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AquaNox Come aboard and explore the dangerous and merciless deep sea with all its adventures. Features over 30 single-player-missions; 9 completely different playerships; over 40 different enemies, including gigantic creatures; gripping story and detailed world with over 70 NPCs; and deathmatch and teambased multiplayer modes. [Fishtank Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1403
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Marine, Futuristic Sub, Combat
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Fishtank Interactive / Massive Development
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AquaNox reviews ( 6 )

ZuffuluZ, May 1, 2008

I absolutely don't understand those ratings! This is still one of the most addicting games out there, because the setting is so unusual. And the action is great!

NeoGam3r, Apr 13, 2016

The Best Shooter Cyberpunk A fantastic and perfect atmosphere under the sea, a very good story, an awesome music, and very good graphics for the time, one of my 10 favorite games of all seasons.

isg1983, Jul 21, 2013

The very first game of my very first pc. Even though back then i played several video games on that time, i absolutely stunned by the setting, visuals and gameplay. After all these years, considering that i am now writing this review in 2013, i still can't forget how unique and amazing game it was. Bioshock 1 was the spiritual successor to Aqua for me and the two is in my all time top 5 ever!

matthew11, Sep 19, 2013

World of Aqua. Full of pirate scum, bionts, crawles and squids. Good targets for mercenary Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint. Fights are fast and funny. Nice stylization in green color and obviously completely awesome looking undersea environment. Attempt for new conversation system did not fare best but it's still remarkable. One Tsunami Booster please. 79/100

evilglenn3000, Dec 13, 2013

Not bad, I dug the story and the visuals were good for their time but there is a pretty big catch for me. This is a sequel to a game called Archimedean Dynasty, and it was in every way but graphics a far superior game. I suggest playing that one first, you'll understand.

Lhetre, Sep 2, 2014

Nothing more than a demo for the latest nVidia chipset of these days. Very short missions - go there, kill this - you spent more time waiting for the menus to appear than playing. Combat is pointlessly awkward - enemies are flat, you can't hit them from the side. Cartoony character tell you the story, again you will spend more time reading texts than playing. Visuals WERE stunning, that's it.