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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by thechineseroom and produced by Frictional Games. The game is an indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was developed and produced by Frictional Games.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7723
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Frictional Games / Frictional Games

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs reviews ( 6 )

SophosTheWise, Sep 10, 2013

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is definitely not the same game as The Dark Descent. It's quite different. It's got fewer jump scares and it's not as splatter-horror-y as some fans might have wished. But boy, that overwhelming, thick sense of dread that comes with every step down into the unholy machine. Not to mention the brillant soundtrack by Jessica Curry (do yourselves a favour and buy it) and the brillant writing by Dan Pinchbeck. I guess it takes a bit of effort to actually get involved into the story (similar to Dear Esther) but you'll probably get one of the most literary experiences in video games to date.

Blahguy126, Sep 16, 2013

Simply put, this is the exact median between Dear Esther and The Dark Decent. I went into this game expecting a campy storyline with some great scares, but what I got instead was the most unsettling game I have ever played. Surprisingly enough, for how amazing of a plot this game has (as pretentiously metaphorical it can be sometimes), there's very few plot holes and the level design is near perfect despite it being so incredibly linear. I have no problem with that, as I know that linear gameplay is the best way to tell a story. The writing is great, the voice acting is top notch (despite some cheap sound effects), and the atmosphere is PERFECT. The graphics are also fantastic despite having indie origins. The plot lays out like Bioshock, which also means it has pacing issues. Also, the inconsistency of the enemy encounters is noticeably annoying, but the encounters it does have are BLISTERINGLY intense. Way more frightening than anything in the first game.

Adresadini, Oct 27, 2013

This game is better and worst than The Dark Descent. The story it's very good but hard to understand,but no accidentally,the creators made the story be spelled in some lately parts,and in the other they concentrate on game play. The scare factor is made by the atmosphere and the monsters that appear at some times. I personally didn't like that they limited what you can hold,so you can tell this game is for no brain-ers,because it simply tells you that you can use that but not that. The ending was a bit obscure and mysterious,and i didn't understand everything. I don't think someone will waste his time with a custom story,because it's no inventory,no sanity and no oil,the notes are too long and some of them are useless. But cool game if you like puzzle adventure with a bit of horror.

Zyglroxenon, Sep 10, 2013

I find this game very meh. First off, here are the negative things about the game: removal of inventory results in contrived puzzles and discourages exploration, there's limited interactivity with your environment (no more searching in every nook and cranny for precious resources), unlimited light source and removal of the sanity metre results in severely lowered tension, there's overusage of some heavily scripted events ie jumpscares which lose their impact very fast. Oh, and the story premise (note; premise) is pretty cliched and is a trope. Finding your children, really? That also creates an entirely different tone to the game, it isn't so much about survival as it is about just... finding your children. Too many doors that you flat out can't interact with, they're just there for decoration. The game is also on the short end of the spectrum in terms of length to completion. On the positive side, the lighting and sound designs are superb. It really immerses you into the atmosphere and there are also outdoor environments (that is a preference whether a positive or negative thing). In short, it doesn't compare well at all to The Dark Descent. I hope you found this informative.

kbrixx, Sep 10, 2013

Sad....very sad.I had such high hopes for this game.isn't as crazy scary as the original,not even close.good news is i only spent 15 bux for this theres that.

SpongyTwinkies, Sep 23, 2013

This game is a disappointment. The developers have forgotten that they were creating a game for their customers; a game is more interactive than this walk-through, which only has a few boring puzzles. Instead, what they have dumped on the customer is their attempt at writing a poorly told short story and expecting you to pay for something they consider 'art'. This is not art and it's not a good story. If a book editor were to review the text, so much of the material would have been deleted because it doesn't add anything to this amateurish effort. Certainly, no editor would have published this as a novel or novella, so the game publishers would have to resort to self-publishing. And the game developers did just that. They have self-published some bad fiction and disregarded good game development. I'm not exaggerating when I say this story is bad. It can be summed up in a few sentences: "Oh God, I'm so tormented," "Oh God, I'm so tormented," restate background information with different prose, throw in enigmatic monologue and information and have the main character think about the same information, again and again. Most of this story is just static word pictures and it's often told in flashback (zzzzzzzzz). You, the gamer, and Mandus, the main character, never really do anything. So now, I'm having a bad flashback, recalling the moment when I had purchased and played this boring game. I wail, gnash my teeth and pull my hair. Falling to my knees, I pray this bad game might get better. With tears and hope in my eyes, I look at the monitor but there is no change; Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is still a terrible game and a boring story. Oh God, I'm so tormented!