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Ancient Space Ancient Space is a single-player, real-time strategy title that puts the player in command of a fleet conducting a scientific mission on the edge of the known universe, charting what lies beyond in ‘The Black Zone.’ A rich and compelling story will guide the player as they build and upgrade their fleets and then survive overwhelming odds in deadly strategic missions.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1273
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / CreativeForge Games

Ancient Space reviews ( 7 )

Plusz, Sep 23, 2014

Nice & challenging strategy game, you must play it :). Interesting story, very very good looking (amazing space scenery & ships), nice gameplay & game mechanics. What could I say? Just watch it and see it for yourself.

Lutet, Oct 10, 2014

I really enjoyed playing Ancient Space. Awesome graphics and challenging missions - that is what I was looking for. Very good ratio of fun to price. Great job guys!

MayhemMike83, Sep 24, 2014

Don't get your hopes up, it is not a new Homeworld! What you will get is a space themed RTS with unit building, light resource management (think CoH) and the ability to upgrade your mothership only between missions. The Campaign is a two edged sword, very difficult with seemingly impossible situations but also very rewarding if you manage to work your way through. The biggest disappointment for me was the lack of a skirmish mode. Well there is a menu button which is called "Skirmish" but behind that are just 3 maps with missions attached to it, like a horde mode for example. Pros: +nice graphics +nice sound +difficult campaign +small but interesting map design Cons: -no skirmish mode -not very innovative/deep mechanics -pathfinding is a bit edgy

yeled, Oct 26, 2014

A very pleasant surprise! First I expected a Homeworld-clone, but it is not true. It plays much more like Dawn of War, combined with the excellent Nexus: The Jupiter incident. It is an RTS with minimal resource management, and building. Basically you take strategic locations, and secure them, than you can build one defensive structure on them, that's it. Some of these locations will provide minor boosts to income, or unit cap. Income is time based, nothing new here. These are the mediocre part of the game: they function, but do not stand out. Unit cap is fairly low, but I liked it, at least I used, what I had. The unit pool, however was pretty weak. Units come in different sizes (small to extra large), but even they are replicating one another: you have two figthers against small and medium enemies, and they are almost a complete match, so what is the point of having them? The biggest complaint is the story, and the way, it is presented. It start out with an interesting premise, but the dull line delivery and the bad script often downgrade it. People die, but there are no weight behind it, you barely knew them anyway, you free some new characters, but they will only speak one line, and be forgotten all the way through, and the emotionless voice acting taints the overall experience. Too bad, since there was promise here. The music was impressive at first, then I got a nosebleed, from hearing the same track fifty times in a row, and turned it off. The other sound are okay. The absolute selling point is the looks. It is spectacular, and the ship design is really interesting. I prefer the more realistic looks, like in Nexus, but what we have here, is stunning - especially the scenery. The insides of ancient caves, old, ruined buildings and vast spaces are gorgeous. Too bad, they can block your view, and you have to manually fight your way through them, to sea the action! And they often highlight the inept pathfinding! I had some trouble with the AI, until I realised, there is none here. Wow. Too bad. The AI poses no challenge on it's own, the only way to lose, is facing overwhelming odds, or a timer, but the game was fairly easy for me on normal. Once you accept the rules, there is no impossible situation. I missed alternate missions, where you have to chose one out of several possibilities, so the game is linear, but you get secondary objectives to complete, plus you can maneuver a bit in the sectors. What I really liked about the battles, was the rock-paper-scissor system: on high difficulty, you actually have to chose the right unit for each job: carefuly watch the special abilities - there are several unit abilities, and some global ones as well, in limited number -, to effectively fight the enemy. That was the part, that got me going. All in all, a good game. Not great, by any means, but a good one. If you like rts, or real time tactics, give it a try. 6/10

paul_, Sep 24, 2014

I need to say - I'm dissapointed by game. Its very simple and only thing that game is strong in - is graphics and effects. I was expective something more like Homeworld - but no - I did not fount it here

Veber, Sep 24, 2014

A 2014 game that is far more simplistic than game released in 1999. That's right - aside from graphics, it doesn't even come close to complexity of the first Homeworld Needless to say, Ancient Space is a disappointment

blade01, Oct 6, 2014

Im angry!!!This game is not just unpolished, its not ready to be published.Many minor bugs, many major bugs and some game-stopping-bugs are still present.Even the tutorial is bugged for some players(use google), they cant advance in the cmpaign beyond the tutorial.Some(like me) are stuck in the second mission.Great work!! Visuals:The game looks great.The design of the ships is kinda refreshing.Thats the strongpoint of the game i think. Sound:The voiceacting is ok.The developer claims this monotone, emotioneless talking in the game is intentional.If this is true, i dont know about that decision.While this is ok between the mission and in the briefing, its not right in the mission.When you lose something important and nobody seems to care its not that engaging.What i miss are great weaponsounds and a good music.Everything is average or slightly below. Gameplay:A real shame is that there is not much tactical depth in the game.You click something, it explodes, or not.There is a system in the game that needs you to match up your units strengths with the enemys ships.Bomber vs. larger ships and so on.Thats all.Some units got one or more abilitys, but all in all thats not realy deep when it comes to tactic.Between missions you can upgrade your units, but here too, its too shallow.+1 armor for my fighters, who cares about that?They die in an instant anyway. Conclusion:Maybe that game is better later in the game.But i cant play the game thx to a bug in mission 2(and im not the only one).So, i can only review what ive seen up to that point.And what ive seen is visually beautiful, but thats just the outer shell.There is not much inside i think.I will not update my review when they decide to fix the game cause ill be busy with other games i think.Too bad, you lost a customer for good.I will buy no products from this company again.