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Apotheon Apotheon is an action game set in the vivid world of Ancient Greek Mythology. Climb Mount Olympus, wrest the divine powers from the Pantheon of Gods, and save mankind.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2711
Genre Platformer, 2D, Action, Beat-'Em-Up
Company / Developer
Alientrap / Alientrap
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Apotheon reviews ( 7 )

zombiehampster, Mar 19, 2015

I have been waiting anxiously for Apotheon since I first saw screenshots about a year or two ago of the unique art direction, triggering child-hood flashbacks of playing Castlevania II: Simons Quest for hours upon hours. Now being a huge fan of Greek history/civilization, I was very interested to see something that wasn’t exactly like the usual take on that time period/civilization, but had to force myself to not think about it too much as the wait began. Fast forward to today and having played through around 5 hours of Apotheon, I have to say the game has impressed me very much so far. I absolutely love the visuals and little details within the game, which is heavily based on the art seen on ancient Greek pottery, conveying a dream-like feel as you wander the various areas within the game. The color scheme used for each area is very interesting, often going for a monochromatic look for many (if not all, as I have not completed the game as of yet) areas of the world, which gives the game a very nice and consistent look, yet each area within the game still feels distinct. The character and creature renderings are very well done and highly stylized, and while I myself love it, it may not appeal to those who like a less stylized feel. That being said, I feel that the rendering of the animals, humans, creatures, and gods are spot on and doesn’t go overboard with excessive details (understandable given the style of ancient Greek art) giving everything a nice and streamlined look, while maintaining the little flourishes here and there where it counts (like the lines that adorn the body of elk/deer/hind/whatever they’re called). The combat system is actually pretty simplified, yet interesting, with different types of swings/thrusts being at your disposal (depending on the position of the mouse), with much of combat being about timing, movement, and matching up weapons that are better suited to the current fight to give you the most advantage. The world of Apotheon is a destructible one, so don’t get too attached to your weapons or shields as they will eventually wear down and break.. This rule also extends to the objects that inhabit the game world, with many being able to be destroyed with possible spoils to be looted. The game is surprisingly visceral as well, which I didn’t really expect, showing spurts of blood when you strike a creature/person, while a mortally wounded enemy will cough and choke and gurgle as they lay dying. Musically, the score is beautiful, although it does hit the wailing woman trope a lot and it knows when to add an exclamation point to a scene and when to linger in the background, adding more wonder/tension to exploration and combat, respectively. All this is well and good, but probably the thing I love the most about Apotheon is the lack of constraint in the way you approach the game, which is more of a sandbox than anything else. Of course its not completely open world like Oblivion or Skyrim, but its open enough to allow me to explore the world at my leisure and really communicates the feel (or illusion) of freedom very well as you wander about, as well as a sense of wonder as you uncover new areas or secrets. Within this open world, animals wander and flee from you, citizens go about their (although limited) business, while friends and enemies populate the wilds and are always spawning, giving the game a sometimes frantic pace. In this, resource management is key, as is keeping a nice healthy stock of weapons and supplies. It’s not a perfect game, make no mistake in that, as it does have some issues with the controls (at least getting used to using the mouse to aim) that take some time to get acclimated to. Difficulty seems to be above average (or I could be wandering around where I shouldn’t be…) and it does feel like I’m fighting for my life sometimes, which keeps the pressure on and provides a healthy amount of tension. I have to say I am biased about Apotheon, in the sense that it is a game that happens to have the features I most appreciate in a game, any game, but I also feel that it is a strong title overall, but is probably not for everyone. If you love Greek mythology and history, or if you’re a fan of open world action/platformers/rpgs that don’t really hold your hand, you’ll love this game. I had some very cautious expectations of this title before release and have not been disappointed yet.

