Anima: Gate of Memories Crack With Activator

Anima: Gate of Memories Anima Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG in which the player will explore a vast world filled with dangers and wonders. In it you take control of two characters who are trap in a war in the shadows, a secret conflict that will engulf the world into chaos.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1356
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Edge Entertainment , Badland Games / Edge Entertainment, Anima Project
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Anima: Gate of Memories reviews ( 5 )

pig_soldier, Jun 23, 2016

It was a refreshing and incredible adventure, the best indie game I have played in a lot of time. 5 finals, a lot of secrets, incredible ost, playability...

BunnyTuttle, Jun 7, 2016

The game starts slow and then it pick up the pace a bit. Pros: +Story keeps you going (even though can be predictable sometimes) and having short stories is fun. +Combat is fun and do it nicely (Not DMC but isn't boring). +Exploration in game also it explores the lore more. +Most areas are unique. +Most bosses are fun to fight against and has unique theme. +Puzzles (nothing fancy but they are not boring either). Cons: -Some areas feels empty. -Sometimes while trying to do some platform stuff, you hope that the camera could be better. So, overall good game; If you want to explore while getting into lore with some combat here and there. This game is a nice pick.

Letiste-Gaming, Jun 8, 2016

Ya quisieran muchos de los AAA del mercado siquiera estar la mitad de cuidados que este título. Jugando al título enseguida se nos vendrán a la mente grandes sleepers de su generación, como fueron NieR o El Shaddai, sin duda grandes fuentes de inspiración que encajan perfectamente en el mundo de Anima.

Ryushiro, Jun 14, 2016

The game art style is unique and the story is intriguing. The characters are charimsatics and well portrayed. The gameplay has flaws but its a very enjoyable game.

Vzhik, Aug 26, 2016

Мир красивый, боёвка вполне на уровне.. но история и перекосы это что-то. То босс попадается которого 40 попыток надо чтоб убить, то паркур какой-нибудь по 3 дня не пройти.. Подача сюжета и истории как-то слабо сделано, не сильно цепляют. Плюс мир построен так, что приходится долго искать проходы . А технически игра хорошо сделана. Интересные персонажи, истории, локации. Для кого сюжет не на первом месте и паркур не парит, думаю, останутся довольны. А я вот не очень.