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Anno 2070 Developed by Related Designs in collaboration with Blue Byte, Anno 2070 takes place in a near-future environment where climate change has forced humanity to adapt to rising sea levels that have left stretches of once-fertile land completely inhospitable. Players need to master new technologies while facing numerous ecological challenges to build their empires. Anno 2070 offers players the ability to be architects of the future and create the world of tomorrow.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5092
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Blue Byte, Related Designs

Anno 2070 reviews ( 7 )

Butcher, Nov 20, 2011

Furistic game doesn't mean you will find aliens and uber fantasy weapons. Anno 2070, as the name suggests, is about a near future where you must know how to manage cities and resources. This game made me spent hours of gameplay and I don't intend to stop playing. The big difference of this game compared to its predecessors is the multiplayer. The community is able to vote on global matters, choose a new president for the council, etc. Gameplay is fantastic, sound is overwhelming and campaign is quite interesting. You will find some minor problems such as voice acting doesn't seem to be good and some small typos in the text. However, I'm pretty sure such things will get fixed on future patches. This is a must buy game if you enjoy city management. Congratulations to Blue Byte!

MaroBaro, Nov 22, 2011

New to the series, I just bought the game on Steam. I love city building and don't know how I missed the series but Blue Byte caught my attention. They made the original Settlers which was an all-time favorite with all its short comings. Anyhow, the only bad thing about the game is that I just played for 10 hours straight and have no idea how I will wake up for work tomorrow. Just fabulous! It is intuitive, easy, and deep as a city builder can get. I suggest you just play Continuous Game rather than the missions. Have fun!

Myriad84, Dec 3, 2011

Underwater cities, massive air/sea battles, and sushi... oh my. Just like the rest of the Anno series, this game presents hours of appeal and challenge for all style of sim/strategy gamers. It can be as easy or tough as you wish to make it, and that's not even messing with the game settings. You can chose to be one of 2 factions, or eventually in your game progression take on aspects (fully if you wish) of both AND a sub faction! And the truly fun part about it in my opinion is that it's not just about throwing up tons of production buildings and building a massive army to conquer the world... actually, wait... strike that, it can be about that! Or you can balance trade and diplomacy and have allies fight for you. Or not even fight at all!The touch of balancing an ecosystem at the same time is fantastic! Fantastic in the fact that you don't have to necessarily balance the ecosystem at all if you don't want. Whether you don't mind strip mining an entire land down to bedrock to grab as much resources as possible early on or tactfully balance your production and resources for the long run without having to pickup and move around in search of more is really fun.This is one of the truly first games I've ever played where the replayability is so high because you can completely tweak the way you play even when your halfway through a game already. This game is well worth it to purchase off the get-go!

Violett, Oct 18, 2015

This is one of the best city-builder game I saw in recent years. This reminds me of such great games as Age of Empires II and Cossacks. However, brave guys from Ubisoft made everything to corrupt your gameplay. Just read Steam reviews abous when you buy this game you cannot play it unless god of Ubisoft allows you to join his server. Another thing is inability to change default game UI scale - in Full-HD mode everything is so small, so you need good glasses to be able to play. Awesome game, but thanks to Ubisoft I could not fully enjoy it.

ViciousNick, May 1, 2013

Anno 2070, a decent recourse based strategy game and seemingly a direct clone of 1702AD. Though Anno is a good game in its own rights it is also anything other than innovative. Essentially you begin with what seems like some kind of “Mother ship” that looks like it just landed at some random island and now you need to colonize it with either hippie or corporate inhabitants and thrive. Fun for a while. So basically the story is that global warming has melted the icecaps and has made most of the planet, aside from the highest mountain peaks, completely uninhabitable. Where have I heard this one before? And wouldn’t the highest mountains be uninhabitable too. This game shows these areas as beautiful and the very view of inhabitable. Really, you would still be at the same height as it always was and the people would die from the cold. But I digress. There are two main factions; the Eden Initiative, the good guys I guess, and the Global Trust, or the bad guys. Each has its own high and low points like the Initiative are never short on recourses, but they expand slowly. And the Trust will quickly run out of recourses but will expand faster. Aside from those two things and the look of the buildings, there really is no difference between the two, in my opinion. The combat in the game is much like the combat in 1702AD, clunky and slow. Now I love strategy games. Sometimes I’ll get so hooked on Civilization that I lose track on the month that go by, but this system is just so bad. In fact, it’s downright boring. Though the graphics in the game are great and you can see every blade of grass as it gets ripped up and scarred by the rage of war there really isn’t much to the combat. They shoot and the one with greater numbers wins. There are several campaigns that add almost nothing to the game, actually most tend to just play the sandbox mode and get the experience of the scenarios in a single play-through instead of restarting every time. And there is almost no story or immersion to speak of. You know you’re playing a game entire time. There is no connection to the characters, no main character that I noticed, and poor endings. The only saving grace in this game is that it is a feast for the eyes and has an equally beautiful soundtrack. To be honest, this game should get a score of about 4, but due to the beautiful music models and textures in the game and that it does have a good amount of replay-ability, I have to give it a 5. It is an average game with an average experience. Don’t go tripping over the strategy fan-boys to get this one, but it is worth getting if not for early gameplay.

Sabap, Apr 4, 2012

I registered with Ubisoft using my email address and by mistake, used the same password that I use for my Gmail address. After about 2 hours, I receive a notice from Gmail that my account had been accessed from an IP address overseas and they recommended that I change my password immediately. In my 7 years of owning that Gmail account, that has never happened to me. USE CAUTION when registering with Ubisoft, as your information is obviously not safe. As for the game, it was a total waste of 50.00. Calling this game a RTS is a crime. If you want to plant tea and rice fields for hours, this game is for you. The tiny amount of combat in this game is laughable. If you are looking for a RTS, move on, nothing to see here....

Dazuz, Jul 29, 2014

Do NOT buy this game, or any game released by Ubisoft. Uplay is required, which most of the time crashes and when it doesn't, it keeps patching and updating itself constantly. Basically the only way to get it to work correctly is to get a cracked version of the game. This is the reason why people pirate games, when you buy them, you get screwed over by **** DRM and random software like Uplay. I made the huge mistake of buying it, and now I can't get rid of it. I made another huge mistake when I thought I'd give it another change, but after 20 minutes of Uplay updating, patching and crashing I just gave up. Save yourself and stay away from Ubisoft products.