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APB: Reloaded In APB Reloaded you take on the role of a Criminal - hell-bent on causing havoc and making money, or an Enforcer - tapped by the city to keep order. The city never sleeps and the fight never ends in this fast paced Massively Multi-player, Action Shooter!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3382
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Modern
Company / Developer
GamersFirst / Reloaded Productions, Reloaded Games Inc., Reloaded Games

APB: Reloaded reviews ( 7 )

Ninjachicken, Dec 7, 2011

Very fun to play with friends. Alone it's not as fun but still it is. Being a nice change to other Free 2 play MMOs. There were alot of bugs in the earlier version but they are mostly fixed. New patches and updates are coming so the game won't get boring for a while. The game looks good and even with minium settings.

requiemm, Dec 20, 2011

nothing to say , you must see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!only fun fun and fun !!! spend a lot of time to it , and spend much more with no pity ! like or don"t it is you solution , but you never forget it !

Krutx, Mar 23, 2012

This game is one of the better out there. I really haven't seen what this game provides in many other games. This is indeed what you'd call a multiplayer version of GTA, but at the same time I prefer this. The freedom in this game is a lot bigger than in GTA. Now, I haven't played GTA all that much, I've tried it, played the first missions of GTA IV but that's all. One, if not the only downside is that the missions might get a little repetitive after a while. However the game provides so much else to do that it's just a minor problem. And if you decide to play it, try the street racing. It's awesome.

Absolutely-Pure, Dec 31, 2011

I downloaded this game, it looked interesting, but as soon as I starting playing, and I heard my headphones give off a blank noise, and my computer's fan overheated, I knew that this was a bad game.The lag is terrible, I can play a lot of other games and they're fan on medium/low graphics, but APB , makes my computer crash, I never had to shut off my computer for any game (Unless it was a CD, and it needed to be shutdown so that it could load) I mean seriously, the graphics aren't even that great. And the tutorial took some time for me, If they actually cut out the lag, and make everything easier to understand, i'd totally give this game a 9/10.

cylian3, Jul 7, 2014

It is truly a shame to see a wonderful concept of a video game to turn rotten thanks to a few block-headed developers and producers that seemingly want the game to go under for a second time with their nail-point pushing of Armas Marketplace/Paid premium advantages, temporary in-game items and now years of ongoing yo-yo'ing server stability issues. The neglect of this game by the creators has to be the biggest I have ever seen besides the one in Dota 2. Early attempts to connect with the community was promising with the TMC being announced (Test Monkey Crew) whereas a select few out of thousands of applications from the community were chosen to spearhead testing and feedback of test versions of APB. Alas, the "plan" was very quickly shut down due to a huge lack of planning/structure. Live, actual communication between the crew and It's leader (Jared Parks) had to be done through scraped-together Ventrilo/Teamspeak servers that was supplied by members of the crew themselves and the way they reported bugs changed about 3-4 times under the lapse of a month, varying from sending emails to report sites to using special forum sections. It mostly consisted of everyone sending group emails which caused massive waves of spam, the traffic from a non-busy hour being enough to fill maybe 2-3 pages of hotmail's email list within an hour. Times and plans for actual testing (You had to do it with everyone else with maybe 30-60 minutes notice on beforehand) was made up and changed frequently. Needless to say me knowing all this, I was a part of the hand-picked elite team and thus, when I say GamerFirst's ability to organize and create proper communication is putrid, It's an understatement. There has been promises on their blog that a revamp of the game's outdated Unreal 3 Engine is under way but seeing the active and current years of neglect, I don't see the likelyhood of G1 getting back any of the respect they've lost to be very big.

