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Aporia: Beyond The Valley Aporia: Beyond The Valley is a first person adventure puzzle game, set in a beautifully realised world and with a story told without text or dialogue.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1388
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Green Man Gaming Publishing / Investigate North
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Aporia: Beyond The Valley reviews ( 4 )

dilanakia, Jul 27, 2017

The story reveals gradually, it is stylized, mystical and immersive.I am looking forward to learn more about the story. Not being able to see the character created even more mystery for me. I realized there were some old paintings around the world and they give some clues on story and they were adding a lot to the world which is already very beautiful. Visuals of the game creates the feeling of a magical world and they are well polished. I liked the visual effects. The same location has a total different feeling when it becomes night. Many times I just stopped and looked at the assets around the world, so detailed and beautiful. The sound and the visuals supports this mystical, enthusiastic feeling and the story even more. I will have the soundtrack to listen when I go for a walk. I definetely recommend to play this game with nice headphones. I felt l like I m living in that world. The puzzles are well balanced on hardness. They were not so hard or too easy. The atmosphere you experience while solving the puzzles are stunning. I felt rewarded and statisfied after solving puzzles. I havent seen any bugs or any disturbance on the flow fo the game. The world is too big and from the map I could see that I didnt visit all the puzzles. Cant wait to explore more. good job

broxxigar, Jul 24, 2017

The game is reminiscent of the original Myst games. You explore the remnants of an ancient and strange civilization, by discovering their world and solving puzzles.

Dubeau, Jul 24, 2017

The game is in third person and have puzzles like Myst. The story is told by projectors which is nice. You have a map but it is useless, since it is so primitively done: you have no idea where you are and where to go. And since all the regions are connected, the lack of a proper sens of direction/mini map or mapping system is extremely frustrating. The regions are pretty big and some puzzles are too. The graphics are good but I saw a lot of screen smearing. In certain area the game struggle with fps. Good game but the mapping can be a major obstacle.

BlakeArius, Aug 12, 2017

There are good qualities about this game, but are ultimately let down by frustration, bugs and busywork. Graphics: The game looks amazing, runs terribly. Some of the best fog and godrays ive seen, but the game is brought to 30 fps on a 980gtx. Gameplay: Myst inspired puzzler but ultimately a poor clone, Puzzles are singular and nothing you haven't done before. There's not reason to look into the constructed environment beyond finding resource or glass shards, It's all pretty generic. Story: interesting enough to have kept me going until the bugs and autosave system became to much. Told in uniquely cool 2D projected scenes, Probs the coolest idea in the game. Summary: I feel like this game needed another 6 months to fix up the glitches, optimize the engine and maybe make the puzzles a bit more complex, even then it wouldn;t have the world building myst had.