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Anno 1800 Anno 1800 – Lead the Industrial Revolution! Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age. The path you choose will define your world. Are you an innovator or an exploiter? A conqueror or a liberator? How the world remembers your name is up to you.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 91
Genre Strategy, Management, Government
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Blue Byte
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Anno 1800 reviews ( 6 )

tonedef, Dec 15, 2019

Tried this out on the free week and decided to buy the gold edition. I was having too much fun not to get it. The game itself has a great building system. Only minor down sides are the ship quests can be a bit non-responsive and combat system kind of sucks. Would highly recommend.

AceGoat, Jan2, 2020

After spending a while looking at ANNO 1800 and deciding whether it was the game for me, I bought it to give it a try, I??�m so glad I did. This has easily become one of my favourite games. There??�s so much to do, it just never ends, the cities feel alive, the trading is fun, diplomacy is great. If you are looking for a city builder, give this a try as this is easily the best city builder out there.

Janik, Apr 16, 2019

Yes, the story mode is disappointing and the the combat system is not the most innovative, but I don't care. The most important part of the game is the sandbox mode and that is definitely the best of the series. It is also great that there is a multiplayer again.

RaysOfGrey, Apr 30, 2019

I agree with some of the reviews here. The "Story" basicly serves as a long tutorial. The combat is not that of a RTS strategy, no. And there is some need for balance tweakin. That being said...this game truly shines in it sandbox mode! And just for that it deserves a solid 9/10. I bought this with the Ubisoft 20% Discount that you get for turning in your game points. So, I can say it was money well spend. I already put 35 hours into the game and I plan on playing a lot more. It's so satisfying to wanting to be good and then figuring out how the economy works or the game mechanics. You can win in a variety of ways...You can: A. MIN/MAX using support stations that give bufffs to your production and that way try to out perform your competition. B. Straight up war. Just hoard Resources and build a big naval fleet and opress your opponent. C. My personal a huge economy and start raking in the Money!! and just BUY OUT the competition! All in all, I can definitly recommonend this game. If you like resources management/city builder games. This game will find a comfortable spot on your Favorites List. (Edit: I am also a little dissapointed in how little attention this game has gotten. Only 149 reviews on metacritic by the time of this review)

Sh4rk82, Mar 28, 2020

One of the best city builder I have played. Solid and deep gameplay. Nothing much to add it is just a very good game. If you like this genre you must play it.

gw1nner, Jun2, 2019

Meine Erfahrungen mit Anno sind eher gemischt bisher, w??rde den Kauf nicht empfehlen bis alle Probleme behoben sind. Die Hauptmissionen sind teils verbugt, ich komm bereits bei der ersten "Neuen Welt" mission nicht mehr weiter, weil das Frachteil fehlt. Ein patch wurde angek??ndigt jedoch unklar wann dieser released wird, der Multiplayer Modus (so wie bereits in den letzten Teilen) ist eine reinste Katastrophe "Partie gefunden" hei??t es irgendwann und es passiert nichts mehr. Da bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, dass wieder die altbekannten Verbindungsprobleme bereits vorprogrammiert sind, wenn nichtmal Partien zu Stande kommen k?�nnen. Des Weiteren sind die Seeschlachten einfach nur ?�gerlich die Schiffe m??ssten ?�fters den Fein fahrend attackieren, jedoch scheint dies zuviel verlangt von der KI so bringt es mir kaum etwas Schiffe in Stellung zu bringen, bis die KI beginnt zu fahren ist der Feind bereits l?�ngst ??ber alle Berge. Probleme gibt auch bei den Handelsrouten, denn Routen zwischen alter Welt und neuer Welt k?�nnen nicht variable ver?�ndert werden (z.B. um einen Feind zu umschiffen). Meines erachtens nach h?�tten sie das Spiel nicht so fr??h ver?�ffentlichen sollen, denn einige Fehler sind geradezu offensichtlich. In meinem Auge aktuell ein Early Access Titel zum Vollpreis. Meine Empfehlung 3-6 Monate warten und erstmal Tropico genie??en, nach dem ersten richtigen Basen-Bau ist man bereits frustriert