Israelhands, Feb 5, 2015

Easily one of the best indie games I've ever played. The story makes you feel like a hero, the graphics and music create the amazing, deep ambiance. And the most important: killing is so much fun, there is nothing like javelin headshots. One tiny change I would make - let the player go back after final to complete all of the side quests. I hope for more games set in that world, and I mean Apotheon 2.

captainmartin, Feb 4, 2015

If you re fond of game old SNES classics like Castlevania old Metroid you will be extremely pleased with this game. Apotheon offers good balance of engaging story, platforming, fighting and puzzles all wrapped up in breathtaking art style inspired by Ancient Greek pottery. Despite the fact that it was developed by small studio, Apotheon has great production values including polished gameplay, amazing soundtrack and AAA quality of voice acting. Single player offers about 10 hours of gameplay and based on difficulty I dare to say that both hardcore and more casual player will be satisfied! Plus - You can still try to compete in multiplayer with your friends!

Matseb2611, Apr 25, 2015

I was charmed to try the game by its unique art style that resembles Ancient Greek vase decorations, and I was glad to have tried the game. It's not just an artsy indie game, and the more you play the better it gets. The game takes place almost entirely on Mt Olympus, and has you visit different areas. There are 2 main hub locations (Agora and Acropolis), and each one contains doorways to a number of other areas. Some of these areas belong to a specific deity, whilst others are just bonus locations. Most of the game's story involves you simply undertaking tasks for each Olympian deity and eventually confronting them one way or another. This is not just a simple 2D platformer. The game has quite an open world and really knows how to reward exploration. There are tonnes of optional areas and hidden secrets, and a huge variety of weapons to collect, many of which are uniques. There's always some delicious surprise around a corner or behind a breakable wall. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the Metroid style games, so if you've ever enjoyed those, you should have a fun time with Apotheon as well. Despite the enormous amount of fun I've had, I've also come across a lot of frustration, which was somewhat disappointing. As some people already pointed out, the combat, although fun and enjoyable, can be a bit tricky and awkward at times, because you have to time your swings really well. Not much of a problem most of the time, but it can be a nightmare when fighting fast moving enemies that either jump at you or fly around. There were some parts of the game where frustration came mostly from controls, such as trying to quickly outclimb the fast-rising flames of river Phlegethon, but most times it was in the boss fights. Although some bosses were a fun challenge, a fair few were frustrating beyond belief and involved mechanics which did not make much sense, like Diomedes being completely invulnerable unless you've thrown a jar of blood at him to stun him, or Zeus somehow being weak to his own lightning bolts, but managing to shrug off blades, clubs, and fire like they were nothing. Still, despite the frustrating sections, I've had a very fun playthrough. The music is also really fantastic and fits the areas perfectly. The most noteworthy one being the eerie track that plays in Hades. So for the most part, this is a really memorable and unique game. I would highly recommend you check it out if you've ever at least remotely enjoyed 2D platformers and sidescrollers.

Firemind, Feb 4, 2015

A Metroidvania-like game with a pretty nice art-style, good combat and a (so far) nice story. There's a bit of crafting, a lot of fighting and quite some diversity when it comes to weapons and how they change the play style. So far I would say 8/10, the score could improve if I'm more into the game.

Underpants158, Feb 10, 2015

Frustrating but compelling. The melee weapons all have different attack speeds and length and require you to be a certain distance in order to land an attack. If you are too far away you miss. If you are too close you miss. This certainly makes up for a great deal of the challenge (being to close to hit an enemy) and causes a lot of yelling things like "come on!" and "wtf? srsly?" The bow n arrow is aimed by your right analog stick but the aiming is so finnicky and will reset if you dont hold the stick at the same angle which also leads to yelling. But you know what? I really didn't die because of any of these things and I plyed to the end and enjoyed myself. The story is compelling, the art design is unique to say the least and beautiful to say the most, and the ending is damn satisfying.

VonSeux, Feb 5, 2015

How strange, everything on this game feels AVERAGE to me, animations are too simple, everything floats on a weird way and the story is nothing interesting. It pluzzes me how the latest Shantae, a fully fleshed 2D metroid-esque game with so much care and polishing put into and actually good level design has worst review than this glitchy mess. I guess people got over-excited with the "original" graphics, but the recticule all over the game gets annoying fast. It's like a mobile game with a few more content than expected from a free-to-play game.