Spaddelhater, Apr 22, 2014

This game is **** Before anybody starts flaming that I am noob or anything, I have wasted over 600 hours, 150$+ in this game and I am gold threat. I first started playing this game about 3 years back. The max rank at that time was 195. I was in love with the game, it was so much fun at first. So I started getting into it. Soon I realised that this game was and is far from beeing balanced. I will cover EVERY aspect I hate about this game right here, so lean back and let's get on to it. First: About 2 years ago the performance of the game DRASTICLY got worse. This is because (and APB offically admited this) they don't know their game. They changed a couple of codes around and **** up big time. They had no backup data whatsoever and screwed the game over completly. Irepairably. They want to fix it with an engine, but still it will take at least a year for this to come out. These lagspikes are crappy annoying as hell. If you are in a 1v1 fight you loose or win countless times not because of skill, but because of mini-lags that either you or the opponent has. A better computer changes NOTHING. It's just the way the game is programmed. This is fueled by server-lags. My record ping in one match was 1500 and I have really good internet and a download-rate of about 2MB per second. This is something UNACCEPTABLE. Most of the times the servers **** up, they could get better servers, even people offered to give away their gaming-pcs to be servers for this game, but for some religious reason or anything the APB developers don't accept that. Maybe it's too complicated for them to set up new servers. Next thing: Weapon balancing. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THIS GAME HAS ANY WEAPON BEEN COMPLELTY BALANCED. The oca-Nano is still imbalanced as **** percs are crap, they now managed to ruin the Colby completly to render it useless and a SHAW > everything. I had bronze-guys kill me with a SHAW, why? Well, I came to them from behind started firing my tommy-gun and what do they do? They turn around slowly and POOM. Spray n Pray, kill. This game is about 15% Skill, 40% weapon choice and 45% hoping that the server doesn't lag. I had a pause of one year and this was the first thing I saw in this game. A year ago the same thing was with the Whisper. And it's still dang-strong. I don't even wanna mention the ACES, this is propably the most ridiculous gun I've seen in the entire game so far. Kill time of about 0.000002 Seconds, without Spray n Pray to say the least. That **** needs such a BIG nerf. Another thing that is still crappy: P2W. There is no REAL P2W but there is a: P2 be a douche, P2 level faster, Pay for EVERYTHING. The only thing missing is that you can buy the easter-special grenade launcher on ARMAS for 500$ and then I would be done with this game. The guns on ARMAS cost around 20-60$, depending on if ARMAS thinks it's gonna sell well or not. These guns are sometimes even ARMAS-only guns like the CR5 or the ACES. I don't understand why people think it's justified to put those guns on ARMAS only. And btw: The online-shop is the ONLY place in game where you can get a weapon for lifetime. Don't even bother wasting your money there, it's just gonna get you nothing! Next up: Physics. Sometimes they are funny. Sometimes they are crappy as hell. No proper physics allowed in this game. Now, my favourite part: Matchmaking. I get onto my criminal account (R141) and I get called as backup. I have a trainy and a bronze in my team, and then me, the goldie. Against? Correct: 3 Maxed out Golds. The game doesn't allow my team to call any more backup. So WP APB, this is a fair matchmaking. Couldn't be much worse, could it? They at least managed to get a proper definition of bronze-silver and gold through the points, though it's not really stable. I have a friend who switched from gold to silver and back for 74 times now, I am not ****ting you. This is so ridiculous. I don't even want to say anything else to that. This game is not just that noob unfriendly if it comes to matchmaking. If you start the game first time you will get into a server, be on auto-ready and automatically recieve a mission. Noobs don't even know what missions are or they are too ****ing braindead to realise that they are not supposed to shoot the green-guys but the red ones. And most of the time noobs don't see through a ton of flashy stuff that they even GOT a mission. So WP APB again, noob friendly like a competitive Counter-Strike server for CS noobs. Conclusion: Try it out if you don't think I am telling the truth. The first 100 hours are really fun to play. I started playing 2 weeks ago again and the first week was actually pretty fun to get used to everything and so on. But now, I am catching myself raging about all the **** this game still contains. And I haven't even mentioned mission-running or the cheat-system punkbuster which doesn't do **** and causes trouble at any give occasion. All in all, not worth more than 2/10 points.

Darkmark, Aug 28, 2015

A perk that gives immunity to vehicle damage?!?!?!?!? YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE APB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!