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Anarchy Online Funcom's massively multiplayer science-fiction online role-playing game, referred to as a "sci-fi Everquest" & fraught with bugginess and stability issues upon release, caused some critics to lose sleep over whether to review the game out of the box or after the release of routine patches.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1164
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Fun Com / Funcom

Anarchy Online reviews ( 7 )

RachelL., Dec 12, 2004

It's definitely got a bunch of mistakes, but the game has enough patches to fix them. It's graphix are so beautiful that I can't bare to give it a 9 and the content is extroadinary! It'll keep you on your toes all day by whatever interests you may have!

Zarniwooop, Jan 29, 2014

My second favorite game of all time. There is no other game out there like AO. Nothing comes close. I'd get into its pros and cons, but suffice it to say that its the most atmospheric and otherworldly gaming experience I've had in an MMO. I still love it after 10 years of play. Be warned: It does have a steep learning curve and its not for the impatient. But, on the flip-side it has the most intelligent and mature playerbase of any online game in the world. Trust me on this. The best part? Its free to try up to the first 200 levels (out of 220). However, I HIGHLY recommend spending 5 dollars for the shadowlands expansion at least.

JustinFatalx, Jun 25, 2015

Game has a brand new engine and it just makes this game 1000x better! The community on this game is so mature and kind. I am putting this game in my top 5 favorite of all time.

Trajan, Jul 5, 2002

This is a pretty good and addictive game. As of July 2002 the bugs are gone and the game plays smoothly. One remaining problem is the lack of content for higher level characters. But since it takes a month or so of continuous playing (not powergaming!) to reach level 100 (out of 200) you can waste many weeks of your life before you get bored. Plus you can always start a new character with a different race and class and play for another month. Overall the game is worth the cost of admission and will get even better once the storyline begins.

Gratson, Oct 14, 2011

I tried it out for a while but it just couldn't hold my interest for that long. It's not a horrible MMO, but it's just not quite as good as some of the other titles out there. The gameplay was just a bit too generic. I haven't tried playing it in years though, so my review is solely based on my experiences when the game was relatively new.

CelesTial, Sep 5, 2016

Attention: There is a chance Funcom will freeze your account and demand image files of yourself, your credit card, and your ID (passport if you have nothing else) as the only solution for you to get your account back, even if there is no issue with your credit card and no suspicious activity on the account. If you're not willing to trust Funcom with your identity, they will keep the account frozen forever with no alternate solutions. All your time invested in the free account will be lost. There are several discussion threads about this, on Reddit and elsewhere if you want to look them up. Some of you may not realize what a huge deal it is to send that kind of personal information to a third party in a foreign country - a company that recently had their forums hacked and is struggling financially. Don't do it. Sending that kind of information to a third party is illegal (for good reason) in some countries, and even if it's not illegal in yours - your proof of identity is more valuable than any game account, and the fact that Funcom wants it so badly even though they could verify your ID in other ways should give you pause. For the record: this happened to me, and others. I've had no issues with my credit card ever, I had a different account that was paid without issues with the SAME credit card as the frozen account, and I didn't share the account with anyone nor was there suspicious activity. The fact that one account (by the same player) gets frozen but the second account, played at the same time and paid with the same card, does not, should tell you all you need to know about Funcom's 'security' system. Avoid this game if you don't want to risk losing all the time you invested.

rAMZA, Sep 29, 2014

i cant understand how this game hasnt died yet, realy bad looking, and too grindy. filled with bugs. repetitive missions, boring raids, probably wont get the graphics update