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Arcania: Gothic 4 The Gothic series rolls out more epic RPG action.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3928
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, General, Action RPG
Company / Developer
JoWooD Entertainment AG / Spellbound
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Arcania: Gothic 4 reviews ( 7 )

nirvycn, Oct 20, 2010

Not great at first but REALLY improves. Excellent Game! Fighting is very fun compared to the last Gothic, and the graphics are super good. A bit short, but definitely worth a try!

DwarfChieftain, Aug 16, 2014

I have seen tons of people bashing this game for its wacky combat, boring quests or other features that didn't stay high enough for their expectations. Arcania Gothic 4 was my first RPG game and it is the game that introduced me to the whole RPG-like scenery. Yes, it is extremely cliche'd from western fantasy stories and other similar stuff. Yes, it doesn't deliver a real "Gothic" vibe and probably shouldn't be called a real Gothic series successor, but it is not an awful game, and if you don't care that it is not like Gothic 3 or blah blah blah - then you could actually enjoy it. I bought this game roughly 2 months after its initial release and I haven't play other Gothic games back then. Now, I have spend ~50 hours in Gothic 3 and played Gothic 2, so my review will try to stay away from the whole "not-worth-of-the-title" rant: 1. Graphics: when put on the highest settings, they are truly exciting, even now. The most impressive detail back then were dynamic trees that moved and their shadows. It was something that could be experienced in just a few games (namingly, Crysis 1) back then. 2. Combat/gameplay: As almost everyone has stated, together with the repetitive quests, combat was a huge disappointment for me. It seems like I'm slashing a zephyr with a cardboard sword, ughh... Walking is pretty fluid, but could be done less annoyingly because after 30 hours of gameplay it starts to get reaally annoying to hear the same walking sound again. 3. Environment: Areas are fluid, but you can't go back to a previous zone after entering another one when following main storyline. This is extremely bad because when being in late zones, you desperately need consumables, maybe a change of equipment but you just can't, because your current zone doesn't have any towns/villages/cities where there may be vendors. The most enjoyable part of the game was the music, it is so good that I downloaded the soundtrack after playing for just a few hours. Otherwise, the game is good for players who are wishing a generic, but O.K RPG.

Apoda, Jul 9, 2015

The title of this game is, like many already have stated; misleading. Gamers expecting to go through a next chapter in the Gothic series felt disappointed for obvious reasons. But the game Arcania itself isn't bad at all. Game play is fun, the skill tree is broad enough, the graphics are neat and the hack and slash character of the combat system didn't bother me one bit. Without the part of not meeting with the expectations the title of Arcania: Gothic 4 arouses, the game itself is worth a score of at least seven, in my opinion.

Yerczeys, Oct 12, 2015

This game was just bland. Our hero was completely disinteresting, the plot was pretty mundane, the dialogue was stiff and uncomfortable, and the world was vanilla flavored fantasy. The combat felt decent and the game had a good length to it, but it certainly wasn't an exciting romp. I don't recall anything about the game that I absolutely hated, nor can I think of anything I really loved. It was just boring. So I guess if you're looking for a cheap and easy game to whittle away some free hours you might as well give it a go. Just don't expect much.

Arvydas, Jul 10, 2013

Long time passed and i see critics are dumb as donkeys, who is thay, critics, no way... This game ruined Gothic series, we need people who could say to Jowood that you suck, bring us back pirhania crew, and dont dare to tell me that Gothic 3 was bad, you all are blind....

mortarion14, Oct 2, 2017

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RogalDorn, Oct 28, 2017

Somehow ist feels like the Gothic series, but fails to tell a story. Technically quite OK, but this game has no soul. Unfortunately...................