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Anomaly 2 11 Bit's Secret Game is an unannounced title from 11 bit that is scheduled to be announced on February 28th.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1967
Genre Action, Strategy, General, Real-Time, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
11 bit studios / 11 bit studios
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Anomaly 2 reviews ( 7 )

Odins_Path, May 21, 2013

What a great game, Its truly different making such a refreshing title, great game play crystal clear graphics and Intense online player. What else could you want

keefbaker, Oct 13, 2013

Actually manages to do what the original did but better in every way. I gave the original a 9 which by rights means this should be a 10, but it's not absolutely perfect. It is however head and shoulders over anything else attempting to do similar things with reverse tower defence. In fact... scratch that, nobody else has even used this method of reverse tower defence before anomaly 1.

porTesla, May 16, 2013

This is a wonderful sequel. Not only does the single-player campaign feel more organic and approachable, with a much more involved tutorial segment, but the voice acting and storyline are both vastly improved. The addition of multiplayer is just garnish, although it is fun.

JimCorbett, May 29, 2013

Anomaly 2 is a solid game. It has fantastic graphics, sounds, and the story, for a tower defense (offense) game, is actually relatively interesting. The voice acting is still a bit comical as it was in the original game. Anomaly 2 sought to reinvent their own game with new additions such as morphing units. This effectively makes it easier to manage your units since you have a smaller number to think about, but each unit morphs into a completely different version. This was definitely a big improvement and I enjoyed it. There is also a host of new enemies, each of which i thought was a great addition, and also two of the commander powers from the previous game have been replaced. I also thought that this was a good change. Unfortunately, where Anomaly 2 falls short is that if offers a smaller and overall less engaging singleplayer experience because it tacked on a multiplayer mode. Most Anomaly fans have no interest in playing this game MP and I am one of them. I did try it and I was underwhelmed. There are only 4 maps, 1 gamemode, and a very limited playerbase. I don't expect the MP in this game to last very long at all so if you want to play it, i suggest finding a friend with the game. Overall Anomaly 2 isn't as great as the original game, hopefully 11bit will stick to SP experiences in the future.

Frast2013X, Aug 2, 2013

Dość ciekawy pomysł na strategię. Co prawda twórcy wykorzystali już większość potencjału przy części pierwszej, jednak podeszli do części drugiej jak do naprawienia błędów które popełnili przy jedynce i zachęceniu graczy do zagłębienia się do świata Anomaly raz jeszcze. Polepszona została grafika, pewne elementy strategiczne zostały pozmieniane. Główny motyw Anomaly został ten sam, i w tym jest problem. Osoba oczekująca przy drugiej części większych zmian, zawiedzie się. Gra ciągle jest trudna(teraz nawet trudniejsza), o wiele ciekawiej jest zagrać w grę tower-defense niż odwrotnie. Myślę że 11 bit studios miało duże chęci, jednak wreszcie powinni zostawić tą markę i wziąć się za coś innego. Moja ocena 7/10

dragosbuzz, Jun 19, 2015

A lot of people compare the Anomaly 2 with Tower Defence but...Anomaly 2 it is not an anomaly because it is not a Tower defence.There are differences between these two games namely that anomaly 2 is a offensive game and not a defensive game like Tower defence,the graphics are much better and is more fun.

angelikmayhem, Jun 13, 2013

This game is a failure of genre. Anomaly 2 is an attempt to turn the tower-based strategy genre on it's head by putting you in charge of the creeps instead of the towers. The problem is, the creeps in Anomaly 2 are idiots who blindly plow into the teeth of the enemy because they don't know any better. In this game, you are the commander of a group of tanks who don't have any breaks. It makes no sense. The game is saved by it's multiplayer game which, quite frankly, could become something special if enough people got good at the game. It's very chess-like except faster paced. In terms of pros, the graphics are gorgeous and most of the levels are well designed. The ability to change paths is both important and fun encouraging you to flex your strategic thinking skills. In terms of cons, the entire premise is absurd. I'm a tank commander I've been trained by people not to blindly press forward just because. Why can't they stop? Why can't they regroup? Why can't they, say, line up side-by-side. While the game is faithful to the genre and of good quality in both graphics and programming, the game itself is flawed in it's design. For me, this one was a pass.