, Jan 3, 2011

The game has perhaps dated, but beautiful graphics and an interesting, immersive, although quite linear storyline. It offers nothing new to the genre, but then again this means that seasoned adventure game fans will find it familiar and easily playable. The producers have really put an effort into recording all the dialogues although the voice acting often doesn't quite follow the atmosphere. The biggest problem of the game, however, is an inexplicably huge bug with lip syncing. It is simply disastrous. The characters start opening their mouths seconds late and continue well after the voice has stopped. It mars the otherwise good atmosphere, but it is not a complete game killer. Still, it is very rare to see such a massive bug interwoven throughout the entire game. Puzzles are not difficult - although some can hate this, it helps the game progress smoothly. All in all, I would recommend this game to adventure game fans, bugs and all. It is not a masterpiece by any measure, but its atmosphere and story are different enough from most detective adventures, even if the title doesn't make any sense at all. Perhaps a sequel will explain more?

gboukensha, Jan 23, 2012

It is true that the game is simple, linear and animation-wise glitchy. Nevertheless, I found it to be very immersive. The graphics are great, with good voiceover (even if sometimes the characters sound like they don't care) and nice music the few times it is present. The story is rather interesting and you get to play with two different characters. The setting is dark and gloomy, and even if there are few locations to visit, they look great. Overall this is an enjoyable title (if rather short: around 8-9 hours of gameplay) for newcomers and seasoned adventure gamers as well, but one should be inclined to forgive its simplicity and occasional glitches. Playing it for the mood and setting should be sufficient. Ah, and also forgive the ending (and the senseless title). I see people hoping for a sequel but I can hardly imagine this being the case.

Wadeyboy, Mar 30, 2012

Slow and pedantic adventure which isn't a good advert for the genre. A mundane story that never really seems to get going. The graphics are excellent but the same can't be said for the voice acting. It's dreadful and the only game I've ever come across where the voice acting is worse, is another adventure, Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (which is also the worst adventure I've ever played!). Although the graphics are beautifully drawn, the animation is awful. It's games like this that have made this genre almost obsolete. If you're patient, willing to persevere and can overlook these flaws, you can get some enjoyment from it. But it's hard work. For good examples of the genre, download Scumm and play some of the old Lucasarts classics for free. Or try something like Runaway: A Road Adventure, or Secret Files 2: Puitas Cordis (although the voice acting on the latter isn't brilliant - it's not as bad as Alter Ego's). If you are looking for something more up to date and darker, Amnesia is a good buy, but it's first person and not point and click.

RobyLula555, Mar 14, 2013

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