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Angels with Scaly Wings You, the player, are an ambassador for Earth sent through a mysterious portal into the world of dragons. Explore a town full of secrets and the people who keep them in this sci-fi visual novel with slice of life and dating sim elements.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1359
Genre Adventure, Visual Novel
Company / Developer
Radical Phi / Radical Phi
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Angels with Scaly Wings reviews ( 3 )

Thewastelander, May 24, 2017

I really love this game and most of all Dragons! The game also has a good atmosphere and a good picture style with lots of great drawings and characters. The text in the game is also very nice but I think there could be some more adult content, but it's just what I mean about this amazing game. - TheWastelander106

SMITEM1, Jun 29, 2017

Purchasing this game in the beginning I thought this was going to be kinda generic. But in all reality it just blew me away. Despite me having a thing for dragons in my opinion the dating aspect honestly didn't even need to be included (isn't forced though) given the story is very powerful and in depth. Many endings (I think 14?) and a true butterfly effect game that no $60 I've played before could offer. This game was pure genius however some people might get confused by a lot of scientific dialogue. However it's quite amazing how much effort and detail they included. The true ending made me tear up a bit; I played 40 hours to get it. Despite many of the same routines that I won't say much 'cause it'll spoil it was enough to drive me 40 hours and honestly I wanna play this again. I don't feel 9/10 games often at all but this was beautiful and totally not getting the attention it definitely deserves.

S3lvah, Dec 2, 2017

This is a somewhat abridged version of my longer review on Steam's web-page. + Story outshines that of many bigger non-VN games (which it kinda should, obviously) + Deep, compelling main characters ??� for the most part + Interesting scientific elements + Emotional music and themes + Came across no bugs whatsoever + Quality of writing in general + Well-written and -paced, emotionally satisfying platonic interactions with the main characters ??� Rushed or omitted, emotionally unsatisfying romantic interactions. (Little payoff after the build-up, and only one character even acknowledges it happened afterwards) ??� Not enough of the soft-romance aspect in the relationships. (Jumps a little too quickly from amicable conversation to deep-end intimacy, which is then mostly omitted for decency's sake.) ??� Inconsistent character appearance in some full-screen pictures Summary: If you're only here for character interaction that's beyond first base, and don't care for much else, then you'll probably be disappointed. But if you like a decent, science-y story; getting to know interesting characters; and don't mind an emphasis on platonic (yet still quite fulfilling) interaction; then you'll be able to forgo any shortcomings, and be glad you got this visual novel.