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Anno 2205 In Anno 2205, enlist with humankind‘s next step into the future with the promise to build a better tomorrow. You'll conquer Earth, establishing rich, bustling cities and grand industrial complexes, but to secure the prosperity of your people, you must travel into space.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3576
Genre Strategy, Management, Government
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Blue Byte
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Anno 2205 reviews ( 7 )

Dreepa, Nov 3, 2015

Very good Anno game. I played all of them, and this one is different for sure. It gets rid of a lot of mechanics that were cumbersome, and puts its focus on build up part. It is strongly designed for the singe player aspect and has no real multiplayer components, but if you like to play at your own pace multiplayer is nothing that works out pretty well in these kind of games anyway. Thus I am not really missing it. In terms of atmosphere and game-feel I really got into the mood of establishing a mega corps, that runs colonies and cities. It is a game where you need to immerse yourself, checking statistics, checking data and numbers, optimizing and re-planning your industry parks to really get most out of it. Do not make the mistake and approach it like a Sim City game. It really is something unique in terms of game-play blend. For me the motivation comes from slipping into the role of a CEO that is leading a mega-corp, and feeling empowered to create a mega empire. The multi session game-play takes some time to get into, but once you got used to the switch it works fine. I recommend installing the game on a SSD hard disc, to minimize loading times when switching sessions. The military part of the game is not really well implemented. If you take it for what it is, a little diversion from the build-up part, it can be fun for while, though it really is always the same with not much depth or options. Then again, this isn't the focus of the game, so you could also just skip them entirely, if you want. They are not mandatory. If you look for a relaxing game, where you want to immerse yourself as a grand planner, and tweak the balances of consumption, production, power supply, workforce and logistics, then this game is for you. Overall it can be said that the game is excellent in the areas it is meant to be good at. For true build-up gamers this is a 10/10 game. There is enough build space to expand expand expand, build build build and create huge networks with huge cities. If you look for RTS combat or adventurer-style story telling with interesting plot twists, then this game is not really for you.

MaxHestings, Nov 8, 2015

Great game! The sandbox mode is now at the end of the campaign and you can do multiple sessions and combine them together. I have played all the Anno games over the last 20 years and this is another great Anno game. Don't get thrown off by within few hours, the game has a huge endless mode that starts after the story stuff is done. Improved controls, improved graphics and some awesome new features make up for no coop and a lack of map generator.

universel, Jan 7, 2018

Stellar single player - I think it's the best entry since 1404. It is so beautiful your are invested big time emotionaly caring for this beautiful planet (contrary to 2070). It is a bit easier. They also got rid of All the down time ''waiting'' for something to ''grow''. Music is amazing . No more annoying destruction of your beautiful citadel by nearby NPC. It lose a point for one reason. 1-no more random maps (that is the reason I still play 1404 and 2070 regularly)

barkogy, Nov 6, 2015

I was waiting for this game, but what I have is far from what was expected. Most of the original Anno features are changed or removed. These features made Anno games unique and preferred. Removing or simplifying the original functions just killed the game. Anno 2205 is more like a spin-off from the original Anno games. I do not consider it part of the sequel. Now it is just one of the many city builder games with nice graphics. Money makers at Ubisoft, it does not work like this. In Anno 2205 I was expected "Anno 2070 with moon race". Ships not only on the sea but spaceships, space trade vessels, space harbors, laser defences in the spaceports, unique gadgets to find on the moon, space laboratory, space station....a lot of inventions... Sure it will be discounted in a couple of weeks....

eeyk, Nov 3, 2015

No continuous mode, Yes there is but only with missions, and A Continuous mode with missions is not fun. Overal this game is crap i'm using Steam refund.

zeleniy, Nov 15, 2015

Bad optimization. Not interesting quests. The new combat system filed a miserable arcade. Too easy economically. For 3-4 days the game comes a time when there is nothing to do in the game. Sad funeral of ANNO series

Jowear, Oct 5, 2016

So Ubisoft just a questions WHY you say : "We wan´t to be Indipendent and not that Vivendi is owning us". And than you´re just not better than Vivendi you want like Vivendi just Money and that fast, i liked Ubisoft but you started with Assasin´s Creed Unity and continued with Settlers 8 and now with Anno 2205 doing just **** ! Sorry but now i am not longer likeing Ubisoft now i hate Ubisoft .....