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American McGee's Alice When Alice answers a summons to return to Wonderland, she barely recognizes the place. From the fungal rot of the Mushroom Forest to the chemistry of the Mad Hatter's Domain, Wonderland festers to its core. Undaunted by the diseased ambiance and mortal danger that surround her, Alice must undo the chaos. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1950
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Rogue Entertainment

American McGee's Alice reviews ( 5 )

TheWORD, Jun 13, 2011

"While you'll undoubtedly enjoy the imaginative artwork, you might end up disappointed with just how straightforward the underlying game really is."Dunno who made that review but I certainly enjoyed every bit of the game. The music was awesome, the story just blowed me away, and the so-called "unbalanced" weapons adds to the thrill (i mean taking on your first set of boojums with a knife and a deck of cards and triumphantly defeating them...hell yeah they're pain in the ass and they deserve some "PUNISHMENT"...)I recommend "REAL" gamers to play this game....(if you're a kid who grew up playing DMC or GOW and sees them as a standard of a great game, i suggest you step back a little from this title...)If you just played the game just to see some flaws in it...maybe just maybe you've missed a whole lot of what it can offer.(clue: you might or not know about it but i think you can kill every boss in this game the "CHEAP" way--haven't tried the jabberwock yet--but holds true for the D*chess(thanks for a certain guys boss wthrough), Twe*dl* Bros, and even the badass final boss herself.....(i discovered that lol))

TrystenM., Jun 25, 2002

Diabolically good voice acting, transmogrified toys as weapons, graphics that will temporarily seperate you from the real world. Music, made with the assitance of Chris Vrenna, good choice. Outstanding game, except for a few mishaps, like the card guards occasionaly running off a cliff without falling or the relooping of about one or two sound effects in the game. Nothing drastic, I think maybe someone slipped crack into the designer's hash pipe at those times. Oh, and if you need to cheat to beat this game, just a little reminder that sunshine acid can greatly impede your ability to play. Lovely fun this game is.

carlosgtardon, Jun 10, 2014

Una vuelta de tuerca al libro de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas y A través del Espejo. A nivel narrativo muy interesante pero ha envejecido bastante mal, pero una buena referencia para narratología.

Alexander, Nov 27, 2009

Great art direction, an engaging plot, enthralling voice-acting, enjoyable writing, and good music are what make this game great. Exuding style, American McGee's Alice goes to a place where few games do and makes a strong argument for why games are art. The dark, Gothic Victorian art direction make the game a joy to look at even after the graphics' age shows. The character design is brilliant, it is clear who every character is from a glance and yet they are twisted in a wonderfully dark way. Cheshire Cat's continual advice in a dark voice is fun to listen to, as is Alice's British accented continual disinterest in the inhabitants of wonderland. Areas are exciting and interesting to look at and examine due to the wide variety of settings and architecture therein. Twisted childlike music is very fitting and the menu theme is a great audio introduction into the game. Unfortunately I hardly noticed it once I got a ways into the game, likely due to my interest being in efficiently collecting what there was to collect and advancing the story. This is due to the lackluster gameplay which is simply average and generally unexciting, especially for the middle portion of the game. The game shines the most in simply exploring the interestingly crafted world as the combat fails to be exciting for the majority of the game. Exploding Jack-in-the-Boxes and Demon Summoning Dice are a couple of the many weapons which are interesting in design but unexciting to use after initially acquiring them. There is also a jarring difficulty spike when Alice is forced to fight the Jabberwock towards the end of the game. American McGee's Alice is a worthwhile experience merely to experience how to properly craft the parts of a game other than gameplay. It leaves you wanting more games with such style and less games with such dull gameplay.

ChaosHydrA, Nov 2, 2014

A game that has aestethically aged well but thats pretty much all there is to Alice. The games biggest asset is the great amount of detail to the levels, great voices for the most part and probably best a amazing soundtrack here 14 years later. The games gameplay and core mechanics however feels like something from a bygone era and since its based on the engine for some of the Quake games it feels quite similar aswell in both its explosions and jagged level design. The problem with this game is 2 of the most important aspects: 1. The combat is absolutely atrocious, after about 5-7 of the areas most of the combat you are pretty much underpowered in battle for the rest of the game even on Normal which i played it through with. Your weapons and quick switch system simply doesnt work well with the enemies movement patterns and amount of health. 95% of the time you will find yourself constantly charging up weapons or readying the preferred one ready before entering a area filled with enemies. having to constantly wait for your throwable knife to spawn which is the only weapon in the game that doesnt use your blue "mana" bar turns the combat into a complete chore where you will throw it once and then retreat so you can get it again after a while, and with most enemies requiring about 4-5 hits with the throwable blade it makes even the mundane 1on1 enemy battle a 1-1½ minute borefest since all your mana weapons deplete way too quick pretty much after 1-2 enemies max. Going into combat with more than 1 enemy around is also ppretty much suicide with the weaker weapons as the later enemies can manage to not only deal alot of damage but push you off the many ledges the level design consists of with their blasts. Theres about 5 boss battles in the game and all of em feel trivial where you just spin around the level and keep your distance to them while using your weapons. 2. The Jumping/Platform mechanics. This game has alot of platforming besides combat, sadly i would have preferred more weight on puzzles while there are some they all feel shallow and easy. The platforming however in this game is even worse than the combat, simly due to outdated sluggish movements that can be best described as the jumping in the old early Tomb Raider games. The game has alot of narrow ledges and alot of em are shaped in triangles which makes it frustrating to navigate your jumps perfectly and often throws you into pits, combine this with some of the later enemies that can make you bounce around from their hits and you got yourself a really annoying platformer thats reminiscent from the early 3D/platformer attempts of the 32-bit/PSX(1) era. Overall the game has a good atmosphere that holds up pretty well even in 2014 but its a game thats best left as a relic nowadays, i cant recommend it due to the poor gameplay mechanics simply outweighing the other parts like the great music. The game simply feels like a chore and dull to play, it might have been a amazing experience playing it on the release but its hard to see what alot of people were thinking considering how bad the core gameplay is like. I was hoping this was a PC gem i had missed out on, i tried it a level or 2 about 5-6 years back and enjoyed it, and the feeling was similar on my playthrough this time but as soon as youve made a couple levels into it it starts to detoriate very quickly with non developing simple gameplay and a story told in small amounts of dialogue every now and then without and good build up like you see in more modern games nowadays. Rating: 5.0 /10